[RELEASE] Simple Device Viewer

This is the only app I’ve used for monitoring.

Our patience?!?!


Does anyone know if the app exec error is trapable within an sa?
Might be interesting to track the frequency and times that this happens… that might actually help support.

After thinking about this, after the morning coffee…
I think you would have to do this the other way round…
Track when an app completes, then then find the intervals when it didn’t.
Doable, but not so simple.

Please Upgrade to Version 2.2

SmartThings has been experiencing latency problems with the device events table since Friday so if you’re monitoring more than 15 devices, this SmartApp has most likely been generating an error every 5 minutes.

I’ve modified the application so that it keeps track of what’s been refreshed and aborts when it gets close to the 20 second limit. When it runs again 5 minutes later, it will continue from where it left off.

Until SmartThings fixes the latency problem, the notifications might be delayed a little bit and if you’re installing this SmartApp for the first time, it may take a while for the Last Events page to show times instead of N/A.

The latest version can be found in the first post of this topic.

Hi, I was referred to this Smartapp from a question I posted… I’m kind of new to Smartthings apps…

Is there an install guide somewhere? I see the github link in the OP but when I go there and follow the code’s link for documentation, it comes back to the OP with the github link :stuck_out_tongue:

Do I go into https://graph.api.smartthings.com/ide/apps and paste it as a new app? Then what?

But I’d be doing that in a web browser. And yet the OP is showing screenshots of a phone app. Hmm.

Is there an install guide somewhere? Thanks!

I’ve included a link that explains everything in detail, but basically, you copy the code from the RAW github page, create a new SmartApp in the IDE using the “from code” option, and then click the publish button.

That part is done with a regular browser and then you go into the Marketplace section of the Mobile App and tap the SmartApps tab. The Simple Device Viewer will appear in the “My Apps” section which is at the bottom.

When you get to the screen that has all the settings, Tap Done and then go to the Automations screen and open it from there. That will ensure that you don’t lose any settings by accidentally tapping the back button.

SmartThings is still having an issue with the device events table which is preventing this SmartApp from running properly. It still works, but if you’re using this SmartApp to monitor more than 6 devices, the “All Devices - Last Event” page will most likely show N/A next to the devices for a little while and the notifications might be delayed a bit. These issues will go away as soon as SmartThings fixes this problem.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

FYI, this SmartApp can’t do most of the things you mentioned in that post.

It provides a simple way to view all your devices by capability and it has a web dashboard so you can view them from any computer.

It only reports on battery, temp and/or last activity. If you want to use different thresholds for different devices, you’ll have to install multiple instances of the SmartApp and monitor them separately.

What’s a little while? I updated yesterday, and don’t have any Last Event notifications. I only noticed when 5 of my sensor batteries died today…

The events problem started late Friday, but the low battery notifications should have been working fine. SmartThings should have also sent low battery warnings if they were about to die.

What were those dead devices showing for a last event time and what was your threshold set to? Were you still seeing timeout exceptions in Live Logging?

If you upgraded to the version I released late Monday night, it was most likely updating 5-10 devices every 5 minutes so it shouldn’t have taken more than a few hours to refresh all your devices.

The latency problem with that table is a lot worse today so it’s taking over 2 seconds to check each device and I started seeing timeout exceptions again so I just released another version…

Version 2.2.3 aborts sooner, but runs more often so it’s able to refresh 50+ devices in less than 15 minutes.

One device was dead for a week and i had ignored the notification. The others had reported battery levels at 66%, but each stopped reporting anything between 9pm last night and 5pm today (based on the last reported temperstures). One died after i got home as it had reported me entering but missed when i took the dog out and when i started checking battery levels.

I wasnt too surprised that so many died at once. I bought 10 multisensors at once, one died on the weekend and the other a week ago.

Were these the ST multi sensors? I have one of those and the battery died recently, but it was still showing 66%.

What do you have your last event threshold set to?

25% I hadn’t had a battery drop below 55% since I bought the system in march.

That’s the battery threshold, but what are you using for the last event threshold?

Event threshold is 1 day, and I only have one nuisance sensor that likes to go 25 hours without a report. Its a leak sensor, under and behind the dishwasher.

I’ve updated this morning, so I’ll check in and see if it eventually reports today.

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Which leak sensor is it?

ST Leak sensor.

It may be that I was on version 1.6 until last week, but its in an isolated spot that only varies in temperature by 1-2 Celsius, so there wouldn’t be new events for a while.

If it has battery reporting, adding two lines of code to the device handler allows this SmartApp to detect it every few hours. I’ll take a look at it and see if that will work with the ST water sensor.

I looked through the FAQ for SmartApps, but couldn’t find information on this - when a new version of a SmartApp is released (such as this one), is it sufficient to paste the new code in place of the old code (in the IDE) and click Save? Or do I also need to Publish it (again) to make the code change take effect?

Hi Kevin (@krlaframboise). First I would like to thank you for this great SmartApp :slight_smile:

I’m getting 2 Push Notifications on the ST App (Android Phone and Tablet) for any Device (Motion, Contact, Lock…) and Type of Notification (Battery, Last Event, Temperature), and I don’t have the Device selected twice (on different capabilities).
I think this is happening to me since your first version on the app (that had notifications).
Would you have any idea or past experience with this behavior?


To update the code using the copy and paste method you need to:

  • Click the RAW button from the code page
  • Copy everything shown on that page
  • Paste it over the previous version of the code in the IDE
  • Click Save
  • Click Publish

The best way to use community submitted SmartApps is to set them up with GitHub integration because they’ll turn purple when there’s a new version and you can update them by clicking the “Update from Repo” button in the IDE.

These are the settings you’ll need to use to integrate my SmartApps and/or device handlers.

Owner: krlaframboise
Name: SmartThings
Branch: master

I haven’t read this post, but it might help you figure out how to setup the initial integration: