[RELEASE] Russound Multi-Zone Controller Integration

Yes - the update they pushed does fix the issue I was having - thankfully!

I have had this working well for me for a couple of years now but am migrating to Hubitat. Out of curiosity, has anyone ported this to be used with Hubitat?
I figured I would just run ST and Hubitat in parallel if I can’t bring this over but thought I’d ask.

Does anybody know how to make Redloro’s device handler and Smartapp work in the new Samsung SmartThings App?

I can turn a zone on/off and control volume but there are no buttons for source selection.

New app

Old app

What version of Node.js is everyone using? I keep getting notices from AWS that Node.js 8.10 is reaching end-of-life.

I’m not even sure how to check. Mine still seems to be running fine and I built it last year in September.

How are you using AWS, as a Lambda service? Not using a Raspberry Pi or Windows PC?

I followed Redloro’s instructions above to the letter. I am using AWS Lambda (Node.js) and a RPi to facilitate Alexa and webcore integration. I was just curious if anyone is running this setup on Node.js that is newer than 8.10. Do I need AWS Lambda?

Aren’t AWS and node.js two different things?

I wasn’t aware that you can run node.js on AWS for the integration. I thought it had to be on a RPi.

Curious. How are you getting Alexa/Webcore integration? Through ST?

I haven’t received any message about node.js not continuing to work but then again, I’m running it locally on my RPi.

Thanks, I’m running WebCore also, don’t think I integrated the the two together.

So, I’m just stupid. I am running AskAlexa and Kanzi on AWS. I am NOT running anything to do with Russound on AWS except that I do use Alexa and webcore to control my Russound. Otherwise, I am running everything else that deals with my Russound on a RPi. I have so many systems running that I have forgotten what I HAVE running.

All good. I have the same problem here. So many different configurations to make my home smart, sometimes I just feel dumb.

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Did you ever find a way to do this?

Has anyone edited the redloro Russound DTH to add more sources? If so, what did you change? Currently, they are source0 to source5. I have 0 to 7 sources on my Russound and would like to add those 2 additional sources. I have edited the DTH but cannot get the 2 additional sources to show up on my devices.

For starters, you will probably need to edit the config.json file on the node server side. I’m sure there other components as well.

Yes, did that. Also made changes to the DTH. I was able to get the 2 additional sources to appear. But now the app will (mostly) not respond in that I cannot select a source or adjust volume.

Can you view the terminal app on the RPi to see if the commands are reaching the server?

You’ll see the TX RX commands when you press a source or change volume in ST.

Great suggestion. I’ll check…

Now if I can just remember how to do that…

if you have a screen hooked up to your Rpi and can see the desktop, i can try to walk you through it.

I think I broke the DTH. It won’t even respond now. If you are going to be here for a little while I will check back in. Thanks.