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[Release] SHM Delay Version 2.0


(Juan Flores) #759

I noticed that too and found it strange.

@RBoy Any chance there’s an ETA? :grin:

( - Make your home your butler!) #760

You can subscribe to our FaceBook page. We announce the latest developments there first. A few weeks but I’ll have a more accurate estimate soon. We’re ready and just awaiting a few things from our partners. We’ve got a pipeline for Centralite products including some possibly exclusive apps. :grinning:

(Arn B) #761

Interesting, so the Centralite V3 has Panic Mode, Before I update the documentation, please post which keypad DTH is being used: Mitch Pond’s or RBoy’s.

For the record I tried simultaneously pressing the A and B key on a earlier model Centrralite, it beeped twice, did a bit of a light show with the icon buttions, but did not send anything.

Thank you for testing that. The issue I have with an Enum is there does not seem to be any way to clear it other than a null or blank selector that throws the IPhone app into a spasm. Anyone in the community know how to get around this issue?

Edit: Answering my own question on how to clear an ENUM: tap on the circle of the selected data item sets it to unselected status. I’ll update the code to correct the crash on the iPhone. Based on the information at this link the field should be changed to a text field, but that’s for another time.

(Arn B) #762

[Update] SHM Delay, Version 2.2.5 Jan 05, 2019 19:40EST

Enhancements and Changes

  • Issue Corrected: iPhone Classic phoneapp crashes when attemtping to select 3 digit emergency phone number

How to Install
There is one (1) module associated with this update. When updating from Github, insure you are using the arnbme SHMDelay Version2 repo for all modules shown below.

  1. SHM Delay (v2.2.5). Module must be Saved, then Published
  • Install via the repository (preferred), from the following repo.
    Owner: arnbme (in upper case that is ARNBME)
    Name: SHMDelay
    Branch: Version2

(Juan Flores) #763


Cant wait to see whats coming!

following the Facebook page now :slight_smile:

(Juan Flores) #764

I’m using the Mitch Pond’s DTH per your recommendation. I will be looking into the RBoy’s DTH to see whats different between the two…

I also thought it was a text field, since the one below, to add a phone number was… glad to see you was able to find a solution to fix the iphone version.

(Dan Borden) #765

Sorry, I haven’t read the entire thread, and maybe my question was answered in it. I basically want to have two independent security zones. One for my shop, and one for the house. Will your app support this? This has been my biggest frustration with the smarthings security app. Your app sounds awesome btw, regardless.


(Arn B) #766

SHM Delay uses Smart Home Monitor settings, and as you stated SHM does not support zones.

(rvs007) #767

I have an existing DSC832 alarm system at home with its own keypad and have integrated it into ST using an Envisalink 4 board. I have the DSC alarm modes synced to SHM modes using Alarmserver.

Previously, I had the SHM mode linked to the ST hub mode that changes based on my location (ie. when I exit the geofence, the ST hub & SHM modes are switched to ‘Away’; when I enter the geofence, the ST hub & SHM modes are switched to ‘Home’).

I want to move away from using geofencing/presence sensors (as it is sometimes unreliable), and instead want to use the arm & disarm condition on my DSC alarm system as a way to tell the ST hub (and SHM) if I’m away or home. However, the scenario that is troubling me is when upon returning home and I enter the house (tripping the contact sensor for the garage entrance, for example), the alarm itself will have a delay, allowing me time to enter my code to disarm. But for the SHM mode, there would be no delay and therefore, it would trip as an intruder alert. Would this Smartapp help in solving this predicament, allowing me to add a Delay to SHM?

I briefly read over the documentation and it talked about the app supporting Centralite/Xfinity/Iris keypads. I’m just wondering whether this app will be compatible with my setup (DSC832 alarm system linked to ST using Envisalink 4 board & Alarmserver) and the keypad for the DSC alarm system.

Sorry if this question has been asked before. I haven’t had the chance to read over all the posts in this thread.


(Arn B) #768

Yes. FYI, keypads are optional

Should you be able to create or find a DTH for your existing hardware, with the same commands and event structure as Mitch Pond’s Centralite Keypad DTH, it will probably work.

Without having an available DTH, it’s probably easier and faster to purchase a keypad. If I needed a new keypad, I would get a Centralite V3.

(Eddie) #769

Iris V2, using latest DTH, Firmware Current Version: 0x10025310 Target Version: 0x10025310
SHM Delay 2.2.4

I have NO sound from my keypad, no sound when pressing the keys or when door open. Under delay profile Beep/Chime is set to Keypad. Under global settings. Set beep length to 5 in device settings.

When looking at the settings in the keypad device, there is a speaker icon, but it is grayed out, and nothing happens when pressed. Tried pressing and holding the “8” and using the “2” to change the volume, nothing.

Everything seems to be working fine, there just is no sound from the keypad. Does the firmware need to be updated? Is there something I could try to get my sound working?

(Arn B) #770

Holding down the two key is the only way I know to increase the volume on the keypad.
The only way to update the firmware on that device is to put it on an iris hub

(Eddie) #771

Thanks for the reply and the great software. I read somewhere up in this thread that you were thinking of getting an Iris hub and doing updates for a fee. Did this every happen?

(Arn B) #772

Never did that.

(Todd M) #773

Is my Amazon Fire HD considered a keypad when using ActionTiles?

(Arn B) #774

No. That is why I created the simulated keypad. However, you can arm/disarm with ActionTiles and utilize exit and entry delays

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #775

Yup… And ActionTiles has PIN Protection option too.

We have in mind the idea of making parts of ActionTiles “Devices” (ummm… like a real keypad and real switch that just happen to be touchscreen based…); This will depend on the new API and if it’s publication process turns out as smoothly as ST promises.

(Todd M) #776

Yes, I use the PIN protection option of ActionTiles and love the NEW keypad. I just did not know if I needed to check the “keypad” option in the settings in SHM Delay. Thanks guys!


Troubleshooting: “Create a New Delay Profile”

I’ve tried and seem to fail. Some setting somewhere, must be ‘off’
I add a ‘Real’ contact setting - just one for testing purposes.
I add the “Simulated” Contact Sensor I created.
Made no changes to ‘Optional’ items
Accepted default name.
Tapped ‘Next’
Accepted all defaults. except made a buzzer go when ‘Real’ contact opens.
BTW - at this point, if you hit back, nothing is saved, and you must start again.
Hit next, and accepted defaults - no ‘SAVE’ option or 'Next option, appears. Only ‘Remove’ at bottom, which seems wrong.
Again, hitting the back arrow deletes all selections and takes me back to the ‘Create and New Delay Profile’
Think to myself, “I Must have missed something!?” Repeat process 42 x until I come to conclusion… “Its not me” and post this comment/question to this boards.

Anyone? thoughts or ideas as to why I don’t get a ‘Save’ or ‘Next’ option?

And,… Why is there not option to edit an EXISTING ‘Delay Profile’? or does that option appear when I successfully create one. Which I have not / Can not.


(Arn B) #778

There are three pages used when creating a delay profile. So the sequence should be: next, next, save.
If you’re not getting that, perhaps it’s time to reinstall the app