[RELEASE] Simple Device Viewer

If you cannot remove then support can easily do it for you.

Need help with config…
I have a ST outlet that will lose power… (not on or off) … I want to get a text when the power is lost to the ST outlet (a GFCI it is plugged into trips sometimes) …
How can I config this… I setup polling for 5 min… but I am attempting to poll something that has no power…

Hi. Just checking. For the last event feature, does this include the healthpoll()? I have a device that reports this every 5 minutes. And I want to know when it has exceeded those 5 minutes or stopped altogether. Would I be able to get that from this app? Thanks.

How long it takes ST to change the status of a device to offline is determined by the DTH, but when it changed the application should send the notification within 5 minutes.

You can also set a threshold for the last activity time, but that time only changes when an event is created so that won’t work as expected for some devices.

It’s been a few years so they might have changed the way that works…


Hello, I just setup the application with ST so that I can get notifications when devices for OFFLINE. This feature does not seem to be working. Hoping for some guidance.

Have you configured the thresholds and notifications?

I cannot find a way to remove or uninstall this–I tried thru the app and it says its removed but it doesnt go away–i tried from IDE and it says something about being in use-- please help

You should be able to remove it normally through the classic mobile app… Do you see any errors in live logging when you try to delete it?

As a last resort you can go into the hub or location section of the IDE and you should see a list of installed apps (not the my apps screen). If you click the edit button near the top of that page it should show a delete or remove button next to that app.

I had to delete it from the “list” twice, then go back to smartapps tab and deleted from there too–all from IDE…

I too am having trouble with Simple Device Viewer. Within both the classic and the new Smartthings app If I try and bring up Simple device viewer It will tell my “Something went wrong or Network or server error occurred. Try again Later”.

I am unable to remove Simple Device Viewer with either app. When I go to the IDE and try to remove it I am told “This SmartApp can’t be deleted at this time because it is installed by one or more users”.

I saw above where you said to try and remove it through Hub or location of the IDE.
I found it under Location at the bottom of the screen their is a link for “smartapps”. I went in there selected “Edit” on the top right side of screen, Scrolled down to where “Simple Device Viewer” is and selected “Uninstall” scrolled back to the top and selected “Done”. It then gave me this message “There was an error uninstalling your SmartApp.”

I also found I can install another instance of Simple Device Viewer through the Smartthings app and it works great. I am also able to go into that working copy and Remove it. But still can not remove the corrupted copy.

Open live logging before trying to uninstall and post any errors you see in the logs.

On the select devices screen did you select a bunch of devices and/or select the same device from more than 1 list?

I am not sure if this is possible but what css code, if any, could I use to highlight certain sensors so that I can easily find them on a page. Example: I have 77 sensors on the temperature page. I would like to highlight two critical sensors so that I do not have to search for them when I open that tab. Any ideas?

Edit: Thinking this through a little more, having the ability to pin certain tiles to the top of the page would work as well.

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