[RELEASE] Security System: Intruder Alert with Actions - Entry Delay, Exit Delay, Countdowns, Keypads, Lights, Alarms, Pictures/Cameras, Routines

I was curious about the logic behind Enabling when “all configured conditions are met” and not when any of the conditions are met? The reason I ask is because I think it would make more sense for the system to be enabled if either every one has left or if a virtual switch is turned on. I think with how it is currently set up you can’t do that.

Ultimately what I am after is to use a few old tablets mounted to the wall so the in-laws can touch on a virtual switch tile on the tablet, get prompted for a pin and the system will be enabled for their zone, OR if they both leave but don’t turn the virtual switch on the system still will be enabled for their zone.

If there is a way to do this with the current requirement of all configured conditions must be met please let me know.

Thank you again!

If I wanted to set this up so the Zone configured in a particular instance of the app would be armed if certain people leave OR if a virtual switch is turned on should I set up routine to turn the virtual switch on if everyone in the desired zone leaves and set up a routine to turn the virtual switch off when any of the desired people arrive?


Intruder Alert with Actions - Version 04.02.00

  • Added support for beeping keypads on entry/exit delay in Notifications page
  • Added Locks as a condition in Arm/Disarm Settings page
  • Improved accuracy of exit countdown
  • Don’t resume playback if no audio volume is specified

Cross posting for keypad users:

I am using Sharptools to Arm/Disarm SHM, but Id like to have some (not loud) beeps. I have a Centralite keypad, but its not showing up as an option. (“There are no devices of this type”).

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Check if you’re running the latest version of the app and the latest keypad device handler.
Then see the instructions in the first post if this topic thereafter to enable beeping on your keypad for entry and exit delays.

Intruder Alert with Actions - Version 04.03.00

  • Now use your Bose/Sonos/supported Audio players to notify using an audio file to replicate your SHM settings
  • Use a custom Audio URL to play your own audio files

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Using the Intruder Alert with Actions, works perfect. Also using Lock User Management LUM with my KeyPad centralite 3400-c.

Using DeviceHandler: Enhanced ZigBee Keypad

My problem is that the entry beeps dont stop after the SHM is disarmed. Just keep beeping until my EntryDelay time is gone.

Any great solutions?



Hi there. I just checked and it’s working fine here so I’m guessing it’s a configuration issue or a conflict. Check if you’re running then latest version of LUM to synchronize the keypad with Classic SHM and that the synchronization with Classic SHM (Direct Control) is enabled in LUM under Lock/Unlock Actions. If another app is conflicting with the keypad that could be a reason why it’s ignoring the request to turn off beeping is the above is configured correctly.

EDIT: Check that you’re using the latest keypad device handler also. There were some updates to LUM and the DTH a few weeks ago.

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