[Release] SHM Delay Version 2.0


(basschica) #575

Ok, so you’re right, the keypad was in the delay profiles which I removed to limit to ONLY the actual basement sensor now. However… even though I removed via keypad->smart apps->delayProfile->exit delay motion sensor settings, it still shows up in the list. I went into each door’s profile delay and verified neither keypad is checked there and saved the profile, then saved the overall settings for SHM Delay, but when I go back to the keypad in my things and going to smart apps, it still shows the delay profiles there. In the attached, the Profile: Delay: Side Door has only Basement Motion in the ignore these sensors in delay, but in the smart app list for the keypad, it still shows the profile there.

(Arn B) #576

Please try refreshing the IDE or closing and reopening the Smartapp then check if the sensor is gone from the Delay Profile. If not, read on.

I may know why it is showing, and it may be due to the globalMultipleMotion flag. In the earlier days of this app it allowed for only a single motion sensor to be ignored. Users requested multiple sensors, and in order to maintain compatibility with existing delay profiles I created a globalMultipleMotion flag, a new setting, and some minor logic when multiple sensors are defined. The original setting for this flag was false, now it is true. Oddly when setting the globalMultipleMotion flag, I’ve noticed the original single motion data setting field is sometimes saved even though it is not on the screen. However, logic, that I just verified, should prevent it from being used, but I may have missed something.

In the interest of your sanity and getting your system functioning normally, please try the following

  1. For each delay profile, save the names of the motion sensors for step 5

  2. In global settings turn off the Multiple Motion sensor flag at the very end of the globals, then save.

  3. in each delay profile check if the keypad or any motion sensor is defined as a single motion sensor and remove it, save the profile.

  4. In global settings turn on the Multiple Motion sensor flag at the very end of the globals, then save.

  5. For each delay profile, verify and restore the motion sensor names from step 1, save the profile

Should this not work, please delete and recreate each profile.

PS I notice your keypad shows 0% Battery. This is a known issue from a couple of months ago that was corrected with an updated Keypad DTH. I assume all the SHM Delay modules are up to date. The updates include bug fixes, many subtle and important processing improvements, and some additional user control settings.

(Arn B) #577

While working on my system I found that if you go into the IDE --> MY Devices --> device name–> In Use by–>then click the automation name, it shows the name of the settings variable associated with the device.

Should you do this and the setting is “themotionsensor” (not the themotionsensors) follow the procedure in the prior message.

(Todd M) #578

I cannot control the piezo buzzer that is connected to my Konnected home security board. I have written webcore code to control the buzzer with entry/exit delays. But I suspect I am re-inventing the wheel here as you have already written that code in this smart app.

(Arn B) #579

I’m confused. If remember correctly, I wrote that it “may” be possible with WebCore, and it would be possible to modify the SHM Delay Talker Child smartapp to set the device on and off". What is the issue with WebCore?

“you have already written that code in this smart app”
Not that I know of. SHM delay issues a hardware command built into the keypad device for the entry and exit tones. Is the buzzer a simple on/off switch type device or can it use a timer?

(Todd M) #580

Sorry, I did not mean to confuse. Your smartapp works very well. For me, the only part that does not work is the piezo buzzer entry/exit delay sound. I’m not sure why. Honestly, I did not do much trouble shooting. It is an on/off device. I have written webcore routines to manage the buzzer. I even wrote code to attempt to give an on/off beeping warning near the end of the delay times. But as you have noted, cloud execution of code is subject to various timing factors that make precise on/off commands nearly impossible. I did see something about the newest SmartThings app and that it does have entry/exit delays but I am just using the classic app. I am not using physical keypads per se. I have replaced my old analog keypads with an Amazon Fire HD 8. I am using Action Tiles and Fully Kiosk Browser on the Fire to control my SHM. And, of course, I can use my phone to manage SHM.

(christopher roberts) #581

Hi there, thanks for the update, i accidentally published the child and talker app, is there any way to unpublish?

(Arn B) #582

It really won’t harm anything because it’s published, just looks ugly. The only way I know to clear it is to delete the smart app then reinstall it, which unfortunately removes all associated profiles.

(christopher roberts) #583

I’m ok with ugly : ) thank you!

(Arn B) #585

Please send me the link to the custom DTH, or ST system defined device name used with the buzzer.

(Todd M) #586

Sorry for my ignorance, but I’m not sure what you are asking. I purchased this board to replace my DSC panel alarm board. I connected this buzzer to it. On my ST account it shows this

(Todd M) #587

Here is my very basic piston for the buzzer entry delay…

(Arn B) #588

OK found the DTH in Gitub It’s an “Alarm” device using on/off, strobe, siren and both commands.

Should be easy to modify my exisiting SHM Delay Talker module to turn it on and off for entry and exit delay. I’ll set this up as a stand alone module. Stay Tuned.

(Todd M) #589

That would be awesome. Thanks.

(Arn B) #590

Created stand alone module SHM Delay Buzzer, currently in Github arnbme SHMDelay beta, then tested same using strobe cababilty of my 105 DB siren, then changed to sound the alarm, the buzzer in Konnected.

What is does:

  1. When SHM Delay issues user defined Exit or Entry delay events: turns on buzzer using on command

  2. When arming is cancelled from a keypad prior to Away mode: issues off command

  3. When SHM system status changes: issues off command

Allows for multiple Alarm devices.

Install from Gitub: arnbme SHMDelay beta, Save and Publish for me
in phone app Automation, scroll down to 'add a smartapp", then scroll down to + My Apps, tap it, Seleect “SHM Delay Buzzer” and install

Please let me know your results @Pantheon

(Davin K Dameron) #591

The timing on this addition is great for me. I’d make one suggestion. Since you’re only issuing on/off commands, maybe remove the “capability.alarm” filter. That way folks can use it for lights, switches, etc. I’m going to do that myself. I’m sure it would cause an issue if they tried to use a device that didn’t support on/off, but I’d think that would be rare.

(Davin K Dameron) #592

The exit delay doesn’t seem to be working.

bd19e667-a8fa-4849-8d87-61a193e0d322 11:12:31 AM: debug SHM changed to away, Buzzer off

bd19e667-a8fa-4849-8d87-61a193e0d322 11:12:31 AM: debug SHM changed to away, Buzzer off

Entry delay works great.

I’m not using a keypad to arm/disarm. I only have one delay profile setup and it has a 90 second exit delay.

Edit 2
Is it because I have no talker profile?

if (vtalk=='')			//talker profile not defined, return
	return false
if (vchildmindelay < 1)		//a nonkeypad time was set to 0
	return false;
if (vchildmindelay == 9999)	//no non-keypad exit delay time?
	return false;
if (evt?.value != 'away')	//not changed to away, return
	return false
def locevent = [name:"shmdelaytalk", value: "exitDelayNkypd", isStateChange: true,
	displayed: true, descriptionText: "Issue exit delay talk event", linkText: "Issue exit delay talk event",
	data: vchildmindelay]

(Arn B) #593

ST groovy does not support multiple capabilities selections. However, it would be easy to add additional device capabilities such as switches and bulbs. Any suggestions?

Will also take a look at the missing exit delay you reported. You likely hit upon the cause.

(Davin K Dameron) #594

For now, I just changed it to capability.switch. I’ll probably end up tweaking it for me as I’m using a RGBW bulb and I’m going to use colors to indicate what’s going on. I need to make things very simply for my elderly dad at his office.

As for the exit delay, I was able to get the light to turn on by commenting out the “if vtalk…” lines. However, the light does not turn off after the 90 second delay. I don’t seem to get the shmdelaytalk event fired after the 90 second exit delay is up.

(Davin K Dameron) #595

Another thing I noticed is that sometimes the state change of SHM comes after the shmDelayTalk which turns the light back off almost immediately. Sometimes it it comes before. Maybe it should ignore the SHM changing to “Away”?