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[RELEASE] Security System: Intruder Alert with Support for Lights and Taking Pictures with a Camera


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Intruder Alert with Alarms, Lights and Camera Pictures - Version 03.04.00

  • Always activate alarm actions even if the alarm is already running (retrigger in case of successive sensor alerts)

(J) #62

Looking for an alarm that automatically arms when my schlage lock is locked and automatically disarms when the lock is unlocked by the pinpad. Also want the alarm to go off if a window with a sensor is opened when the schlage lock is locked (like when we’re away from home) and to send us an alert. Can this app do these things?

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Yes, it’s all in how you set it up. This app uses hub modes to arm/disarm it’s monitoring (with an optional delay and you’ll see why it’s needed below).

If you’re using the Lock User Management app, configure it to change the mode to “away” mode when the lock is locked (you can select how it’s locked, using pinpad or manually, so you can set “away” mode when locked via pinpad and “home” mode when locked manually). Also set the app to change your mode to “Home” when it’s unlocked via the pinpad.

Set the Intruder alert app to arm the monitoring when it’s in “away” mode. Now it anything opens or there is motion (however you configure it) it’ll set off the alarm and notify you.

When the lock is unlocked the user management app will change the mode to “Home”. Now the Intruder app will no longer alarm when a door/window is opened.

Remember I mentioned setting a delay in the Intruder app, that’s important here since when you unlock smartthings can take a few seconds for the mode to change, if you open the door immediately it may set off the alarm, this is where the delay comes in handy. You can delay setting off the alarm and if the mode hasn’t changed (actual intruder) the alarm goes off.

It’s quite flexible depending on how you want to configure/use it.

(J) #64

Thank you so much for the detailed response! This is exactly what I was looking for!

(Todd Basche) #65

Just installed your lock management for my Schlage Connect and it works great. I set it up to disarm when unlocked with keypad.
I had SHM installed previously and now I just installed your Security system BUT I cannot see any place to change the modes, there is no little SW control panel in either the new smartthings APP or the Classic app. I am looking for the panel to set, HOME, AWAY, Night etc.

Then I want to use presence detection so when either my wife or I are home its disabled and when we both leave the house it ARMS to Away. Would you buy smart things presence detectors, OR use the Life360 app or some other app on the smartphone, we both have Android PIxel 2 GL phones.
Once home , and say after 1AM I would have the system go into NIght mode, where it just sense the door sensors not the motion detectors.

FInally I have two leak detectors does your system work with those ?

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Custom apps don’t show up as panels in ST (as yet). The Mode however can be changed from the Classic app or the new ST app as shown in the images below:

You can use Routines, in the Classic app -> Automation -> Routines -> create new routine -> set action to change mode to “Away” and have it run automatically when someone leaves. Similarly create a routine to change the mode to “Home” when someone arrives. You can use your phone presence sensors

It doesn’t do leak Sensors since it’s not an intruder alert event, but you can use SHM and the Leak Sensor module in it to notify you when there’s a leak and even turn off the water valve if you have one installed.

(Warren) #67

Just wondering how this app should behave when it comes to a panic button. If you set it up to turn on sirens when the button is pressed then what’s the intended mechanism to turn off the sirens?

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The app supports a Panic Switch and a Panic Button. When the panic button is triggered, the app starts the siren(s).
To turn it off simply turn off any of the sirens from your ST mobile app and the app will automatically turn off any other sirens that were activated as well.

(Todd Basche) #69

I have the system setup to ARM when all of us leave and Disarm when any of us arrive.
When armed and an intruder comes in, I want to use all my SONO’s systems to play the alarm sound. I have no other siren inside or outside the house.
How do I play the ALARM sound through my SONO’s when the alarm detects an intruder ?
and can I play alarm sound, then “intruder detected Police have been notifed” then Alarm sound. ?

Also how do I set the delay before it goes off ? And where do I set the delay in Arming it if I use a button to arm it ?

(Head of Support ( #70

Hi there. The app has these options available:

  • You can set a custom notification message
  • If you have a SONOS or compatible TTS device you can select it from the list of devices to play the notification
  • As for setting a delay before the alarm goes off (i.e Entry Delay), the option will show up once the Alarm device(s) are chosen.
  • Similarly you can also choose an Exit Delay to arm the system

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(Todd Basche) #71

In my system Alarm settings and actions is greyed out.
“You cant currently add this”

So I cannot pick an alarm or a delay.

(Head of Support ( #72

It looks like you don’t have any alarm devices paired with your hub so you can’t select any. Once you have it the option will show up.

