[RELEASE] Smart Security Camera SmartApp - Now with Local Video Recording Support!

Oh… doh… I wonder how I skimmed over that on the install directions over and over. My bad.

It appears that the cloud storage of the photos is no longer available. That smartthings has disabled the cloud features. Can this me updated to save on mircosd card if available or is there a replacement to the cloud storage?

Image capture still works for me. Sometimes it can be a little wonky, maybe wait a little bit and try again.

There may be a way to export the image but I’m not exactly sure how.

OK Thank you, I tried several times and saw the alert and app run but never found the image via the APP.

Nice work on both creating device handlers and this smartapp. So far every feature has worked well for my cam.
Currently the cam records video whenever a certain sensor around the house fires.
Wondering if the Smart Security Camera smartapp could be enhanced to do the following. Can the video recording trigger be coupled to the setting of the Smart Home Monitor app that SmartThings provides by default (settings such as Armed Away, Armed Home and Disarmed). Ex: If status is “disarmed” then ignore all sensors (and thus no video is recorded).
If not even a enable/disable associated smartapps in the camera device handler might work as well. I don’t want to delete different smartapps with different sensor - PTZ preset positions every time I am home (so that the camera doesn’t record unnecessarily).

Is there any way to have this trigger with a code entered from the Kwikset 910 using this smart app: [Depricated] Lock Code Manager

If you can set this to trigger on a hello home action, just have your code entry trigger a hello home action via the LCM app and boom!

Might require some work by @blebson to do. Shouldn’t be too much though.

When a lock is unlocked it’s not guaranteed that the event will fire immediately, so you might miss the capture. It’s worth a shot though. HAH!

I guess I solved what I asked in my prior post. Used info from How to set Smart Home Monitor status from SmartApp and modified your code a bit. Now I got it to work along with the Smart Home Monitor.

Hello SRIRAM, can you please elaborate on what you have achieved making this smartapp working with SHM? That sounds interesting to me. Many thanks.

This smartapp is working very nicely with my D-Link DCS-5222 (many thanks!), however the lack of cloud video in its SmartThings integration is clearly a limit. I can still access videos remotely through the D-Link mydlink app but it’s not exactly the same especially since that app is less reliable than smartthings (generally slower, sometimes it doesn’t connect to the camera, UI is quite old and dysfunctional, etc). Dumb question - would it work if I run the standard D-Link device handler in parallel within ST, basically installing the same camera twice? That way I could enjoy this smartapp with its advanced features and leverage ST cloud services for videos at the same time.

Yes you can, I’m not sure if there will be any performance difference but it is definitely possible.

If only my ST would find the D-link camera through its automatic discovery
system. No joy with that! It worked in the past but not anymore, not sure
why. Is there a manual way to configure a D-link camera under the standard
SmartThings device handler so that I can run it in parallel to your
smartapp (as we said above)? Thanks

Hi Antongiulio

The original implementation by Ben subscribes to events from sensors only. So for example whenever the motion sensor becomes active a video gets recorded. This is triggered irrespective of the status of SHM. In my use I wanted the video to be recorded only when SHM was in a particular mode.

I got the app in this thread to be triggered only if my SHM is in Armed-Away mode by doing the following
Add this to list of subscribed events

def subscribeToEvents() {
//all sensor events from orignal implementation
subscribe(location, “alarmSystemStatus”, alarmHandler)

You could define alarmHandler routine for debug purposes as follows

def alarmHandler(evt) {
  log.debug "Alarm Handler value: ${evt.value}"
  log.debug "alarm state: ${location.currentState("alarmSystemStatus")?.value}"

All the video and picture taking in the sendMessage routine can be encompassed within

def status = location.currentState("alarmSystemStatus")?.value
log.debug "$status"
if(status == "away"){
// the video + picture taking part

alarmSystemStatus has state values away/stay/off depending on the 3 main settings of SHM (Armed-Away, Armed-Stay, Disarmed). Hope this helps

Just to clarify, my SmartApp has a mode restriction, not a SHM restriction.

Yes I observed that. Its just me I guess, I had gotten used to changing
status directly on the SHM interface. I guess I could use routines that
changes both SHM status and the mode. That way I could just use the mode
restriction you have put in.

Hi Ben - thanks for all your hard work. Relatively new to ST … installed your D-Link camera manager for my two
Dlink 5222Ls - and your app got my cameras to work with ST so thanks for that!

Now - trying to get the two DLINKS I have to trigger a recording based on an event. The prob I am having is it seems the
camera recording on the SD card is only recording just a couple seconds of video - (I am also using your smart security camera app for this). Can’t seem to get it to go longer no matter what - made changes in the length of time video records in the app … and increased the max file size in the event setup on the DLINK camera.

Any ideas? Thanks again.

PS …I also tried removing the SMART SECURITY smartapp - and just used a custom monitoring rule - and again - even though the recording length to the DLINK cam is set in that rule at 60sec I get a very short (3 sec? ) recording. Just using the DLINK camera software and motion/PIR I get full length recordings for whatever I set…


For me I can only get them to record a max of 30 seconds at a time. I think one of my older cameras can record 2min at a time but it’s not in HD. Not sure if there is any way to get around that.

HI Ben … 30 would be GREAT … but I am only getting 3 seconds no matter what I do.


Might have to pay around with the quality settings, I set it up a long time ago and am not sure how I did it. It may only be available by using URL commands, I don’t know.

New to Smartthings and having a great time learning. Love your Connect app and have it working great with my DCS-933L. Couple things (apologies if they are covered elsewhere):

Can Sound detection be toggled using your app (ie like motion can)?
Can either sound or motion detected be used in Smartthings to trigger other events (ie alarm)?
Is there an easy way to toggle motion (and sound if possible) using other events in Smartthings? (ie simple motion detection on when in Away mode)

I am still getting my feet wet so prefer a routine over a Smartapp, but would use either.

Thanks for your work on this.