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[RELEASE] Russound Multi-Zone Controller Integration


(Adam Laakso) #532

Does anyone have this working in ActionTiles by any chance? It shows up as a on/off switch and a media player. The media player for the zone always displays a ?
The on off switch works but that’s it

(Toby D) #533

Hey Guys and Gals!

I have re-installed the mpr-sg6z.js and came up with a new issue. It looks like server.js is attempting to run but new error is occurring. I feel like I’m getting closer… but I’m missing a step or a line in my json file


Hey @gtobyd … you’re missing the plugins folder… create a new folder called plugins and move the mpr6z plugin from avail_plugins to the new plugins folder…

(Toby D) #535


Eureka!! It worked… Now to go back and rebuild the smartthings app. :crossed_fingers: now if this works I can finally move on in the home automation setup!


According to this, it sees the serial thru USB0… Am I wrong in thinking this? I’ve gone into the Smartthings developer and created the app and handler. They aren’t talking yet. Time for more digging. Will post screenshot of Live Log from ST

(Toby D) #536

Here is my Live log from ST… I copied and paste the info from gitHub into ST to create the app and handler. nothing works and every button on the app gives me 1 or to errors on line 314 or 296. It should work as long as nothing has changed over the last few month but nothing is work

(The Viking AKA "Holy Crap You're a Giant!") #537

On Sunday I picked up a Russound CAM 6.6 multi-zone amp for 25 dollars and have integrated it with my SmartThings using a Raspberry Pi, Serial Cable, and this guide.

Now I want to take it further… I’m running a ST MQTT bridge on a system at home and would like to tie audio notifications into the unit as well.

Example: A dedicated DLNA player tied into an input on this system. An event that would normally trigger an audio alert would instead trigger a virtual button to turn on the Russound zone(s), set the correct input, and the volume for the zone. Then, the audio file would play via DLNA and the announcement would happen. Shortly afterward, the unit turns the zone(s) back off. If music is playing, it would only switch zones, then switch back.

Does anyone have input/knowledge of the Russound integration with the Node Proxy and how to make this happen? I’d like to be able to call the API directly via my Node-Red MQTT broker since it looks like it’s just a bunch of GET commands. I can’t seem to figure out how the authentication password gets tossed into the mix.

Assistance would be very much appreciated.

(Todd M) #538

I have had limited success with something very similar. I have the Russound MCA-C5. I have written webcore code to do what you have suggested. I was using a webcore presence sensor and my android phone to announce random welcoming messages when arriving home. Unfortunately, the presence sensor did not work very well and I abandon the project. However, I know that by using webcore, i was able to set zones and sources and play an audio file via DLNA.

(The Viking AKA "Holy Crap You're a Giant!") #539

Ooooh! I may hit you up on this. I don’t have any issues with Presence awareness, as we’re using Life360 for our location detection and the house. It always knows when we come home.

Can you post a sanitized example of what you have sort of working?

(Nick Komandis) #540

Hello ALL,

I am in the process of building a house and am in the wiring stage. I read through this topic a while back and saved it. I have to say thank you to @Redloro before I even get started learning Smartthings or setting up everything I plan on doing over the next year because I know I will be using lot of what he has posted. Can anyone recommend which Russound or other multichannel amp/controller I should be buying at this time that is the most capable and Smartthings compatibale. I know this topic was started in March 2016 referencing the CA66, but I see Russound makes a newer MCA-88X. It comes controllable with Alexa. My ultimate goal is to have 13 zones (2 speakers per zone) + 7.1 home theater and be able to control everything through Smartthings hub using tablets in each room running ActionTiles. Every room is also getting wired to have volume control keypad so guests can easily control volume not knowing how to use the system. I have been doing all the wiring myself. I have always planned on using Russound products because of this topic, but am open to other suggestions or specific Russound models. The building and wiring is easy for me. I need advice on what actual controllers/amps to buy. I want to be able to also have voice control through Alexa. I plan on using at least two controllers to get the 13 zones and independent 7.1 Channel amp for the theater. Does this makes sense or should it be done a different way to include the 7.1 audio for theater and what would be the best products to buy? I am a fast learner and not scared of having to do work. I just have no knowledge base on what the best things available today are and that would still work with all the work @Redloro has done on this post. I appreciate any insight anyone may have.
Thanks, Nick

