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[Release] SHM Delay Version 2.0


(Todd M) #616

I cannot get the Konnected Buzzer to activate.

(Todd M) #617

Buzzer sounds after disarming from Away. I have to manually turn off the buzzer.

(Arn B) #618

Really not sure what is going on with your system or ST delaying things. In Away mode when the system begins Entry Delay, the buzzer should sound, then stop when the system is set off.

How does it function on Exit Delay?

I assume you are using the SHM Delay BuzzerSwitch module?

Edit. One additional thought. Allow any Exit Delays to expire before testing the Entry Delay.

(Brent Haag) #619

I am trying it with lights and the Konnected buzzer. It only seems to operate on the entry delay (not the exit delay)–is it supposed to do it both entry and exit?

Also, is there a way to activate the “alarm” or “siren” function of the buzzer? You can see from the screenshot, that it I did when I activated both (manually in the app). The “beep” function is a momentary (built in)–it beeps and then shuts off automatically–like a door chime function.

(Arn B) #620

I will verify the logic tomorrow, supposed to do both exit and entry. When I tested I used lights and it worked for both entry and exit.

Have to review the Knnected buzzer DTH again. You can use the beep with the normal delay profile.

(Brent Haag) #621

The Konnected buzzer is weird. I have tried several ways in WebCoRE. I can get the “alarm” function to come on very easy. Getting it to go off is another story (sometimes it does, but most times, I can’t).

(Todd M) #622

I have not had ANY trouble with the Konnected buzzer and webcore. I can easily control it. I am having trouble with @arnb’s Buzzer app. I cannot get an exit delay buzzer. Not a big problem though. The entry delay buzzer works. But, after I disarm my SHM system, it turns off and then almost immediately turns back on for 1-2 seconds and then turns off again. Now, I am using ActionTiles and Fully Browser. So maybe there is some interference there.

(Todd M) #623

I have tried using the Smart Lighting app with the buzzer as suggested on the Konnected site.

He says :

Making it buzz when a door opens

Use the native SmartLighting App to have it sound when a door opens. You can set the number, time, and tone of the buzzer in the settings for the buzzer.

But I have not been able to do anything except turn it on/off.

(Arn B) #624

I reviewed the konnected alarm (buzzer?) dth. All commands perform the ON function and there is no Beep command.

Regarding the lack of function on exit delay. if there is a time in the delay profile “When arming in away mode without a keypad…” , then go to the IDE Live Logging, run the exit test, then send me the all results for ‘SHM Delay Buzzer/Switch’

(Todd M) #626

(Arn B) #627

That message is actually misleading. It is not processing the away status.

What is missing is an entry into the BuzzerHandler routine that turns on the buzzer/switch. Please tell me the number in the delay profile for 'When Arming in away mode without a keypad …" and how the system is being armed.

(Todd M) #628

Arming with my phone using SHM in SmartThings Classic app

(Arn B) #629

I beleive I found the bug causing the non keypad user event not to fire in module SHM Delay due to no talker profiles.

Please try this:

  1. go into the IDE My SmartApps -->SHM Delay
  2. click/tap on the module name
  3. scroll to line 1328 where you will see
    if (vtalk==’’) //talker profile not defined, return
    return false
  4. comment this out so it looks like this
    // if (vtalk==’’) //talker profile not defined, return
    // return false
  5. save it, then publish for me
  6. rerun your testing

(Mike) #630

Did I miss something recently or did I mess something up. My setup use to run the SHM delay in both Armed/Home and Armed/away modes. Seems that the delay is only running when in Armed/Away mode. When in Armed/home the notification shows that SHM delay sees the true door switch open but no delay beeping and no trigger on the simulated switch. Thanks

(Brent Haag) #631

@Pantheon, do you have an example of webcore you can turn on and off the continual buzzer/alarm? I can get the momentary beep on/off to work fine. It’s the continual alarm I can get to go on, but not off (reliably).

(Arn B) #632

Unmodified ST SHM arm state has: Off, away and stay plus Stay, Away, and Off/Home. SHM Delay supports user defined modes, and the latest release of SHM Delay allows user control for the various delays in the Mode Fix settings. Please send me a PM with screen shots of all the ModeFix settings.

(Todd M) #633

@brenthaag Switch 4 is my Buzzer, as listed in SmartThings. I can also do the same for my Siren. Not sure this helps you though. :worried:

(Todd M) #634

@arnb That fixed my exit delay buzzer. But now my entry delay buzzer does not sound. We are getting there!! :grinning:

(Arn B) #635

Please take the WebCore issues to the WebCore community site.
Thank you
Arn B

(Arn B) #636

Good, I expected it to fix the Exit Delay not working. However, it does not and should not implact entry delay. When testing Entry Delay please insure the exit delay has expired before testing, otherwise nothing will occur. Just to be safe give it your exit delay + 60 seconds

The ST cloud where this runs is always subject to transmission delays and processing issues. For example: I beep my siren on entry delay from the delay profile, sometimes it is so delayed it beeps after the system is disarmed.

Edit: please describe how you are arming your system