[RELEASE] Smart Weather Station Tile Updater and Severe Weather Notifications - Fix Broken Modes and Repeat Notifications

The problem you are having is most likely caused by timed event failures. These failures revolve around the SmartThings platform and affects any app that triggers using time. The platform has been degrading for a little more than three weeks now but the engineers at SmartThings are trying to resolve the problem (for the third time in less than a year)

Thanks for the explanation. The robustness - or lack thereof - saga will
continue until wholesale infrastructure replacement I guess.

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I’ve set up the weather updater to be a CoRE Piston. With the recovery mode now built into CoRE, I find it’s doing a great job of surviving what the SmartThings platform is throwing at it.


I have no idea what that means - is there a link/thread you can point me at
to do the same?

CoRE is a rule engine for SmartThings. A piston is a rule for something some action based upon some input. See this wiki for help installing the SmartApp:

Once you have CoRE installed, you would open the SmartApp and do this to add piston that polls SmartWeather every 15 minutes:
(This is for Android; it may be slightly different on iOS)

  • Select “Add a CoRE Piston”
  • Scroll up, make sure “Basic” is selected
  • Select “If…”
  • Select “Add a condition”
  • Select “Capability”; scroll down and select “Time”
  • Select “Comparison”; then select “Happens At”
  • Select “Value”; scroll down and select “Every number of minutes”
  • Change the number of minutes from the default 5 to 15
  • Select “Done” to finish the trigger
  • Select “Done” to finish the condition group
  • Select “Then…”
  • Select “Add an action”
  • scroll down and select “Control any device”
  • scroll down and select “Select pollable devices”
  • scroll down and select “SmartWeather” then “Done” twice
  • Select “Add a task”
  • Select “Poll” and then Done twice
  • Select one last Done to save the piston

Followed the directions and all was going smoothly until I got to here:

“scroll down and select “SmartWeather” then “Done” twice”

but the SmartWeather station tile does not appear in the pollable device list. My other devices all seem to be there. Suggestions?

Is SmartWeather in your devices list? IIRC, you need to add it from the IDE. Something like this:

(login at https://graph.api.smartthings.com/, click “my devices”, and then ‘add’)

The Smartweather tile is already installed as one of my devices, and shows
up both in IDE and on my IOS app. It is even recognized in a different
CoRE piston I made as a temperature capability, it just isn’t listed as a
controllable (pollable) device per the instructions above.

Sorry! I’d forgotten I’m still using a custom Smart Weather that I added poll and refresh commands to, which is why it works for me :flushed:. My change is in github as below…

But instead, I suggest installing Weather Station Tile 2.0 which has poll/refresh already set up.

My change (which I opened a pull request for back in Feb) is in github here: GitHub - loverso/SmartThingsPublic at smartweather-poll
SmartWeather Station Tile device not updating (updated thread title) - #21 by jlv

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I’ve installed your recommended WST2.0 and it now seems to work (with CoRE Piston) fine!

The only issue that I have with WST 2.0 is that in the Smart Tiles dashboard its not listed as “Weather” so I dont get all the information on one tile.

That’s because the original weather tile is the only supported weather
device in ST. This is one of the special case scenarios.

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Smart Weather Station Tile Updater - Version 01.07.00

  • Added ability to check for SmartApp updates from the RBoy server and notify user (required access to RBoy Apps Server)
  • Update interval is now fixed at 5 minutes to make it more reliable with the ST scheduler
  • Updates can be disabled based on mode selection (e.g. only update during Home and Away)

After installing this code update you will need to open the app on your ST phone and click on Done for the changes to take effect

I just installed 01.07.00 but when I tap Done I get: An unexpected error occurred. The IDE shows:

72152364-6afb-4080-8b7c-2326d6cd15b0 11:00:35 AM: error groovy.lang.MissingMethodException: No signature of method: org.codehaus.groovy.grails.web.json.JSONArray.refresh() is applicable for argument types: () values: []
Possible solutions: reverse(), reverse(boolean), every(), every(groovy.lang.Closure), length(), first() @ line 114


That means you have a problem with your underlying weather station device, it’s reporting that it doesn’t support the command refresh. Are you using the stock/standard ST weather controller? You may want to delete the weather station device start over and install the stock ST weather station (see the 1st post).

That was the stock/standard ST weather station controller, and it was the second one I tried (I deleted and re-added it). I think this screenshot covers it:

If your device is working properly you’ll see something like this in the IDE when you click Done or refresh.

798ae49a-5e33-476b-b714-b807d020574f 3:12:05 PM: debug WUSTATION: event: [name:wind, value:0, unit:MPH]
798ae49a-5e33-476b-b714-b807d020574f 3:12:05 PM: debug WUSTATION: event: [name:weather, value:Scattered Clouds]
798ae49a-5e33-476b-b714-b807d020574f 3:12:05 PM: debug WUSTATION: event: [name:weatherIcon, value:partlycloudy, displayed:false]
798ae49a-5e33-476b-b714-b807d020574f 3:12:05 PM: debug WUSTATION: event: [name:humidity, value:61, unit:%]
798ae49a-5e33-476b-b714-b807d020574f 3:12:05 PM: debug WUSTATION: event: [name:feelsLike, value:87, unit:F]
798ae49a-5e33-476b-b714-b807d020574f 3:12:05 PM: debug WUSTATION: event: [name:temperature, value:83, unit:F]

Also you zipcode shows KEDU?

Otherwise delete your weather device and start over.

KEDU is a local airport and perfectly valid “zipcode”. The weather tile successfully displays data for it. I’ll try deleting and re-adding when I get a chance.

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can i input my WU key?
what device handler does this work with?

@RBoy is this broken? If so, what is the new alternative? It’s still listed on your site.