(Todd M) #541

Redloro has done some AMAZING work with the Russound. I have the MCA-C5 and am using Redloro’s work to add my whole home speakers and OSMC Kodi player to the Smartthings app. I have written Webcore routines to allow me to use vocal commands with Alexa in order to play my music. For instance, I can say “Alexa, tell Smartthings to take a shower” and that will trigger the Webcore macro to turn on my speakers in the master bathroom and master shower, turn the volume up to 80%, select Kodi as my input source and play my “80’s Hits” playlist. The newest Russound models have Alexa control built in. I do not know how they work but I suspect you do not need the Redloro work to make the newest Russound aware of what is attached to it.

(Nick Komandis) #542

Thanks for the feedback @Pantheon. I just ordered and am going to be setting up 2 x MCA-88 Russounds which are Alexa capable. It would be great if I don’t need to do all the integrating. I need advice on a amp for my home theater. Does anyone have any recommendations on a 7.1 surround amp that already integrates with ST?


I’m having a similar problem again. Could there be another break in the plugin?


As far as I know, no one on this thread has tried using this integration with linked receivers. It should work in theory but I don’t know that anyone has tried and reported back. Can you please let us know if you’re successful doing this with your two MCA-88s? I have the Monoprice receiver and I’d like to add a second but haven’t been sure if 2 linked units will work. Thank you in advance!

(Todd M) #545

Ditto. I want to add a second receiver.


I would use webcore in conjuction with either Logitech Media Server and/or Cast-Web-Api.

(The Viking AKA "Holy Crap You're a Giant!") #547

Thanks! I’m pretty deep into WebCoRE because of this project. Never really touched it prior to this, but am proud to say I now have wall control panels that can control every zone/source/volume of the unit, and my next big piece is to implement the DLNA announcement stuff.

I’m thinking about using a spare Echo Dot I have as the “voice” of my automation system.
Connect a Pi Zero W with an audio card to a set of headphones, and slap the dot underneath one of them. Then the automation triggers a zone or zones on, then an “Alexa, Simon Says” via DLNA Text to Speech. Alexa then repeats that over the speakers. The benefit to this is that I already intended to have Alexa on a zone so I can just say “Alexa, play music on the whole house” and it would play at the Russound amp.

(The Viking AKA "Holy Crap You're a Giant!") #548

I am running into some issues with WebCoRE and source changes mid-playback.

My end goal is to be able to dynamically switch from any source or power status to a specific source when event happens, speak some text, then switch back to the previous source or power status.

I need to grab the current zone power status (on/off), the current source (whichever input it is on), and the current volume, toss them into a variable, then set the zone(s) to a specific input and source and volume for the purposes of announcements, then revert back to the previous settings with the variables.

If the zone is off, turn it on, set source, announce, turn it back off.

Anyone have experience with doing this? When I attempt to set the variable for Source, the unit does not have a “source” I can set.

In the below piston, I set the variables, but went back to manually setting volumes etc to test the switching in the first place. It works this way. I just can’t find a way to read what the current source is.

(Jack) #549

I can confirm that two linked monoprice units work fine. You have to add a second controller entry in the config file’s controller list and then you’re good to go.

(jelsco) #550

Looking for some help, Ive read though most of this thread and it has got me this far but i don’t see any similar errors

Live logs during discovery


“port”: 8080,
“authCode”: “123456”,
“mpr6z”: {
“serialPort”: “COM3”,
“baudRate”: 9600,
“sources”: [
“Apple TV”,
“Source 4”,
“Source 5”,
“Source 6”
“controllerConfig”: {
“type”: “discover”,
“zones”: [
“zone”: 0,
“name”: “Family Room”
“zone”: 1,
“name”: “Kitchen”
“zone”: 2,
“name”: “Living Room”
“zone”: 3,
“name”: “Patio”
“zone”: 4,
“name”: “Dining Room”
“zone”: 5,
“name”: “Office”
“notify”: {
“address”: “”,
“port”: “39500”

(Jack) #551

Not seeing an error in your traces?