[Release] SHM Delay Version 2.0

I’ll give it a try and PM you the results.

I just tested creating the user profile and yes, when I created the user profile in the classic app, it also shows up in the new app.

Regardless, the profile worked and SHM Delay correctly acknowledged the pin. For fun, I then created a user profile in the new app. It didn’t work. The pin was acknowledged as invalid.

I then looked at my profiles in the classic app and noticed that the profile I created in the new app, did NOT have the vertical blue bar before it’s name like my profiles that work correctly. I then opened the non-functioning profile in the classic app, saved it, and then the blue bar appeared before it’s name. The profile was then acknowledged as a valid pin.

It looks like creating profiles in the classic app still works, and creating profiles in the new app doesn’t.

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The entire community of users are the beta testers. It’s been this way for much of the development of the new app.

I couldn’t find any significant “fixes” in this release of any of the issues that have been recently reported. I’m really not sure what they changed.

Hello again. I am reinstalling SHM Delay to see if i can get it to work.

6. Creating a Simulated Contact Sensor

Each contact sensor defined in a Delay Profile must be paired with a “simulated contact sensor” device. A single simulated sensor is preferred and may used in multiple Delay Profiles, or if you insist it may be unique. The simulated sensor must be monitored by SHM.

Does this mean I only have to use one virtual sensor and uncheck one real contact sensor in SHM and then check the VS so that SHM monitors that one virutal sensor? Or every real sensor I have in SHM has to have a VS paired to it?
Thanks, JK

Preferred is one virtual contact sensor that’s added to S(T)HM.
In globals “Simulated Sensors must be unique?” should be OFF, the default
In delay profiles a real contact is paired with the single virtual contact

Edit Should you have a fresh copy of the Classic App, you will no longer have Routines. In globals set “Modes or Routines” to ON/True and setup ModeFix.

Review information at this link along with general installation instructions.

Hello again. I reloaded everything following directions. When I open the exit door and arm, and wait until after time delay, nothing happens, no intrusion. If I close and open exit door, nothing happens. Other sensors will trip on testing. Watching main screen, the exit door sensors shows open when door opens. The Simulated Sensor stays closed. Should the Simulated open instead during exit and entry?
Thanks, JK

One more thing - I look at My Devices list on the IDE and see the Simulated Sensor status Online. Everything else says Active. Could that be an issue?
Thanks, JK

Please verify you have followed and completed all settings and instructions in documentation:

Section 8 SmartThings Home Monitor-STHM New App (also needed for SHM in Classic without routines)

Section 15, Testing

Also confirm all profiles were created in the Classic app

For anyone trying to get this to work with STHM in the new app.

I think something else may be up on Smartthings end. It’s not working for me anymore either.

It’s been acting up for a few days when I come home now. SHM delay was thinking it was armed even though STHM isn’t.

I just resaved everything and tested it. It’s now acting like it does for everyone else. It doesn’t appear to be seeing the virtual sensor now.

I had to delete and recreate my delay profile and it seems to be working again.

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If I watch my sensors on New App, should the virtual sensor open when I Arm Away in STHM and then open the front door? I see the front door sensor open instead.
Thanks, JK

The front door sensor will open when the door opens. After the entry delay that you have programmed into SHM Delay expires (default is 30 sec), the virtual sensor will open. You monitor the virtual sensor with STHM. That’s how the delay works.

When the virtual sensor opens, it’s being monitored by STHM, so it will set off your alarm.

This all transpires when the system is Armed.

ok thanks. the virtual sensor does not open after the 30 second delay. i am still trying to figure it out.

Also the Virtual Sensor on My Device list on the IDE says "Online’ The rest of the real sensors say “Active” Does that matter?

It really does not matter if the simulated contact sensor is open or closed. When an intrusion is created, either instantaneous or after a delay, here’s what occurs:
thesimcontact.open() //this creates the alarm in S(T)HM
thesimcontact.close([delay: 4000])

Please confirm you have successfully completed testing as described in Section 15, otherwise it will not work and we are unable to help!

Here’s a quick test from section 15
Close the virtual sensor device in the phone app
Arm your system wait for any delays if coded.
Open the virtual sensor. should be an instant alarm
No alarm, something is wrong with your setup or ST, I would guess the former.

Did you create a delay profile???

yes in shm delay on classic app.

Great, did the virtual sensor test shown above work?

yes it did !

In globals what is the modes or routines flag set to?