[RELEASE] Simple Event Logger

Thanks for providing that solution.

Building in a setting for that would be time consuming, even if someone else did it and I just had to test it, and the workaround is simple for users to make so I don’t plan on adding a setting for it.

You’ll need to manually make that change again if I release a new version, but this is no longer an active project so the only reason I’d release a new version is to fix a problem caused by ST or Google changing something.

Yeah, once I found out the problem it was no big deal to fix.

Thanks again for creating this. I find it very useful

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Thanks for your work on this Kevin! I’ve got this implemented on 3 different spreadsheets. 2 of them I use with an Aeon Home Energy Monitor and the other with Ecobee and temperature sensors.

Here’s what I’m trying to do and I’m not sure how I might be able to accomplish this…

I want to track the energy usage of just my AC unit. From the other Home Energy Monitor logs, I track live power usage (watts) and overall usage (kWh) I notice when the AC runs it uses between 4000-5000W

My thought was trying to filter out just those events in that watt range and maybe use a formula in the spreadsheet to add up the totals to display the usage in kWh

Has anyone figured out how to do something like this? I have plenty of outlet energy monitors which can do exactly what i want but there has to be a way to filter out readings from an overall energy monitor right?

Thanks for this awesome smart app. My door and contact sensors are able to log the data perfectly, however my temperature and humidity sensors have no entries in the log. They are selected in the SmartApps menu for temperature and humidity logging. I see them showing both the readings in SmartThings app and Action Tiles dashboard. Anybody else faced this issue?

The choose devices screen includes a bunch of capabilities to ensure you’ll be able to find your device, but each device should only be selected once and which list you use to select the device has no impact on the logging functionality.

If you’ve selected temperature and humidity from the “Which events to log?” screen and you haven’t added those devices to the Exclusion list, then those events should get logged for all selected devices that support those events.

Upcoming Platform Changes

The platform changes SmartThings will be making on 8/17/2020 might completely break this SmartApp and if they do then I’m going to pull the code from GitHub and change the title of this topic to [OBSOLETE].

At some point in the near future, all Groovy SmartApps need to be re-written to use the SmartThings APIs and hosted externally so it’s not worth spending any more time on this SmartApp…


Hi Kevin, is your Simple Event Logger still working? As Smartthings have stopped providing Events list in the ‘Events’ log in Groovy IDE I now have no way of obtaining a historical log of what’s happened on my Locations which I can save in Excel.

It is. I use it to record temperature and humidity from about 70 sensors and they still accumulate.

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Can anyone point me to directions on how to install this app please, - (Incidentally I have never installed any custom apps before!), please?

As per the developers comments above, it might not be worth installing this now.

Go to the first page of this thread. There you will find “Installation instructions” on a link

It seems the simple event logger returns US formats for numbers, date and time. In Sweden we have different formats, anyway I can change this somewhere?

See here

The actual data published in the google sheet is formatted as attached screen dump (“dd/mm/yyyy HH:mm:ss”). It seems it is not recognized correctly by my pivot table, I can not group at all (hour, day, month etc.) as wanted

On row 778 I find this. Seems the data published is not as the format code here. So where can I change to get a different result? Any ideas?

An issue I had was that the format sent by the event logger did not match my local format in the sheet and as a result made it impossible to manipulate the fields. After changing the format as I mentioned above the format did match and then I could do what I wanted.

Format for Cell F2 is “=INT(A2)” and for G2 “=HOUR(A2)”

Seems the data is imported differently depending on the Google Sheet default language settings.

By default, my language settings in Google Sheet was set to Sweden. As a result the imported data (from a connected wall plug from Aeotec) in the column Date/Time came in and was stored as text. Since it was stored as text, cell references and calculations on these cells did not work.

But when I changed the Google Sheet language settings to US, the data for the same column (Date/Time) came in formatted as actual date and time and could be used as such in calculations

My google sheet is remaining blank. I read instructions carefully and am fairly sure I did everything accordingly. In the Oauth page though, there was no “enable” button or checkbox. Any help will be appreciated.

Same issue here. I’ve triple checked my settings with no luck.

I have two questions:

  • How can I show graphs for the last two days?

  • How can I show the state of my contact sensors?