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[RELEASE] Russound Multi-Zone Controller Integration

I had put together a document but can’t find it right now. redloro instructions are straight forward and I think he has a Youtube video to get it installed.

Ditto, I followed @redloro’s video EXACTLY, and that worked for me. I tried to take some shortcuts while following his video, and that inevitably led to headaches.

Thanks. I must have missed that video. Is it in this thread?

My concern is any changes that have occurred since 2016. Going through this thread it seems there have been some changes to the code.

Has anyone figured out how to change the radio channel using ST or webcore? I have to manually set the channel in the Russound app. I do not have keypads.

My biggest question is, if i’m only doing 2 Russound controllers, do I clear out all the other code in the config.json file? Its got stuff in there for the monoprice controller, alarm panels, etc. All I need is 2 Russound controllers in there in the proper format.

Short answer. Yes, you can clear out all of the other stuff you don’t need.

Is there anyone here that can share a sample of 2 Russound controllers? I just need a guide and I cn take it from there. The sample is for an older controller with 6 zones and 6 sources, I added a couple more zones to match my MCA-C5 controllers NP. I don’t understand why the first zone is “ZONE 0” though???

Is this in the ballpark of what I need?

“rnet”: {
“c-series”: true,
“serialPort”: “/dev/usbser”,
“sources”: [
“source 1”,
“source 2”,
“source 3”,
“source 4”,
“source 5”,
“source 6”,
“source 7”,
“source 8”,
“controllerConfig”: {
“type”: “discover”,
“controllers”: [{
“controller”: 1,
“zones”: [
{“zone”: 1, “name”: “ZONE1”},
{“zone”: 2, “name”: “ZONE2”},
{“zone”: 3, “name”: “ZONE3”},
{“zone”: 4, “name”: “ZONE4”},
{“zone”: 5, “name”: “ZONE5”},
{“zone”: 6, “name”: “ZONE6”},
{“zone”: 7, “name”: “ZONE7”},
{“zone”: 8, “name”: “ZONE8”},
“controller”: 1,
“zones”: [
{“zone”: 1, “name”: “ZONE1”},
{“zone”: 2, “name”: “ZONE2”},
{“zone”: 3, “name”: “ZONE3”},
{“zone”: 4, “name”: “ZONE4”},
{“zone”: 5, “name”: “ZONE5”},
{“zone”: 6, “name”: “ZONE6”},
{“zone”: 7, “name”: “ZONE7”},
{“zone”: 8, “name”: “ZONE8”},

The current version of Node.js is 10.15.3. Are there issues with running this version for integration on a Pi zero W?

hello. Is there anyone that can still help on this thread? I’ve followed Redloro’s instructions to a T for the Monoprice unit and I’m getting the following errer

Error: Cannot find module ‘serialport’

when I run the node server.

Any help is appreciated. I’m desperate to get this up and running and I’ll happily pay for the time.


FWIW, I do not have the Monoprice unit and I don’t know if this will help. I had the same serialport issue when I first set this up and it was a bad USB cable connecting to my Russound. As a last-ditch effort I changed the cable and everything began working.

Thanks! Do you know if that error will show up if the cable isn’t connected to the amps serial port?

Which cable did you end up going with?

I think I got the same error when not connected. I just grabbed one of my spare USB cables and it worked. I was able to use the “faulty” cable later for something else and it worked.

I had issues with the cable, I checked it manually connecting to the unit via command line and was able to run commands to the unit, changing volume, powering on and off etc…

Here it is:

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Thanks for the help. I’m using a RPi Zero W. Wondering if that has anything to do with the serial issue. I’ll test the cable today.

I just wish someone would make a smoother integration with ST and using the Global Cache unit. That all just seems cleaner.

Unfortunately I have zero programming skills aside from copy and paste.

Is Redloro still around?

I’m having this same issue. Did you ever get it resolved? Was it the cable? I think I need to enable the serial port on the RPi Zero W but I’m not sure how to do that.

Thanks for any help on this.

Ok, I figured out the serial port issue and now I have the Pi talking to the Monoprice unit. I think. I’ve added the DH to ST and the SmartApp but none of the Zones or anything else show up under Things. Also, do I need the RNET plugin if I’m using Monoprice?

I can check tonight, I don’t think you need the RNET. For the zones not showing make sure the “Discover Zones” toggle is enabled in the app.

Thanks Ken. I actually got the zones to appear in the ST app, I finally. I removed the RNET plugin. Just kept the Monoprice plugin. Now I’m just dealing with the node server crashing on my RPi. It’ll run for a couple hours but then crashes and I don’t know enough to trouble shoot that issue.

Yes, it is unfortunate that we have to have the node server to get the zones into ST. But it works, so I cannot complain. Once I was able to get my Pi to boot back into the node server after power outages, I have not had any Pi problems.