I think you’re trying to use the SONOS an alarm device instead. The SONOS is designed to be used as a TTS (Text To Speech) devices. SmartThings don’t have a reliable way to loop a message on a TTS device so it’s used an announcing device. In your case, it will announce your custom message once and then stop. It’s better to use a dedicated alarm for this. There are excellent one available from Utilitech and you can also visit @TheSmartestHouse website for some great Z-Wave Alarms. Alternatively if you have a IRIS v3 keypad, that also has a built in Alarm but it’s better suited for a local zone alarm rather than a whole house alarm.

(Todd Basche) #73

Yes you are right I have no internal or external alarm.
I want to play an alarm sound through all the sonos speakers as they are all over the house. and I can also send a text to speech as part of that.
Is there no way to use SONOS as the main alarm ?

Also what does your system switch to mode wise, when an intruder is detected ?
I have the hub in AWAY mode when Armed but does some state swith to INTRUSION or something ?

Then u could use ifttt to play sounds through the sonos when inteuder detected. Im xreating a 10 minutes mp3 fike of alarm sounds interspersed woth speech of intruder detected
police have been contacted.

(Head of Support ( #74

If the app changes the mode then it will disarm itself which is a security risk. Only the user should be able to disarm the system. The app will take actions (turn on switches/lights, take camera pictures, trigger alarms) when an intruder is detected and continue to monitor the house until it’s disarmed. This is important since many users simply reset the alarm on a false alarm (e.g. pet or faulty sensor) and have the app continue to monitor all the sensors for future events. We could consider adding execution of a Routine to the list of action for more flexibility but please be aware that changing modes automatically could be a potential security risk.

If you would like to disarm the system, you can create a Routine, say ‘Disarm’, which will change the mode to another mode (e.g. Home) and you can execute it when you wish to disarm the system after you receive an intruder notification, or you can simply just turn off the Alarm and let the system continue monitoring the house without disarming it.

As for the SONOS, unfortunately the way it’s setup in SmartThings, it would be best served as an announcing devices rather than an alarm.

(Todd Basche) #75

Hi Maddie,
Ok one more question. I can write an ifttt routine to play an mp3 through my sonos. I just need something to trigger it. Does tour intrusion sw set a flag or sonething some state that i can use to trigger the ifttt routine?

(Head of Support ( #76

Yes Todd, you can use “Turn light on” action to use as a trigger which can be connect to your IFTTT rule. We have an update coming out soon which will add the option to run a Routine , you could use that to trigger an IFTTT rule also.

(Head of Support ( #77

Intruder Alert with Alarms, Lights and Camera Pictures - Version 03.05.00

  • Updated user interface
  • Add option to run a Routine for Intruder Alert actions
  • Entry delay now applies to all Intruder actions
  • Ability to not set any modes/operating schedule, allowing for 24x7 monitoring (e.g. monitoring for Thief Alerts where tamper alerts are sent by devices)

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(Todd Basche) #78

I have the system all working , including an IFTTT routine that plays siren and text to speec through my sonos’s .
However, when I use the Entry delay , here is what happens when I test the system.

  1. arm system
  2. walk in house , front hall motion detector gets trigered and I get notification system triggered waiting 62 seconds. (my delay time)
  3. 62 seconds later sirens go off , alarm working great. I keep moving around the house and trigger ANOTHER motion detector.
  4. whole siren stops, and system resets again for 62 seconds, then alarm goes off again.
  5. I move upstairs and trigger another sensor, alarm STOPS again, for 62 seconds.
    This is not my desired behaviour.
    thoughts ?

( - Make your home your butler!) #79

Sounds like it’s working as expected.

Unless you disarm the system by changing the mode to a mode different from the list of Operating Modes configured in the app it will keep retriggering every time it detects an Intruder, which is what it should do when it’s in armed state.

You can setup a keypad in your house to disarm/change modes or use the LUM app to change modes when a valid code is entered in the lock.

(Todd Basche) #80

Once the Alarm is triggered, I expect it to stay alarmed, with siren going, not to RESET and turn off for the entry delay with each new detection. If an intruder break in and set off one , say door sensor, and the alarm goes ON it should stay on until it is reset by the user NOT every time the intruder moves around the house setting off motion detectors etc. As they continue to rob me. Every room they enter will disable the Siren each time, .
What I want to happen is when ANY sensor detects an intruder the Siren goes ON and stays on no matter how many other sensors continue to detect the intruder.
This is how my ADT system worked and it seems quite logical.
How can I do that ? Seems like the app needs a mode like that.
If I disable the entry delay will that help ?