[Release] SHM Delay Version 2.0

Thank you for the positive feedback. For only having the ST system for 2 days, you are doing great!

I’m not sure the 8 button does anything on Smartthings.

The buttons must be pressed and held until a beep is head, 2 will continue beeping with increasing volume beeps, 5 decreasing. My Xfinity unit does not get very loud. This is baked into the hardware, not dependent upon any DTH. Should this not be occurring, perhaps it is a defective device?

True night sets the IRIS to use “Night” instant alert mode vs “Stay” delayed mode. I have no idea why is reversed on your system Try saving all child profiles and the main page again, this sometimes cures strange behaviors.

Is it possible to have a door trigger a separate alarm immediately, but still have SHM delay profile so I can disarm before SHM intrusion and other alarm activates? I want to use this separate alarm as the chime to warn me to disarm before the delay is up.

I can currently get this to work by adding a SHM custom rule to activate this separate alarm on the same door that has a delay profile, however, disarming doesn’t stop this additional alarm.

I don’t want to use the beep device on entry delay feature because the alarm beeps every two or three seconds so I don’t know if I disarmed it or if it’s just in between beeps.

If I am understanding this correctly, you want some sort of notification when the door opens while the system is armed prior to the intrusion alert. This is built in to the Delay Profile “Beep these devices on entry delay” and when using a keypad that should auto beep during entry delay. Should this not work for you perhaps something using Lannouncer with Bigtalker, or a custom WebCore piston may do what you want.

Should I have this all wrong: what do you mean by “additional alarm”

Edit: What occurs sound wise when an intrusion alert triggers?

I’ll be looking at those suggestions! In the meantime, my goal is to arm the back door which has a delay profile. When the door is opened, I want siren 1 to activate normally, not delay beeping. This is because I’m using Dome Siren. Dome siren itself has built in alarm delay beep, but it’s implementation is terrible. During the delay beep, it beeps every few seconds instead of a continuous beep, beep beep. Thus, if I disarmed incorrectly, I don’t know if the entire system has properly stopped, or the silence during the delay is because I’m hearing the pause in between the Dome Siren’s delay beep. Thus I want it fully activate as an alarm even though back door has a delay profile. If system is not disarmed during the delay, siren 2, a very loud alarm, will activate along with SHM intrusion. I’m using centralite 3400 keypad, I don’t know if it has delay beep or I incorrectly set it up. I’ll look into it further as well.

Edit: Okay, I’m an idiot I got it figured out. I set a SHM custom rule to activate siren 1 upon opening, but I couldn’t figure out how to stop siren 1 when I disarm. I forgot to set siren 1 to turn off when the “I’m back” routine occurs. Now it’s all good.

Good to know you got it working. My 3400 keypad beeps at entry and exit.

From paragraph 14 of the documentation

Announcing the Betazoid release of the SHM Delay Simulated Keypad

Calling this “Betazoid” because it is not quite a Beta (IMHO), but the part that is complete works well (for me). The Simulated Keypad creates an Iris or Xfinity/Centralite image in a browser, including smartphones, that functions as a keypad with Smarthings using the SHM Delay smartapp. Should you want to try it in test mode without installing any code, the link is at https://www.arnb.org/keypad.html

How to Install assuming you are already using SHM Delay.

  1. Install all SHM Delay modules from the Github ARNBME SHMdelay beta branch. You may do this with the IDE or manually by going to https://github.com/arnbme/SHMDelay/tree/beta/smartapps/arnbme then copy the modules and install 'from code". Install the new module SHM Delay Simkypd Child, Save do not publish, then authorize this module for Oauth in the IDE.

  2. In the IDE, 'My Device Handlers", add device “Internet Keypad” Install using “Update From Repo” from the Github ARNBME SHMdelay beta branch. You may do this with the IDE or manually by going to https://github.com/arnbme/SHMDelay/tree/beta/devicetypes/arnbme/internet-keypad.src then copy the Raw module, then paste using “Create a New Device Handler” and installing “from code”.

  3. Create one or more virtual keypad devices. In the IDE go to “My Devices”, click “New Device” set the parameterrs, and set the type to “Internet Keypad”

  4. On your phoneapp, go to Automation->Smartapps, then tap SHM Delay. Scroll down and tap “Global Settings” Set “Activate Total Keypad Control” to ON/True. Save the profile

  5. On your phoneapp, go to Automation->Smartapps, then tap SHM Delay. Scroll down and tap “Create A New Sim Keypad Profile” Set a simulated keypad device, then save the profile. Go back and tap on the newly created profile, it displays an 8 character ID, copy it, then go to https://www.arnb.org/keypad.html enter and save the ID. The simulated keypad is now live including the panic key on the Iris image.

