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Did I do something wrong? Everything works, but there’s a box at the bottom that looks like it’s supposed to be some kind of graph?

Is anyone else receiving a ton of “offline” last event notifications over the past few days? I tried turning “Device Health” off on my account but they kept coming in. Then I realized that SDV has the “Override last event threshold for offline devices” option and I turned it off and that seems to have done the trick. But obviously my devices are getting flagged as offline intermittently, so I’m trying to figure out if it is a platform thing or not.

I’m experiencing the same problem, but the devices are showing as Offline in SmartThings temporarily so I’m pretty sure it’s a platform problem and not SDV.


I have this same issue. Things popping up as offline and then later and seemingly completely randomly, going back online again. Very annoying. :angry:

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Very new to this and trying to get notification of low water level in pool. I have Aeon Labs Water Sensor connected and showing dry or wet in States and Last Event. How do I get SDV to notify me of a state change?


I would suggest you try using an app called “notify me when”

You can find it in the mobile app marketplace under “safety and security”

If you need it to notify you of dry events instead of wet events you can open the smart app via a template in the IDE and make some edits.

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That did the trick. Thanks for the help. Now to figure out how to get notified when the circuit my freezer is on goes out. (Lost everything wen it went out while we were gone) I have a Samsung F-OUT-US-2 smart outlet but cannot get an app to notify me when it is offline.

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Simple Device Viewer will do that.

Thanks for replying again. I am using SDV. When I remove power from the outlet I do not get any change the device state. It is still showing ON 52.0 W (light bulb for test).

If the device is unplugged then it can’t report that it’s not using power…

You can use Simple Device Viewer to detect when the device has stop responding by setting last event threshold. If the device goes longer than that threshold without communicating with the hub then you’ll receive a notification.


Thanks. That is telling me what I want to know.

Anyone else having this problem? I completely deleted the app and reinstalled from code. Tried both Classic and new app.

Well this is curious…

Not sure if I’m missing something or not, but how do I get the Smart Home Monitor status and/or Mode to display in Simple Device Viewer?

Smart Home Monitor status and Mode are not devices, so they won’t show in Simple Device Viewer. You may want to look into ActionTiles though.

Just found this smart app. Thank you for your work.


I have been unable to open this smart app for a while now all I get is “Something’s Worng”
I was thinking this was just a platform issue, but it’s not going away.
And the dashboard still works fine.

I did find this doing a search but the code lines appear to be different now…

Any suggestions?

I believe I fixed that particular bug so I’m not sure what’s causing it and I haven’t been able to reproduce it.

If you open live logging before opening the app you should see the error message when it crashes…

The simplest solution would be to uninstall the app through the IDE and re-install it.

Sorry, I should have mentioned that I had already tried this, and there were no errors given!

I just barley re-installed and things are now happy again. :smile:

Thank you!!!

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