[RELEASE] Russound Multi-Zone Controller Integration

So as I was trying to break down this mess that is development for SmartThings, I found out that they are scrapping the IDE probably before the beginning of the year and replacing it with something else entirely. Hopefully they will make local execution a thing and then we don’t have to worry about following all of their rules.

I’m probably going to “wait and see”, since what exists now is quite a heavy lift.

My apologies, I reviewed my re-installation note above, and I am actually using serialport 7.0.1.

Yes, many are discussing this. I pray that does not affect my Russound functionality. I have FINALLY figured out how to address/change speaker volume and source from within webcore and can now add many new control options with Alexa.

I think we are gonna have to port this over to the new platform at some point. IDE is going to go away.

Problem is that we don’t know what the new dev platform is yet. It would be a waste of time to develop it for the current dev platform so it will work in the new app if they decide to remove it. They stated they would be removing a lot of SmartApps and focus on the Developer Portal, which is more for manufacturers and not the home brew devs like the IDE was used for.

Yep. I totally agree. Better to wait and see what they’re going to do. Thanks again James for your willingness to help out.

So I guess Samsung announced EOL for Classic app in Oct. Any chance of anyone wanting to take a stab at converting this integration to the new app?

This one is above my knowledge base :disappointed_relieved:

Me too. I’m will to pay. I’m thinking of contacting Rboyapps.com to see if he’s willing to take a look at it.

Whoever takes on the challenge will probably need a Russound device in order to get the RS232 instructions correct.

It’s really frustrating to have lost this functionality in the new app. I’d happily chip in to a fund to get this re-coded to work in new app. @RBoy any interest?

I agree. I posted a “wanted” add for someone to rewrite the code. Im just not qualified to do it. I emailed Rboy to ask but never received a response. Maybe we can get a response here.