[RELEASE] Simulated Alarm Clock DTH and Pistons - DELETED

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Nice one, Robin! I saw just yesterday someone ask for this and you said you were looking for one too and here we are!

Any examples what you would use this for though? I guess to extend your alarm clock to your whole home, anything else?

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Very nice! I’m using Tasker and sharptools to run my morning routine but I’m the only person in the house with an Android. I’ll probably install this to allow everyone else to interact with the house when they want their alarm to go off.


@anon36505037. Can you change the snoozduration from webcore directly with the custom command?

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I am writing a custom device handler, and am almost done with it.

I have a input statement that saves a location Zip code. Looks like this:

input name: “location1Zip”, type: “string”, title: “Enter A Zip Code For Location 1”, description: “Enter a Zipcode For Location 1”, required: false, defaultValue: “10001”

What I need is a custom command to let you change that from webcore. I understand it won’t show in the device section, but will be there in the background. That’s ok.

Some thing like:

Command “ changeLoc1Location”

It’s the def part that I am not so sure of.

Any help on this would be appreciated

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I noticed that if you turn a day back on, the switch turns on but the status still says “deactivated”.

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sorry if this is a dumb question, I’m a bit new to this, but how do you add the device after you import the DTH?

You need to go to the ide. Create a new device, then in device type, select the new handler you installed, once created it will show up n the smartthings app a a thing

got it… thank you GoPack2

Can this be displayed as a tile in ActionTiles?

I’m looking for a Count Down Timer that can be triggered by a Piston and be displayed in ActionTiles.

If door opens
Then start 5 hr countdown

This would be displayed in ActionTiles or anything that can be displayed on a phone or tablet by itself.

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How are you setting up a timer in ST? I could understand a short alarm for a few minutes later but I wouldnt expect something like a kitchen timer to work through ST. It’s a cloud integration. The timing is never going to be that accurate.

I’ve never had any issues with CoRE and/or webCoRE timers. I have MANY timers setup in Pistons.

So, in CoRE days, which I still have many Pistons still working fine, in the Dashboard, you could see “Countdown” timers…I want to be able to display these timers on a web page (Simple)…at least I thought.

There is a hardware device (LaMetric Time) that intergrates with ST that does exactly what I want. However, it’s $200.

There has to be a software alternative that can just be hosted on a web page. This page can be hosted on something like a Pi3.

I found a web sight that allows free count down counters, I just need something that I can trigger a reset of the countdown counter either via a webCoRE Piston or the Device Tile…

End result would be something like this:

A timer working internal to WebCore is a lot different than functioning inside ST but displaying for you. The device you showed reports to ST but I’m willing to bet the timer is run locally on the device not the ST cloud. I think what you’re asking for is incredibly complicated from a software perspective.

I really like this however after I add the DTH and go to add a device it requires device network ID. I looked at other examples in my devices and created what I thought was one that would work by just generating one on my own. No matter what I enter it says “Access Denied
We’re sorry, but you are not authorized to perform the requested operation.” I am guessing I am doing something wrong on this. Thanks for any assistance.

Its a known issue. Try using a browser (Chrome) in incognito mode. That’s what I have to do on some of my PCs.