[Release] SHM Delay TrueExit - Create a SmartHome True Exit Delay

Read the instructions carefully.

From what you posted above, my guess is you are adding code “from form,” which is the default tab when you add a new smartapp.

The instructions state to add a new smartapp “from code,” so you’d have to click on that tab first.

Hey Mark. I managed to get the app installed but it’s not doing what it was written to do for me.

To setup the smartapp once it’s installed, I suggest following the detailed instructions that Arn wrote in the first post of the thread for version 2 of his smartapp.

He linked to that thread in post #9 above.

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Good morning. I think I got it working. I had the real door sensor set to monitor. When I removed that the delay worked. Thank you so much for your help and for writing that app.


I have another question. I’m using my Sonos speaker as a siren. Im using an Asus android tablet as a panel. Is there a way to have beep tones played when a sensor is opened so you can hear people coming in and out and also to remind you when you open the door that the system Is armed?


In the app SHM Delay, in a Delay Profile: Option: Beep Chime Devices when real Contact Sensor opens and Alarm state is Off

Install Lannouncer from Play Store to get your Android tablet to show up as a sound output device. Also for other speech and speaker announcements I suggest smartapp BigTalker 2.0

The delay profile option for beep or chime is greyed out and says there are no devices for that. If I purchased a smartthings siren would it then show up in the profile to use?

That means there are no matching devices. Install Lannouncer and BigTalker

As for the siren, I use a Go Control that chirps once on Entry Delay and sounds at 105Db during an Intrusion / Panic alert

Hi Arn
My Sonos works for the siren so that’s not an issue. I need something that beeps when a sensor is opened and something that alerts us that the alarm is set when we come in like a continues beep until its disarmed. Is there anything that will show up in the Delay profile that that I can purchase?

An Iris or Centralite/Xfinity Keypad beeps until disarmed on exit and entry delay, not very loud (IMHO).
For custom coding such as long special beeps or tones on sound devices, WebCore is suggested.

Once again BigTalker should work with the Sonos speakers for tones, chirps and speech. I also have an app Keypad Exit Delay Talker that works in conjunction with BigTalker filling the gap with Exit and entry delay speech but triggers on a keypad status. Works with speakers and Android devices

I’m trying to get Big Talker but am unable to find the repository.

go to [Release] BigTalker 2.x then scroll down for the Repo names
Please post questions about BigTalker on that thread.

I’m having a strange issue. Whenever I hit the routine “Goodbye-Delay” it plays extra information at the beginning and end of my predefined statement over my speaker. It should state the default, “Smart home monitor is arming in 60 seconds. Please exit the facility.” What I’m getting is, “at hashtag alarm equals chime, Smart home monitor is arming in 60 seconds. Please exit, at hashtag alarm equals chime.” The hashtag reference cuts off the end of the “please exit the facility”. I removed the app and added/reconfigured. Same results.

I’m channeling audio via VLC Thing using an old Linux box connected to a bluetooth speaker. This method had the lowest amount of delay but I do also have a FABRIQ wifi speaker that I tested with with worse results. The notification is really cut off and it also produces the hashtag reference.

It seems like the application is pointing to some other information.

Looking at your code, It is actually telling ST to play a chime if a TTS device is selected from what I can tell. I really don’t know code but it seems that maybe the quotes shouldn’t be there? It’s literally saying what is in the quotes.
Maybe this:
should be this:

I cannot select anything under speaker, so TTS is what I have to select for either my speaker or LanNaouncer or VLC Thing (what I’m using). How can this be fixed?

The TTS was tested with Lannouncer supported output devices that support the Chime command. The speaker device was tested with Sonos speakers and does not issue the chime command.

I’m going to adjust the TTS logic as follows: when one or more of the TTS devices are not Lannouncer, it will not issue the CHIME on any defined TTS device

Thanks for the assistance, I appreciate it! As I stated, I don’t know anything about ST code.

The Smartapp was fixed. Please reinstall and let me know if this works for you.
Thank You

I have shm delay published, shm delay child, and shm delay modefix both unpublished. I install smart app set only one contact on my desk at moment to app plus the virtual contact. . all as per your instructions, there are no device handlers needed using tablet to arm disarm . .but all I get is the system arms but even after the 5 secs delay in your app the contact will not trigger . .what is wrong?

You published in the shm true exit forum so I can only assume you’re using it.This app is designed to create a true exit delay only, using two ST routines.

Please check your SHM Delay settings and verify that you have created a shm delay profile, and added the simulated contact sensor to smart home monitor.

When this is completed please follow the instructions for testing your system at the beginning of the shm delay V2 forum

Hi, I installed your TrueExit app and it worked first time. However since then, it sometimes works when I activate the delay routine otherwise it does not trigger the routine to arm the SHM. Any help would be appreciated.