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[Release] SHM Delay Version 2.0


(Arn B) #555

As far as I can tell from your note, this should work and does work with the non-RBoy DTH. Iris and Centralite keypads do not store pin codes in the device (AFAIK)

That message is issued by something other than SHM Delay.

It is required if you want to use a keypad device

My support for the RBoy DTH is simply allowing the devices to be found for the global settings. I was told the DTH is fully compatible, but I am not an RBoy subscriber, and that’s as far as I have taken it. I am in contact with RBoy regarding use of their DTH.

It may also be that you are using the RBoy locks smartapp with the keypad. If true, remove the keypads from that app. Should that not fix it, suggest switching to the DTH the SHM Delay documentation until this is all resolved.

( - Make your home your butler!) #556

This is normal, you can ignore it. SHM Delay doesn’t use the “Lock” features/capabilities of the DTH. It instead processes the raw information passed by the DTH to the app, hence this message. It won’t affect any features.

You should be able to use SmartLocks/Lock User Management simultaneously with SHM Delay for the most, the only side effect is that code programmed in SHM Delay will show as invalid codes in the recently tab. We can put in a command to disable invalid code logging when used with SHM Delay.

(Mike) #557

Hey. Been working on this off and on. Everything is making sense and install went pretty good. Only issue I have been seeing is when I go to create a new user profile. I am getting the message “Sorry, but there was an unexpected error” which shows up in a red popup at the top of the Smartthings classic app. Has anyone every encountered this before? So far I have removed the Irus keypad device and the SHM delay app. Both have been put back in place with the same results. I have tried restarting the Hub also. i feel I am missing something simple but can’t figure it out. Please let me know if I can provide any more info. Thanks

(Arn B) #558

My apologies for any issues and errors you may be experiencing.

Please insure modules are up to date or perhaps remove then reinstall everything.

Then go to the IDE and turn live logging, try creating a user profile. Report any errors.

(Cody) #559

This app is awesome - thank you!

(Mike) #560

All good now. Definitely my fault. Appears the second phase of pairing was not completed. I’m assuming that may be the reason I could not create the PIN/user profile. Now let the real fun begin. Looks like a great app that is well supported. Appreciate all your work.

(Brendan) #561

I feel like I’m doing something very simple wrong but I can’t figure it out and it doesnt seem like anyone else is having the issue. I’ve followed all the directions but my simulated contact sensor won’t open after the delay. Has anyone else had this issue?

(Arn B) #562

Without an error log I just don’t know what went wrong. However, it’s good that you have it working. Keypad pairing can be a real PITA.

(Arn B) #563

Are you saying the system is not creating an intrusion when the entry delay time expires? Normally if the system disarms within the entrry delay time the simulated contact remains closed.

An easy test to see if it is working.

  1. Arm system in Night/Stay mode
  2. go into phone app, tap “My Home”,
  3. find the simulated sensor, tap on the “closed” status to “open” it.
    Should create an instant intrusion alert in SHM with the simulated sensor as the source


Would it be possible to get some restrictions in the talking portion? I like the announcements, but it would be awesome if I could stop it from speaking between certain hours.

(Arn B) #565

Good suggestion, and it certainly is possible. It’s on the list for future enhancements.

(Brendan) #566

Ah, didn’t realize it only worked when armed. Works great thanks so much for your help and quick response!

(Mike) #567

I have another question. I was working on cleaning up some routines. Currently I am down to the defaults. Why am I not able to see the routines when trying to set up a user within SHM Delay? It is stating there are “No routines available”. When I create new routines other than the defaults they tend to be available for use.

Screenshot_20181104-191733_SmartThings Screenshot_20181104-191752_SmartThings

(Arn B) #568

It excludes the following: Good night, Goodbye, Good morning and I’m Back that execute when any valid user pin is entered. it’s meant for user created routines.

(Arn B) #569

SHM Delay Buzzer was updated to V1.0.2 in beta repo

Changes and Updates

  1. Fixed issue caused by using away status to set target devices off

  2. When non keypad exit is processed and system status is not set to away, logic will cycle 5 times in 9 seconds waiting for away to be set.



(basschica) #571

I’m once again having some issues with IRIS keypads and “motion” causing intrusion alerts.

In SHM, I am monitoring the following:

Open closed sensors

  1. Simulated-BasementDoor
  2. Simulated-FrontDoor
  3. Simulated-GarageServiceDoors
  4. Simulated-SideDoor

Motion Sensors:

  1. Basement Motion (a zone unto itself this is NOT from an IRIS keypad)
  2. Glass-Break (this is via a Konnected board so it’s seen as motion for the type but it’s looking for the open/closed circuit like the motion ones would).

