[RELEASE] Simple Event Logger


(Jg506) #346

This new blockchain logger in the forum is immutable which is pretty cool but no graphing capability, wondering is there is a way to combine both

(Peder Ward) #347

Getting som sort of error with the date.
Someone know why ?
Se pictures.

(Kevin) #348

Check to make sure you location has the time zone set.

If that’s not the problem then it could be an issue with the sheet so you might want to start from scratch and see if that solves it.

(Peder Ward) #349

Have the same events date in Smartthings appen also. Does that tell you anymore ?

(Kevin) #350

That leads me to believe that your timezone isn’t properly set in the location settings of the SmartThings IDE.

(Gene Clark) #351

Where’s that? Is it like Simple Event Logger?


Hi, I have this app working and thanks so much for your hard work.
I’d like to log all variables from my thermostats, especially ongoing temps, humidity, outdoor temperatures, etc.
For some reason I am only getting entries in my spreadsheet when I manually change something, like the setpoints on the thermostats.

Is there any way to make this app log all the variables, every x minutes.
I’m trying to graph out the effectiveness of my zoned HVAC system based on external temps and zone settings.

I have all 3 thermostats selected in sensors and all events selected, nothing excluded.

Many Thanks!

(Jg506) #353

It is in: https://github.com/Xooa/samples/tree/master/smartthings
It is too a logger like Simple Event Logger and both log into free cloud backends. The main difference is the logging back-end (Google Sheets vs Blockchain one is immutable the other isn’t, one can graph the other can’t). Another nice thing with the blockchain logger is the companion viewer smartapp, that reads from the logging backend from within ST mobile app, and ease of navigation from device latest state into it’s event history.

(Denis) #354

What is the field

Available Log Space…

Mine says - 59.22%. ?

(Eric) #356

I installed this the other day, and it apparently works, but the times indicate huge pauses. How would I fix this?

(Kevin) #357

The SmartApp logs all events regardless of the interval settings so check the device’s event history to see if it’s actually reporting any events during those gaps.

(Kevin) #358

Google Sheets has a maximum size so that shows how much space is left, but I recommend turning on the archiving option because once you reach about 60% the sheets usually become unresponsive while trying to work with them in Google Sheets and the SmartApp often times out because Google takes longer than 20 seconds to log the data.

(Eric) #359

Ok…while I’m doing that, what’s the green selection box in Google Sheets? Did I accidentally select something? I can’t make it go away.

(Graham MacKay) #360

@krlaframboise big thanks for all the stuff you do around here, I’ve tried out many of your contributions and find them very helpful. I had to stop using the Simple Event Logger in the Summer, because it didn’t seem to play well with Google Advanced Proetection.

This is a new security setting everyone can add to their account which requires the use of two security keyfob tokens, and restrictions from certain risky plugins/etc. Unfortunately, the way the settings were set, it classified yours as risky, citing the entire drive as being available for use.

Have you or anyone else seen this error message and been able to work around it? Any help appreciated. I’ll try to paste the exact details here tomorrow but for now I’ve pasted the exact details as it pertains to another service I’m using. The error info is the same (URL different).

Error page displays as follows:

Request Details







scope=https://www.googleapis.com/auth/drive https://www.googleapis.com/auth/userinfo.email https://www.googleapis.com/auth/plus.me

(Kevin) #361

I haven’t seen that before…

(Graham MacKay) #362

Yeah, I’ve noticed Google are getting better at making it easy to understand the real vulnerability that some type of non standard access poses to an account. While I have no reason not to trust, and of course I absolutely LOVE the logger you’ve created for SmartThings… it might be worth considering if the permissions could be trimmed back to only what is needed (for instance, maybe only files within google drive that were CREATED by the logger, rather than all files within your drive, etc.)

Probably low priority, but it would cause me not to use this in my usual google account, which can be a hassle at times, and in general if possible trimming permissions back would pose less threat to the community if anything untoward ever did happen.

See screenshot for details (attached).

Sreenshot attached.


Love this app however when i enable it to pull the date and time to separate columns brings up VALUE as INT formula not working.

Have fixed this by using these formulas but could they be added to code please?
Date: =left(a2,10)
Time: = right(a2,8)



i also have this issue with my Nest Thermostat data not being pulled for humidity, did you get a fix?


Installed it and its working great, thank you very much!! It is crazy to me that all of this data sits in ST but it doesn’t offer you any actionable executions on it.

Do have two issue’s that I need help with.

With all this data I have made some very nice pivot tables and graphs etc. There are a few sensors though that don’t report data unless there has been a change. For example my humidor has a humidity sensor in it and since its a very stable environment it might go some time without a change. When plotting that versus temperature I loose data points for humidity versus temperature. Is there a way to force the event logger to capture the current (but unreported since it hasn’t changed) value off of sensors at the set intervals?

EDIT: ended up in a separate thread where some very nice people helped me adjust the reporting code in the device handler for those devices. everything looks like its functioning properly now.

Second can someone give me a few instructions or ideas on how to graph based off sensors that report in binary or words. For example contact sensor states open or closed but cant figure out how to graph that since it isn’t a value. Motion sensors will be blank with no motion and report a “0” for motion.

(Andrew) #366

I have a couple of events being logged in 30 minute increments. I have it selected for 3 hours but still it updates every 30 minutes. Is there another setting besides in the app that may be overriding the 3hour selection?