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@krlaframboise Does anyone know what css code I would need to enter to have all of the tiles default to the same size as the largest tile on the dashboard? Or in my case a device name that requires four lines in the name section of the tile. I have a couple of tiles that are larger than the rest. I would prefer that they all be the same size as the largest tile.

Edit: I figured it out. .item-text{font-size:95%;}

Keep reducing the percentage until all the text fits in the same size boxes. Go in small increments because 1 or 2 percent makes a lot of difference.


This is an amazing app. Have a bit of a request and would welcome your thoughts. I use the ST Motion Sensors in my freezers to alert if the temp goes above 30 degrees (indicating that I have left a door open or perhaps the freezer has failed). Within the current app I select temp threshold - right now I have it set to alert if above 30 degrees for my 2 freezers. I would also like my thermostat to alert if the house goes below 50…but is is a one size fits all. Would there be a way to set temp and alert per device or group of devices? Freezers alert if above 30 and the rest of my devices alert if the temp goes below 50?

This has come up before and it’s one of those things that can snowball because if I add 2 ranges then someone will ask for 3 and if I add it for temperature then someone will ask me to add it for power and/or battery.

SmartThings allows you to install multiple instances of the app so I recommend installing a separate instance for each group of devices that have different thresholds.

Fully understand and I like your suggestion. Thank you!

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I use SDV for all of my temperature devices, excluding my fridge. For that I do a custom alert in Smart Home Monitor.

I just found this app. It works great. I particularly like the low battery notifications.

Thank you for all your effort in creating this.

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Thanks for the donation, I really appreciate it.

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Where do I find the app in smart things? Thanks in advance

The smart app code is at the top of this post.

If you’ve never used a community submitted SmartApp before, the Using Custom Code faq question on the Things That Are Smart Wiki provides additional information and instructions on how to install one.


Great app, just what I wanted to view battery status and more. I also used your device handler for the Siren 6. How do I contribute to the cause?

I’m glad you like it.

That’s not necessary, but if you really want to: https://www.paypal.me/krlaframboise

Great App. How are the sensors sorted in the Batteries tab? After the first line it looks like they are sorted by alphabetical order. But the first line I couldn’t tell. I even tried to add a #1 to one of the sensors to see if it would sort differently, but no change.
thanks in advance


They’re sorted by battery level and then alphabetical. I believe there’s a sort option in the display settings and if you disable it the devices will be listed alphabetical.

Correction: That setting is in the “Other Settings” section.

Thanks I added a number to each group (water, fire contact etc) to be able to sort by group also. again thanks for the App.

Can you recommend an app that I can hood up an external siren (Aeotec 6) to the ADT Smartthings Hub? I want it to go off when alarm goes off an when entry and exit delay sound is going off.

Thanks for the quick replies.

Next update can you make a field for a “date” on devices with batteries? That way we can see how long since we changed the batteries.
Just a thought!

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