[Release] SHM Delay Version 2.0

Thank you so much for your patience and assistance getting this up and running.
Going to take a look in the code, I believe those modes are hard coded.

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Panic Button and Panic Pin now available

Keypads with a Panic key, Iris and some Centralite models, now create an intrusion alarm when Panic key is pressed and held for a few seconds. When the system is armed, the alarm is instant. When the system is not armed, there is usually a 1 second delay while the system is armed, although it could be longer. Keypads without a Panic key, may set a Panic User pin code.

How to setup: In smartapp globals set “Panic Key is Monitored” to true. Save. Create a User Panic profile when there is no Panic key. Xfinity keypads do not have a panic key.

Modules Updated
SHM Delay - Update and Publish
SHM Delay User - Update

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Tested and works fantastic!


Thank you for testing the app.

Just wondering, did you use the Panic Button, Panic Pin or both?

I have an Xfinity keypad that does not support a panic key, so all my testing was with a Panic Pin.

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I used the panic button. I created a webcore toggle that turns on and sets the level of every bulb in the house. If I press the panic button all the lights come on a second press of the panic button turns them all off.

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Nice use for the panic key, but why does the second press of the key not create an Intrusion alert?

Please try clearing the Intrusion in the Phone App before the second Panic press and let me know what happens.

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Did not see that toggle in the app. After toggling in off and then on it now triggers a panic first press when on. If I set it to not monitored my webcore toggle works great. Thank you for giving that option.

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That makes sense. However turning off Panic Monitoring eliminates all the intrusion messages and logging when the button is pressed.

A similar effect for lights on could be acheived by turning on all lights in the Smart Home Monitor, Security, Alert with lights. As for off perhaps a reserved pin with a routine or Piston association.

There is a bug in SHM. When an intrusion alert is not cleared in the phone app, the next intrusion will send a notification, but will not execute any Security automations such as sirens or lighting.
Work Around: clear intrusion alerts as they occur.

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Ok great :slight_smile:

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Alarm State Fix (Reverse Modefix) now available

When global modefix is on/true and modefix options are set: The smartapp will adjust the SHM Alarm State to follow the SHM Mode when it is changed. User created modes are fully supported when defined in the ModeFix settings. This is in addition to the current function of adjusting SHM Mode when SHM Alarm State is changed.

Modules Updated
SHM Delay - Update and Publish

Implemented: Mar 20, 2018

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Door “Chime” capability added to Delay Profile

When the real contact sensor opens and the Alarm State is off, beep tones are issued to user selected devices. Keypad devices already beeping when the device’s armMode attribute is “exitDelay” are ignored.

This is fantastic I have been doing it with webcore but this seems a little less delayed.

Thank you for the positive feedback. Btw the update to Modefix should allow the use those user created modes. There is also new Door “Chime” option on the Delay Profiles. I’m also attempting to get Centralite to give up some of their closely held kepad command documentation. At a minimum I want to get the keypad battery light to function, but don’t feel they will comply with my requests.

Webcore is good for doing many things not currently available in SmartThings or user provided apps. However, Webcore will almost always run slower than a reasonably coded Smartapp doing the same function. The reason, WebCore is an interpretted language, a SmartApp is compiled.

Doing something as simple as a keypad command to turn on the Off/Away light, WebCore must use a ton of machine cycles interpretting what to do with the command, before actually executing it. When I first developed the SHM Delay app I used Core, but I found the response times were slow on a good day and it was very tedious and difficult to enter code and follow logic on a cell phone. While Webcore makes it possible to use a computer with a keyboard for code entry, it still interprets every single line of user code at execution. When and if WebCore can precompile it’s Pistons, like is done with a Smartapp, the thing will totally rock. With Ady624 now apparently working for ST, and the new execution environment about to come online, this may actually happen. Until then it is good (IMHO) for quick things that don’t deserve a Smartapp.


Last night I updated my original SHM-Delay to this Beta version. The instructions helped alot, and I did make a few assumptions, which were wrong, and the Developer straightened me out.

This morning I did my final testing and everything works as expected, but seems faster than the original, and much faster than when I had SA and keypad. The SHM is refreshed and when I change from armed to disarmed etc. This a a much leaner setup than prior.

Great work arnb.

One request, if possible could you add a item to your setup? I would like to see a place in the code to add a switch or smart plug. So when the alarm is armed a light would be on, as my wife doesn’t always look at the keypad or her phone when she enters from the garage. Does that make sense?

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Sure, it makes sense and I understand your request. The Smart Lighting app is your friend:
Select device
what to do : turn off
Trigger: Mode Change
turn off when Mode: Home
Turn on when mode changes back

Or roll your own with Webcore

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Sure I thought of that, but I just thought rolled into one app, just more robust. By I guess more complicated.

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This app is great at what it does and adds functionality that SmartThings doesn’t offer. No need to add a redundant feature that can be accomplished with the built-in smartapps like smartlighting.


Where do I setup the door chime?

Delay Profile, page 2, scroll down to bottom “Beep these devices…”
Will add the word “Chime” there to make it clear

Thank you, as usual, I did the necessary changes, and didn’t look what else was available. That me fast!