[RELEASE] Simple Device Viewer

This is great! Nice work!

Has anyone found any bugs or thought of features they’d like added?

I plan on submitting this to be published soon, but I want to make sure it’s finalized before I do.

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It’s been working great for me. Nice job!!

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I’d look again but my hub died last night after a reset and I’m waiting for a replacement.

Installed it today, works well… Will post, if i find any issues

I just released version 1.6 that has a couple of bug fixes, but no additional features.

See first post in this topic for latest version

If I haven’t received any bug reports by Sunday night, I’m going to submit it for publication.

At some point I plan on adding the functionality below, but I’m focusing on the next release my Blink Camera Integration right now so I probably won’t have time to get to them for a while.

  • On all the screens (except switches), allow you to click a device to see its last (5-10?) most recent events.

  • Allow you to optionally specify a start time and end time for receiving notifications.

  • Add icons for the remaining capabilities.

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I’ve not had any problems in using it at all.

Here’s a feature I’ve thought would be useful/interesting (and have considered working on myself). Add am HTML output and expose it via https://graph.api.smartthings.com/api/smartapps/installations/ like several other SmartApps do, such as SmartTiles. This would allow me to add the URL to it as a tile under SmartTiles.

I’m not sure if this app offers anything that you can’t already do in SmartTiles, but I’ve been looking for a reason to play around with the API so I’ll look into it once I’ve finished my Blink Camera project.

I’ve submitted this SmartApp to be published so maybe 6 months from now it will actually be available in the Marketplace.


Not unless it can work in Windows phone. All the apps in the current market place work in Windows Phone.

I really like your smartapp…well done Kevin!

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I sincerely hope it is just my phone and your app get published. I very much appreciated your effort and contribution :slight_smile: I am worry ST might not let it passed the review process.
No error at all. The app works perfectly fine on my Android. It is a blank screen on my Windows Phone. I opened the Live Logging while loading the app in the Windows Phone, no activity at all.

  • Updated the app. Same issue.
  • (dev) was present. Unchecked the “Enable local child app discovery” box. Same issue.

Live logging did not show any error message.

I can install the Button Controller and see the configuration page. I cannot move forward with the Next because it required I choose a button device where I do not have it.
At least the configuration page is viewable.

You can install a ‘Simulated Button’ via the IDE (go to ‘My Devices’ and select “New Device”; give it a name and something unique for the Network ID and select ‘Simulated Button’ in the type dropdown).

•Updated the app. Same issue.
•(dev) was presented in the IDE. Unchecked the “Enable local child app discovery” box. Same issue.

Live logging did not show any error message.

I am willing to help.
Compare to your effort and contribution, mine is minuscule.

I seem to have a switch showing up even though it isn’t selected. Main Garage Door below

Did you select the Main Garage Door from one of the other lists like Contact Sensors or Sensors?

A lot of my devices support multiple capabilities like Motion, Temp, and Battery and I didn’t want to have to select each device multiple times in order to get it to appear on all the screens so every device that is selected automatically appears on all the screens it supports.

I’m assuming the device handler you’re using for your garage door supports the switch capability and it returns on when it’s open and off when it’s closed or vice versa. In theory, pressing that item on the switch screen may actually open or close the door.

Unfortunately by making this SmartApp “simple” to setup I’ve also made it somewhat ridged so you sometimes end up displaying things on screens that you don’t want them on.

I have the same problem with a few of my devices so I’ve been considering adding an exclude option for each capability like I did with the notification settings.

I know it’s counterintuitive, but I’d rather add a few devices to an exclude list than have to select a lot of my devices multiple times. I’m interested to know if the other people using this SmartApp, and have at least 15 devices, agree or disagree with my way of thinking?

When you have a moment, can you try installing my Home Presence Manager SmartApp on your Windows Phone and let me know if it also comes up blank.

I’m not officially releasing this because it’s only useful if one person is in the house and it’s not 100% reliable, but the setup is similar to the Simple Device Viewer SmartApp. There’s no need to complete the installation, unless you want to, I’m just interested to know if it has the same Windows Phone problem that the Simple Device Viewer has.

I’m only explaining what the SmartApp does because I personally wouldn’t want to install something without having any idea what it does. The Home Presence Manager SmartApp allows you to use motion and/or contact sensors along with Virtual Presence Sensors to keep track of where you are in your house. It also allows you to specify lights that should turn on when you enter a room and turn off when you exit. This eliminates the problem of lights staying on longer than they need to or turning off unexpectedly because you stood still for too long.

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