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[Release] SHM Delay Version 2.0



Followed all instructions in setting up smart app in the IDE. Now getting below error when trying to add delay profile…any ideas?


Hi everyone.

I hope you can help. I have this all installed and working.

I would like to add a beep on the delay entry and there seems to be an option for this (attached) I have sonos speakers and echo but it says you currently can’t add this.

Any help?


Manually created all 6 smart apps (published only shm delay) and now it seems to be working.



I have door/window multi-purpose sensors that periodically give false open/close notifications within 1 sec and sets off siren. Can the SHM Delay smart app add a delay period for my sensors - if open/close states happened within x seconds do not send send notification to virtual sensor?

Thank you

(Mark Harper) #803

Thank you for all the work and TIME you’ve put into this. I’m extremely new to Smartthings and am learning a lot by looking at your code. I have the latest version of SHM Delay up and running well, including the virtual key pad. Every thig is working as it should with one exception. I have two iris version 2 keypads installed. Upon entry they both start beeping the delay, I input the 4 digit code on one, but the other keeps beeping and ultimately triggers the SHM intrusion detection. Any idea what I’m doing wrong.


(Arn B) #804

The system is not disarming. Is the pin code valid?

(Arn B) #805

Not available or planned This may be caused by failing batteries.

(Arn B) #806

The device must support the beep command. Should be an easy Webcore task.

(Mark Harper) #807

Yes it’s the code setup in the delay profile

(Mark Harper) #808

Yes, it’s the one set up in the delay profile. It was previously working untill I added the second keypad. The system will arm from either keypad.

(Mark Harper) #809

Update: You were correct (of course) as a test I disconnected the second pad and tested again with the same results…Until I realized I was not hitting off after entering the code. All is well now, thanks for the help for such a newbie problem.

(Mikael) #810

First, sorry if this been answered before, I have searched/read/tried/ and again, and couldnt get it to work.
My simple question is, is SHM Delay, and the device handler mention in this guide compatible with

With my newly bought Iris Keypad (IL021)

(Arn B) #811

Iris V3 keypad must use rboy’s Dth.

(Mikael) #812

Arn, thank you for fast reply! Great, I’ll try that dth in the evening!

(Andrew Newton) #813

Hi, firstly thank you for the work put into creating and supporting this app. Can I ask for a little help please ?

I have a problem with entry delay as the ST location setting to trigger the I’m Back routine that disarms the system doesn’t always work well. So front door opened and immediately arm goes off.

So Id like to use the SHM delay version 2.0 to solve or control this… (I have ordered an Iris keypad from the US but that will take a while to arrive) but I am a little confused with the ST location settings and the use of the SHM delay version 2.0.

If I use the SHM delay Version 2.0 can I leave the location settings as they are so the alarm should switch off when I get near the house and if it doesn’t the delay gives it a little longer to check and if needed manually switch off the alarm?

The only downside I can see is that how will I know if the alarm is off ? My idea is to run an LED connected to a zwave outlet that is on when the system is armed… and place this LED in a discrete place outside.

What do you think … am I going about this in the wrong way? or will that work with SHM Delay version 2.0

Many thanks in advance


(Arn B) #814

Presence works for some, but not for others. SHM Delay should give you time to disarm your system.

(Andrew Langley) #815

@arnb I have installed SHM Delay and installed the keypad DTH (the centralite one) now how do I actually add the keypad to my hub? I am using the version 3 hub and the version 2 Iris keypad. I thought by adding a DTH it would add the device type to the add a thing screen? Maybe I did something wrong? Any help would greatly be appreciated.

(Arn B) #816

Please follow the directions at the top of this thread, section 14
Note: pairing a keypad is a multi step and sometimes difficult process.


Can’t get the entry delay working as I understand it should be. I don’t have keypads so I successfully setup the SHM Delay TrueExit app that’s working fine. But the entry always triggers immediately open opening the single monitored sensor.

I have a profile with all defaults set. The Real contact sensor is set to my Garage/Laundry Door sensor. The Simulated contact sensor is set to Smart Home Entry/Exit Delay Switch. SHM is set to only trigger on the simulated sensor Smart Home Entry/Exit Delay Switch, none others. The Alarm entry delay time is set to 30 seconds.

When I arm the alarm in either AWAY or STAY mode, the moment the Garage/Laundry Door opens, its sensor shows open, the simulated sensor shows open & the SHM alarm activates.

I’ve gone through the testing and been poking around the app for over an hour but can’t figure out what’s up. It’s like it’s not even working. Verified it’s updated, running v2.2.5 of SHM Delay app. Ideas?

(Arn B) #818

Possibly a motion sensor is being triggered by the door movement?

  1. In the phone app “Notifications” what sensor is SHM Delay displaying as the trigger for the instrusion? (In Global Settings make sure “This app issues an intrusion with name of triggering real sensor” is on/true)

At the top of this thread, the documentation, Section 15 has detailed testing instructions.