[Release] Shady - Group your shades & blinds and control as a single device

I’ve tested on a couple of shades and have some questions.
Can the Shady device handler be used for individual shades or just groups?
How do you execute the top and bottom align feature?

The shady device can virtually control a single shade if that shade is paired to ST and has a real device handler. If you are looking for a DH for a single shade / blind take a look at this one.

If you press the button for align top the shades within the group will go to the highest level of all the shades. So for example, if you have 3 shades.

Shade 1 - 85%
Shade 2 - 80%
Shade 3 - 65%

When you hit align top Shade 1 will do nothing, Shades 2 & 3 will got up to 85%. Make sense? Is that not working?

I have that device handler installed also, but didn’t see the top and bottom align on it, so figured I would add Shady for the individual shade. With the explanation of the alignment in a group I can use Z-wave handler and Shady for the groups. I have only tried to align a shade as individual and not in a group. I’m just getting started with ST in a new construction house. I plan on grouping rooms and floors to include all 43 shades, but also have request from my wife to have sub-groups within the rooms so she can have Echo close the (West shades group) within that room in the afternoon. Does my plan sound logical for function?

If you are only working with a single shade, what would you align it to?

Yes, shady groups will allow you to do this. Using echo you can control your sub groups. If you have extra remotes you can also program them with smartthings and have them control sub groups.

I was thinking the alignment button would allow a top and bottom stop point, like the button remote that comes with the shades. I see that it’s an alignment of all shades in the group

Ok, just following up here to report I got a great tip from someone over at GitHub for my issue of the shades showing up as lights in Apple HomeKit. I added the command levelOpenClose to Eric’s code (in both the single device and group code) and it is now showing up as Shades in Apple HomeKit…just as I want. :grinning: The GitHub issue link is:


I’ll add this command later this week.

def levelOpenClose(value) {
    log.trace "levelOpenClose called with value $value"
    if (value) {
    } else {

Cool, can’t wait to try it out…thanks! I’ll have to see what Alexa now does too…Will report back once I get a chance to play around with it.

Update from github. Let me know if it does what you expect.

Yes, it shows up in Apple Homekit via HomeBridge as a shade now. Thanks very much! Alexa wont’t accept “Open xxx shades” command but if I say “Turn up xxx bedroom shades” it looks like it bumps it up ~24%. Will have to experiment w/ Alexa further but this is great. Thanks!

Actually, I get an error now when I view the ST logs:

**error** org.codehaus.groovy.runtime.metaclass.MethodSelectionException: Could not find which method setLevel() to invoke from this list:
public java.lang.Object script14826386132461213682789#setLevel(java.lang.Object)
public java.lang.Object script14826386132461213682789#setLevel(java.lang.Object, java.lang.Object) @ line 161

Looks like this happens when I used Apple’s Home app to slide close the shade smart app group. It looks like it sends setLevel() when it should send setLevel(0). I’m guessing this because the last command prior to the error is setLevel(20).

Another update - it does indeed look like when I press a button on the Apple Home app to close my shades fully, it sends a command that is interpreted as setLevel(). I tried sliding the slider in the Home App to just 1% and it sent the setLevel(1) command just fine w/ Shade Group responding accordingly.

Update from github and tell me it if works now.

Looks like that did it. Thanks for updating github…!!! Merry (automated) Christmas!

Hello again and wow I love that Shady app! Can you please tell me how I can download it? I just installed my motorized Bali roller shades and HATE the single up and down. Any links or advice will be a huge help. Thanks, Lloyd

I saw you posted some screenshot in another thread that made it look like you had this installed. Do you still need help?

If you do, here are the instruction.

Let me know if you need help.

Good Morning and thanks so much for your reply! So I saw the chat between you and another member and he showed me how to go into the IDE and change the boring switch to a dimmer so I can adjust my shades to %'s instead of up and down. I saw that your app was way more detailed so would love to have that on my android phone.

I’m a newbie so are the instructions you sent pretty easy for a newbie ya think? Would you recommend the 1st set of instructions vs the manual way?

Also I only have one blind set up now so i’m thinking I need to have them all programmed 1st right?

Hi Again Eric, I’m trying to follow these directions but I don’t see “My Device Types” section in the navigation bar. I see everything else but that. I can’t seem to find settings anywhere in my IDE. At the top it says;
My Locations
My Hubs
My Devices
My SmartApps
My Device Handlers
My Publication Requests
Live Logging

Installation via GitHub Integration

Open SmartThings IDE in your web browser and log into your account.
Click on the “My Device Types” section in the navigation bar.
Click on “Settings”.
Click “Add New Repository”.
Enter “ericvitale” as the namespace.
Enter “ST-Shady” as the repository.
Hit “Save”.
Select “Update from Repo” and select “ST-Shady”.
Select “shady-group.groovy”.
Check “Publish” and hit “Execute”.
Click on the “My SmartApps” section in the navigation bar.
Select “Update from Repo” and select “ST-Shady”.
Select “shady.groovy”.
Check “Publish” and hit “Execute”.

I’ll have to update my instructions. It now “My Device Handlers”.

Yes, it’s better if you set them all up first but not required.