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[Release] SHM Delay Version 2.0


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The DTH has been updated to version 01.05.04 to support SHMD requirements @riccanet .

Arn sent you a PM on the github pull request for the panic button

(Arn B) #666

Panic button logic was adjusted for RBoy Dth in the V2.2.4 SHM Delay module available in the arnbme/ SHMDelay/ beta repo @riccanet


Loaded the beta SmartApp and the new DTH. So far partial worked great. I’ll let you know tomorrow if I have any issues with disarm or ON/away.

(Arn B) #668

[Update Released] Support for Iris V3

Minor change adding support for Iris V3 keypad. Requires latest version of RBoy Apps DTH with Iris V3 support.

I urge everyone to stay up to date, however this change is needed only if you are using an Iris V3 keypad with the RBoy DTH Version 01.05.04 and higher.

User Profile Requirements
Requires a user pin profile of 0000 with no restrictiions used for ON and Partial. The SHM Delay logic rejects 0000 for Off. Set the User name to “Iris V3 Instant On” or whatever you want. Other pin profiles used for ‘Off’ must be created.

Installation module changes
Update module SHM Delay (V2.2.4) from github arnbme / SHMDelay / Version2 Save, then publish for me
Update module SHM Delay Child (v2.1.2) from github arnbme / SHMDelay / Version2 Save do not publish

Please report any issues

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Is there a way to charge the keypad instead of using batteries? I was planning to take out the old keypad and somehow use the power wire to charge the device.

(Arn B) #670

I remembered reading about this, and found this link. You can’t charge the device, but you can power it from mains.


That’s awesome!!! Exactly what I was looking for. I see that he is powering the keypad from a switch but would it be possible doing that from existing wires of the old keypad? I was thinking all I would need is a 12v to 3v converter then just plug it into the keypad battery compartment.

(Arn B) #672

Suggest contacting the original poster of that power conversion

(MacTechGenius) #673

I am actually doing exactly that for my other keypad. Using this to take the 12V to 3V and soldered to the battery terminals:

I have 3 keypads outdoors and I am using the same setup for them as well .


Are you going to add that converter at the alarm panel or near the old keypad? Also, I saw that you didn’t solder on the old example. How did that work out for you? I’ve never soldered before so was planning to go that way.

(MacTechGenius) #675

I used the converter at the alarm panel so I can have a cleaner setup when I mount the keypad. Just make sure you have a volt meter so you can verify voltage before wiring things.

My first time soldering was with the keypads, simply soldered to the battery terminal using this:

This is the wires I soldered onto:
And then I connected the wire to the alarm panel wire using this:

The old example was at an apartment that I sold, was using that setup for nearly a year without an issue. But at my house I decided to solder as I had 3 keypads outside (don’t want the battery to leak) and since I had a solder iron I decided to solder my interior keypad onto the alarm wires.


Alright, so I am trying to set it up before everything comes in this week just so I know what I need to do when I get everything. I understood most of the stuff but got stuck on creating a simulated contact sensor. I understand how to create one but don’t understand how its going to be used and what a delay profile is.

(Arn B) #677
  1. Simulated contact sensor is monitored by SHM and is opened when there is an intrusion. The real sensors defined in a delay profile must be removed from SHM monitoring.

  2. Delay profile is used with any door used for normal access and egress. It sets delays, sounds and controls.


Okay that makes more sense. Couple more questions and I should be good.

  1. How do you create a Delay profile?
  2. How do you make the simulated sensor know which real sensor it is working with?

Thank you for the quick replies!

(Arn B) #679

Those questions are answered in the extensive documentation at the beginning of this thread.


My bad. I just went through the instructions again and figured it out. Thanks again :+1:

(Alessandro) #681

Hi All.

First of all CONGRATS on writing such an amazing app. Should replace the default SHM!

I haven’t installed anything yet, but I have gone through the whole thread and I have a few noob questions to ensure that this works with my use case.

  • I don’t have a keypad, and not planning to use any virtual keypad (action tiles or others).

  • I currently activate SHM with presence, or lock keypad entry through webcore pistons.

Would I be able to use the delay functionality of this awesome app without using the centralite keypad or virtual keypad and just relying on Webcore Pistons?

Thanks so much for your time!

(Arn B) #682

I don’t use presence for anything (unreliable for me), so I am unable to comment on that, however the delays do work without keypads.

For example I will get an Exit delay when setting the SHM alarm state to Armed Away from either ActionTiles or the ST Classic app dashboard. The Entry delay is set using a “Delay Profile” that is tied to a door’s contact sensor being openned.

(Alessandro) #683

Hey @arnb thank you kindly for the response! I know what I am doing as soon as I have a spare moment!


Alright so I got everything and facing one problem with my Centralite keypad 3400. I just records temperature and battery. I looked through other forums where you can change it by pressing the tamper button but that didn’t do anything. Any other solutions?