[RELEASE] Smart Weather Station Tile Updater and Severe Weather Notifications - Fix Broken Modes and Repeat Notifications

Updated the device handler and published for myself. All back to normal. Thanks.

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Where did you get the updated Device handler??

How did you updated the device handler? Where did you find the code?

I am in no way an expert but this is how I got it back to work.
Create a new device handler (in the smartthings ide) from example tab.
Aplly the patch that RBoy submitted to smartthings github (add the ? In line 218 of the code) and save and publish for me. Now edit your current smart weather tile device and apply the new type ( device handler you just created locally). Update…Done.
I hope this brief summary helps you along. Or wait some days for smartthings to update the original device handler.

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Just wanted to chime in that I was able to use the new PWS field in the native SmartWeather device with an empty zip code and it’s working fine. It was actually working with the old style “PWS:XYZABC” format in the zip code field too.

Any way to get the LUX feature back? My automation is broken without that :slightly_frowning_face:

The new ST DTH has lux and more

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If folks are seeing a constant value of 10000 for lux it’s due to a bug in the new weather station, submitted to a patch ST here (and another minor bug)

EDIT: ST has merged the patch so it should be in production in the next 2 weeks


Awesome! You rock! So glad to have this working again.

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Smart Weather Station Tile Updater with Severe Weather Alerts - Version 02.00.00

  • Added support for Severe Weather Alert Notifications based on hub location
  • Option to turn on/off repeat severe weather notifications
  • Option to send notifications to multiple SMS numbers, push and spoken audio devices like Sonos, Bose, Alexa etc
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Good morning, this is working great for me. One feature request I have would be to have an option to divide LUX readout by 100. It would easier line up as reference against sensors that report only up to 100?

Smart Weather Station Tile Updater with Severe Weather Alerts - Version 02.01.01

  • Added support to announce notifications on the new Sonos LAN audio player
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