[RELEASE] Smart Vent Manager - smartapp commissioned by Keen Home

@NateKeenHome, thnx Nate for your input! You’re welcome to answer any questions on the Keen Vents (especially on their efficiency) in this thread!


More than happy to :slight_smile:

Thanks for the app… One problem I’m seeing is how to assign a ST connected temp sensors for each room. All my CurrentTempInRoom values are equal to the thermostat’s current temperature. Maybe I’m missing something though… thanks again.

@nwsteelhead, for such a smartapp and to have more refined control of the vents, you’d need
a temp sensor for each room of your house. Otherwise, all your vents will be closed/open at the same time
without taking into account each room’s temperature which defies the vent purpose to a certain extent.

Thanks for the quick reply. I have a temp sensor in each one of my rooms… it’s integrated into my motion sensor (GoControl). From your Keen’s requested feature list:

I might be interpreting it wrong, but it reads as though I can assign any temp sensor that might be in the room to better control the vent, just like the motion sensors. Anyways, the Keenect SmartApp has this feature and I was hoping the Keen commissioned and approved app would too. Thanks again for everything.

Sorry, it’s been corrected. Must have been a previous bad check-in.

This is great! I am using it in our nursery because it gets so cold in there when the AC is running and the rest of the house doesn’t.

I have a question though - would your pay version also have a trigger if the door was open or closed? I am using the Smartthings Multipurpose Sensor for the temp. I’d like to have the vent stay override to open if the door is open and only have the vent closing functionality if the door is closed.

Either way - thanks for writing this app! Its my first use (just got a hub last night). I was able to figure out how to get everything set up going through the links, etc.

Hi @chrstnmchl,

No, my paid versions are not able to do this specific use case. This would require custom development,
and I usually charge some consulting fees for any custom development such as yours.

Please contact me at services@maisonsecomatiq.com if you want to proceed with custom development.

EDIT: the latest versions of my paid apps are able to fulfill this use case. You can enter multiple contact sensors in each room.

I may get to that point soon, but first it appears I have a hiccup here. It doesn’t seem to work automatically. Am I missing something? When the temp goes below the threshold the vent is not closing automatically. If I go though the SmartApp and complete all the steps again, it then will close it and send me a notification but it doesn’t do it on its own. I can look through the Activity Feed and see the Multipurpose Sensor went to 68 and 69 is the threshold. There is no corresponding closure in the feed.

I copy and pasted the code and didn’t go through github - did I paste I paste in an old code perhaps?


If you have any issue with the smartapp, you need to send me the following to services@maisonsecomatiq.com:

  1. screenshots of your Config Display Page.
  2. Any exception or error appearing in live logging


You need to set the detailedNotif flag in the last page (Notification and Other Options) to true prior to activating live logging and please filter the events logs by clicking on the KeenVentManager smartapp at the top of the screen.

  1. You need to tell me what’s the context: do you use the smartapp with a thermostat or not?

If you use the smartapp with a thermostat, you need to be aware that the smartapp will only close or open the vents at the next cycle (i.e. when the thermostat’s operatingState is not idle: fan or A/C or furnace is running


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Thanks for getting me cleared up!

Line 415, setting should be settings. Causing Null Pointer errors.

Yes, it’s fixed now. Just resync at the github.



I saw your post about my app in another thread.

Here is my take:

  • 1st) You never contacted me about any issue after I solved the minor issue above.

  • 2nd) If you want to compare my app with another one, you should compare it with a thermostat input. The last time you contacted me, you didn’t use a thermostat. This is a different setup altogether. You need to compare apple to apple.

I really think that you should contact me before giving some bad review on my smartapp. I think that you should try to understand the settings before making a judgment call like that.

If ever you have developed some smartapps or any kind of code before, you’d understand what I mean. A little respect goes a long way…

Sorry, didn’t mean to offend. I had some instances where the vent was open, the AC was running, and it was definitely below the set point. Other times it worked perfectly. I could have came back here or try out a different one. I appreciate what you have done and what you do and your app may still be the best option.

Hi @chrstnmchl, you should then remove your comments about my smartapp in the other thread…

You got it.

Are there any cheaper versions of these out there? $90 seems pretty high when you can get non z-wave motorized ones with scheduling for $10.

Hi @Scott_Barton,

There are some alternatives, but they are not always cheaper.


Some people had very bad experience with EcoNet and Ecovent…

There are the upcoming Flair smart vents which sell for less, but they have not been tested in the real world. They use a proprietary protocol which could be sensitive to interferences (to be tested).

I have the Keen Home Smart Vents at home and they are sturdy yet elegant for the price. They are not made of plastic and flimsy like the ones you posted.


Here is a referral link to get the Keen Home Vents for $25 less:


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