[Release] Shady - Group your shades & blinds and control as a single device

Hi! This work with any kind of shades, or a specific brand?

Shady itself should work with any blind/shade.

Is that an error on line 255 of shady-groups?

Yes it was, fixed in github, thanks.

Eric, newbie to SmartThings, but I just got Bali automatic shades from Home Depot because I read that they were compatible with ST. I have set up the device handler for Z-Wave-Shade, but now I don’t know what to do. Will my four new shades now show up if I try to add them as devices? Thanks so much for your help!

I found Open and Close command supported for iBlinds in this youtube video. Do you know which DH does this use? It will be great if you can incorporate Open/ Close command in your DH.

I’m not sure exactly what you mean but they have



Thanks Eric. That means I can say “Alexa, open window shade 50%” and it will open the shade half way?

Anyone get confirmation on this? It would seem the open and close works with Alexa, it is just dependent on how the DH is programmed?


I know it works with “turn on/off” and “set to xx%”

It seems like iblinds had a discussion on this forum discussing their DH which allows open and close…not sure if they can post their DH.

I’ll take a look at what I have to support for the open/close functions.


While I’m at at, can anyone who has the Virtual cord roller shades from Zebra Blinds discuss what type of actual battery life they’ve gotten if you have the single/dual battery set-up? Specifically: Are you using one or two batteries holders? How large is the window? How many times do you roll it up/down a day? On average, what are you seeing for battery replacement time? These roller shades have been around for a while, so I figured we could probably have some data points now…

I get 6-8 months with a single battery holder on a medium sized window operating once per day on average using ac delco batteries from amazon.

Appreciate the response…

It seems like it would do much better with something that could hold C or D size cells vs the AA’s. Really makes me wish i had my windows hard wired so i could use a power supply.

I think that amount of time is reasonable. For the convenience of not having to worry about the up and down of the shade for around a half year, that’s pretty cool.

It looks like the battery holder is a micro usb. Is there anything that would allow us to use another holder with larger batteries and micro usb? How about a set-up with rechargeable batteries in the holder and branching off the cable to an aftermarket solar panel that would fit in the window? Even if it’s a trickle charge, this would be fine

Also, I’m assuming if you start off with a battery, can always move to a plug in later for each shade? This way, if you have attic access to the window frame, you could (or an electrician) could run a power adapter for each window by drilling from the attic into the top of the window frame. This would be totally seemless.

It’s micro usb style plug but not USB voltage. I assume you could rig something up with a micro USB plug as long as the voltage to the blinds was correct.

I did this with one of my binds that was always draining batteries very quickly! I plan to hardware all mine once I have time! I am going to remove the trim from one side of the window and hide the wire behind it.

when I get home I can post the voltage / amps of the adapter I used.

Has anyone tried to use Shady with Lutron Caseta Shades? When setting up a group with them it fails to create the group and just says “an error has occurred”.