The keypads are at the Front Door and the Basement Door. If I go to SmartApps -> SHM Delay:
Profile: Delay: Front Door

  • Real Contact Sensor = Front Door
  • Simulated Contact Sensor = Simulated-FrontDoor
  • Optional Ignore these motion sensors during exit delay
    1. Basement Motion
    2. Iris 3405-L Keypad 2 (which is the basement one - it lost its name in a previous troubleshooting)
    3. Iris 3405-L Living Room Keypad

Basement door is similar settings to the front door with the naming and same motion sensors ignored.

If I look at my “Things” for the Iris keypads & go to settings, there’s the “Time in seconds for Motion to become Inactive (Default: 10, 0=disabled).” It doesn’t seem to matter what this is set at, the intrusion stuff still occurs.

Since SHM is only looking for simulated doors, a real motion sensor, and the glassbreak sensor… I am confused as to why motion being triggered by the sensor of the Iris keypads is seemingly causing the intrusion alerts? Is there a way to disable the motion detection/caring about it from the keypads in SHM Delay? Any idea why this is happening? My poor dog is going to have PTSD from the alarms. The cats seem to not care.

One last thing… SHM --> security says that the alert with sirens should only be 5 minutes. On Friday I was out at a concert and saw the notification after 5 mins was up so I figured the sirens would’ve turned off. I came home about an hour later and it was still blaring. Anyone have any ideas about that?

I have had it go off 4 times this afternoon/evening while I’m at work, so i am just disarming it from the ST app until I get home. I am pretty sure there was no real intrusion. I think that the motion of pets somehow has triggered the front door motion on the keypad (it’s the ONLY motion sensor in a technical sense that is on the first floor and it shouldn’t even be getting monitored at all). I may tape over the sensors… however, then I can’t wave at the Iris keypad to wake the lights on it for status and to see keys in the dark.

(Arn B) #572

I would not and do not use the keypad’s motion sensor for anything. It’s main hardware purpose is to turn on the keypad’s key lights. Remove it from SHM monitoring while in away mode, by selecting the specific motion sensors in SHM rather than all motion sensors. If it’s included in the Delay profile motions sensors remove it.

As for the Siren: No idea, check the device’s settings before your dog becomes deaf!

(basschica) #573

That’s the thing… the motion from the keypads is not in the “Away Mode” motion sensors to be monitored in away mode. The only “motion” sensors it monitors is a motion sensor in the basement which is an old school standard motion sensor from my old system connected to SmartThings via a Konnected board and then also via Konnected is another zone which is a glass-break sensor and since that does the normally closed circuit like motion, it’s considered a “motion” sensor of sorts. They are separate zones and not part of the IRIS keypads in any way.

Last night, I used electrical tape to cover the motion “eyes” on the IRIS keypads. The “waving” gesture in front of them no longer wakes them up and so I know they aren’t really “detecting” motion even if there is motion. So today, when I left for work, I armed via the basement IRIS keypad and it did the proper exit delay and armed normally. I leave around 12:45pm for work give or take. Every time that the issue starts occurring, it’s a few hours later and I get an alert a few hours later that there’s “motion detected” from a keypad and then an intrusion. In today’s case, it said “Iris 3045-L Living Room Keypad motion detected” at 3:27pm and also “Simulated-BasementDoor intrusion detected” at 3:27pm in my push notifications from SmartThings.

Not only should it not be monitoring motion from the keypads based on my profiles, it still “thinks” there’s motion when it cannot possibly physically see any.

Also, along with the screen caps for the things above, I did the “thing” status page for the basement keypad. The “no motion” thing when the alarm is going off for “motion” will be highlighted. To keep it from alarming, I had disarmed and then set as “stay” mode from the app for the time being, which, along with the disarmed is the only thing that allows it to remain “no motion” on that status. Once the system is armed in away mode and the “intrusion” has detected, even if I clear as a “false alarm” to silence the alarm, the motion seems to keep showing active and eventually in a little bit, will alarm again. I have set it back to “away” mode now to see if I can get a screen cap showing that motion, but the status history on the livingroom keypad does show motion from 3:08pm. The alarm went off at 3:27pm.

(Arn B) #574

I understand your ST system & SHM Delay is encountering an issue, and I will do what I can to assist with correcting it.

The Simulated Basement Sensor is always going to show in SHM on an intrusion. _The Iris 3045-L is the trigger and is likely used as a monitored motion sensor in a SHM Delay Profile

Please go into either the IDE or My Home for the Iris 3405-L and check where the device is being used. It should show in SHM Delay, but not in a Delay Profile. If it’s in a delay profile unselect the keypad then save the profile.

If it does not show in the profile it’s possible that it was removed, but the profile was not saved. Save the profile then save again to get everything in the base app.

Now, go back and check the IDE or phone app again. Please post a screen shot of where the Iris 3405-L is being used.