[Release] SHM Delay Version 2.0

Suggest turning on the Global “Mode Fix when system armed from Non-Keypad Source” to On if not already On (default), then update the Mode Fix Settings profile.

This app is stabilized as I have mostly moved to the Hubitat platform, however if you provide the module and line where you feel there is an issue, I will take a look.

hi @arnb,

Thank you for the reply. Sorry for the delay. I’m just getting into the ST universe and taking in a lot of information and learning some coding. I’ll dig in deeper and try to narrow it down to where I think the issue may be. What I’ve done to date is uncomment out some of the existing debug lines you had in there and then was following along in Live Logging and reading the code. When I started seeing more messages around the Mode Fix logic I admittedly got lost but thought I’d turn it off to see if it made a difference and sure enough it did.

It may take me a few more days before I have something more but I appreciate you willing to take a look.


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