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[RELEASE] Smart Sump Pump Monitor based on dry/wet seasons and weather conditions


(Yves Racine) #1


Would you like to monitor your sump pump based on the seasons (dry/wet) and the weather conditions



  • Checks if the sump pump is running properly at regular cycle intervals (every ‘X’ hours)
  • Warns you if the water level in the Sump Pump basin is too high (optional)
  • If weather conditions are more critical (raining), the cycle intervals can be automatically switched to be in ‘X’ minutes (instead of ‘X’ hours)

The smartapp is available for download at:!store/tc3yr

If you do not know how to create a custom smartapp, please refer to

P.S. Technical support packages are also available (optional).

(Yves Racine) #2

Here are some screenshots of the smartapp:

For more details, refer to

Available for download at my store:!store/tc3yr

(Keith) #3

This is an awesome idea. I’ll be setting something like this up once I get my basic setup going. Thanks!

(Yves Racine) #4

Hi @KeithJW, I use it at my home, and it works great (this is for your peace of mind).

(Keith) #5

@yvesracine, exactly my thoughts. I’m also considering a backup pump system. Such a small thing is the only line of defense against considerable cost/damage.

(Yves Racine) #6

even better…!

(Patrick Musselman) #7

I am trying this out and having an issue with the selection of the weather station. When I try to select on it points back to my wet/dry sensors. Otherwise seems like a cool app.

(Yves Racine) #8

Hi, you need a weather station with water sensor capability such as this one:


(Patrick Musselman) #9

Thanks did not realize that. All is working now. Cool app.

(Steve White) #10

This is a great idea. I have already built my own solution but would have used this had I found it beforehand.

Instead of a vibration monitor I am using a smart plug to monitor the energy used by the pump. This approach doesn’t work if the pump goes on battery however. I also modified the Smart Plug to plot the times when the pump runs.

(scott sams) #11

i have a sump pump for my driveway that has a float valve for on’off and a 2" check valve (pushing water uphill) but that worked great for all of a day due to debris getting in the check valve so it wouldn’t close causing the pump to short cycle each time water from the pipe reversed when the pump was off. i installed a WEMO switch and a water sensor at my grate on my driveway and set a rule to turn on the pump when the sensor was wet and turn it off 2 minutes after sensor was dry. worked great for 2 days until debris (once again) accumulated around the sensor so it thought it was wet when it wasn’t. going to put a “cage” around the sensor to protect from that. otherwise, seems to work well. good idea for the app. i may try it.


@SteveWhite - would you be able to share the code for this? Want to do the same thing.

(Steve White) #13

Yes, I would be happy to. I’m kinda tied up on a few projects and haven’t had much time for SmartThings which has been running great despite my lack of attention. After Labor Day I can get the code pushed to my GitHub.

(Yves Racine) #16

Eh guys,

You should create your own thread if you want to share different solutions. This thread is
about My smart Sump Pump Monitor.

A smarter solution as it adapts the monitoring based on the actual outdoor conditions at your home.

(Sal) #18

Hi Steve

Can you please share detail on the how you setup the sump pump smart app and device handler. Appreciate your help on this.