[RELEASE] Security System: Intruder Alert with Support for Lights and Taking Pictures with a Camera



Nevermind. I realized that I have to set the parameters through the Smartthings app rather than the web interface.

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Any chance you have a workaround to get the arlo siren to appear as a device within smartthings?

I can only queue it up with a rule in the arlo app at the moment.

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Haven’t investigated Arlo yet

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Right on. Thanks for responding. Holding out hope someone with more knowledge than me takes a stab at it.

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Intruder Alert with Alarms, Lights and Camera Pictures - Version 02.02.00

  • Added ability to turn off all Alarms when a designated master alarm is turned off
  • Added support to send SMS notifications to multiple numbers by separating them with a *


Hi @RBoy,

Now that I’ve started using using Intruder Alert for this use case as you recommended, I’ve noticed what appears to be peculiar behavior with this particular SmartApp. Specifically, as soon as an Intruder Alert gets triggered just once (and fires off a text message / notification), it will never again be triggered to fire off an alert unless I edit the SmartApp and hit “Save”. This issue persists even after disarming and rearming the app as I go into Night mode (to arm) and out of Night mode in to Home mode (to disarm). After an intruder alert has been triggered just once, nothing I’ve attempted renables the alerts to resume triggering until I edit and save the SmartApp each time.

Is this expected behavior?


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Yes, to prevent multiple alarms there’s a cooling off period which you can configure under (in minutes):

Arm system after residents are quiet


Hi @RBoy,

I’m afraid there’s no change in behavior after enabling that setting. Under “Arm system after residents are quiet”, the only setting is “Delay arming time (minutes)”, which I set to 1 minute. After switching to Night mode just now and waiting 1 minute for the system to arm, I walked by my Blink camera and as a result, Intruder Alert sent both an app notification and SMS message alerting me to the intrusion. I waited for Blink motion to clear, and also waited one minute for the follow up app notification that told me that the system had been re-armed. I then walked by the same Blink camera. Although Blink triggered a motion event, Intruder Alert did not issue an app notification or an SMS message. This is the same behavior as before. The only way to restore intruder alerts at this point is to re-edit and and re-save the SmartApp.

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Will check it out. Thanks for the steps to recreate it.

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I tested the SmartApp setup and it’s working perfectly as designed.

Once the Alarm is turned off the SmartApp automatically resets itself so the next time it detects motion or any of the triggers it will set off the alarm. The key is that you need to have defined an Alarm since it looks at the Alarm state (off) to reset itself. Do you have an Alarm defined in your actions?

In the next version we’ll set it to reset itself automatically even if no alarm is defined.


Aha — that’s the issue, then. I do not have an alarm defined—my only use case was for a notification to be sent upon triggering, versus turning on the siren for example.

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Intruder Alert with Alarms, Lights and Camera Pictures - Version 02.03.00

  • Automatic reset when not using Alarms (when using Alarms, it will reset when Alarm is turned off or app is “touched”)
  • Improved overall responsiveness

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Is the lights flashing feature deprecated? Updated to v02.03 and its gone.
It was one of the main features I liked.

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Yes, we disabled it because it wasn’t reliable in flashing frequency. The feature is still there, just disabled because of the less than reliable mesh timings. If you want it back you can uncomment line 67 and configure it. If enough folks want it back we can reenable it.

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@RBoy I was going to try this smartapp,. but when I paste and save the code I get an error:

“No signature of method: script_app_metadata_bce38826_802a_4de7_b29c_7cf934153e10.metadata() is applicable for argument types: (script_app_metadata_bce38826_802a_4de7_b29c_7cf934153e10$_run_closure1) values: [script_app_metadata_bce38826_802a_4de7_b29c_7cf934153e10$_run_closure1@3a43366d] Possible solutions: getMetadata(), getState(), setState(java.lang.Object), metaClass(groovy.lang.Closure)”


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I think you are trying to paste it into a new device handler instead of a new smart app.

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@RBoy - yup…boy do I feel sheepish.

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On popular request:

Intruder Alert with Alarms, Lights and Camera Pictures - Version 03.00.00

  • Added option to disable push alerts for users not using the ST contact address feature
  • Now you can add up to 3 daily/weekly operating schedules separate from operating modes

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Intruder Alert with Alarms, Lights and Camera Pictures - Version 03.02.00

  • Added ability to select panic switches and buttons
  • Added ability to select resident awake contact sensors (doors/windows)

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Intruder Alert with Alarms, Lights and Camera Pictures - Version 03.03.00

  • Silent alarms will also honor the delayed alarm request
  • Fixed an issue where resident detecting contact sensors were not working