What needs to be done.

Should you have experience with any of these items and want to help, please chime in or send me a Private Message.

  1. Convert the HTML5 page to Android and IPhone apps. I’m aware of Phonegap and similar products.
  2. Provide real feedback from Smartthings to the Simulated Keypad screen including beeping, perhaps setting some lights, and ST Status Installed Jun 02, 2018, Text only no beeping or light effects
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Very cool, Arn!

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I tested your Betazoid, it works but, I can’t set a custom PIN and I see the changes in the device created on smartthings but I don’t see the change in SHM. Please help and thanks in advance.

Good to know it is working for someone else!

For the SHM issue:

  1. In the SHM Delay app, go into Global Settings, scroll down until you see Mode Fix. Set it ON/True, Click next then Save
  2. go back to the SHm Delay App, scroll down to (other text) Mode Fix Settings, tap it. If you are using standard SHM modes accept the defaults then press Next and Save

Let me know if this fixes it.

Thanks for your reply, unfortunately this did not work, but, I believe I should do something in the IDE to make Mode Fix work, I will look again, I installed all apps but no published them,just the main app was published, I just used from your beta repo the main app and the keypad, I did not changed other apps, they still from version2 repo. Not sure if all must be updated or if I must do something else.

Hmm, that usually corrects this issue. What are you considering doing to the IDE?

Redarding the various modules, it would be best to switch everything to go from the beta branch. See documentation paragraph 27

There is a change to SHM Delay Child. Modefix and User are unchanged from Version2

I found that the mode(Home,Away, Stay in notifications) is changing correctly with the PIN (I did not created a user, sorry for the PIN question) but when I tried any PIN it will change the status of the keypad device in smartthings anyway, just using the correct PIN will change the mode to Home, Away or Stay in notifications but in SHM stay without changing.

Another side note, when I go to global settings to activate total keypad control it gives me the notification to fill something else, when I look, it wants me to choose something in “one or more keypads used to arm and disarm SHM” and it says you cant currently add this. I click back then save and it saved total keypad setting fine but the other still red.

By design invalid pins are ignored.

I don’t understand this:
“but when I tried any PIN it will change the status of the keypad device in smartthings anyway,”

You found a bug in the editing logic. It is on the list to be fixed.

“but when I tried any PIN it will change the status of the keypad device in smartthings anyway,”

I mean, I set up a personal pin, I used it on the web keypad, notifications panel shows me it changed mode from home to away with my personal PIN, and the keypad device on samartthings changes to away too, SHM did not change from home to away.
Now with everything back to home, I used a 4 digit incorrect PIN, web keypad accepts it, nothing happens in notifications, keypad device in smartthings changes to away(using incorrect PIN) and SHM did not change from home to away.

Sorry, my main language is not english, maybe I can’t spell correctly what I mean, thanks for your help!

Thank you for posting in English! Occasionally I have used translate.google.com to communicate in another language and give the original and the translation. Just in case.

Module SHM Delay was updated allowing Total Keypad Control to be set On/True when no real keypads are defined or available. I then removed my real keypad from the global definitions, along with its Delay Profile. Did some testing from the Simulated Keypad that functioned normally.

Please retry your system with the updated version of SHM Delay (from beta) and Total Keypad Control on/true.

Edit: Also updated the DTH for a minor attribute name change. Please reinstall from beta repo.

Ok, I deleted everything, I installed everything but using the beta repo, I have the same problem with another problem, keypad in smartthings doesn’t changes the status, I can see in recently tab that it is receiving commands but it keeps the disarmed status :frowning:

On my system when a valid user pin is entered from a Simulated Internet Keypad, ActionTiles updates, Bigtalker/Lannoucer speaks, and my real 3400 Xfinity keypad light status is updated reflecting the status change.

The simulated Internet Keypad Device screen in the phoneapp currently shows the armMode of the last command issued from the Keypad.html screen associated with the device, but as yet is not updated when the ST status changes from another source, such as the ST Dashboard.

I just started the coding for pushing unsolicited messages from the DTH and simkeypd smartapp to the Keypad.html screen. As part of this I’m planning to adjust the DTH to follow any ST changes received by the device.

Look the time, i did the stay on the web keypad but my smartthings keypad doesn’t work.

I have multiple smartapps installed, like webcore, nest manager, 3 apps from rboy, garadget, neato, but for some reason this one doesn’t want to cooperate with me :frowning: