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[RELEASE] Russound Multi-Zone Controller Integration


(Todd M) #387

I am getting excellent control of my Russound with the basic install from Redloro except I cannot seem to say the right thing to select a source. For volume, I say “Alexa, tell smartthings to set the volume in the kitchen to 50 percent”. “Alexa, tell smarthings to set the volume in the kitchen to zero” did not work. I had to say “zero percent”. “Alexa, set the porch volume to 50 percent” also works. Odd that “Alexa, tell smartthings to set the Great Room volume to fifty percent” works. BUT, “Alexa, set the Great Room volume to fifty percent” did not work. HOWEVER, “Alexa, set the Great Room volume to zero percent” did work.

What do I say to select a source?

(Ken) #388

When I tell Alexa, “Set Master Volume to 20%” she responds with “Master doesn’t support that”

(Todd M) #389

Source Selection !!!
Quite frustrated here that I cannot get source selection to work with voice (Alexa). I can use Alexa to turn on/off zones and adjust volume. I cannot adjust base, treble, loudness, party mode or “All Off”. But I don’t really care about those. I have the Kodi-Alexa skill up and running and can instruct Alexa to play my music from my Kodi server. I can ask Alexa to play my “Rock” playlist and it works perfectly. I could just leave the source “Music Server” selected but my wife likes listening to the radio so I have to get source selection working. I do not know what else to do. If I cannot instruct Alexa to select a source, then this application is nearly useless to me. Any help with getting this to work would be appreciated.

(Ken) #390

I think you need to realize that these application are created by people for free, when I hooked mine up @redloro worked when I had issues and he has done the same for others. The way I see it this was created to use the application with a phone or tablet, adding voice commands via a Amazon Echo or Dot is just a bonus. I appreciate all the work that has been done, no one has ever ask for a dime, but these are just my thoughts.

(Todd M) #391

Please don’t confuse my frustration here. Redloro and others have been very helpful with this process. My naivety/failure with the process is my frustration. It is taking me longer than I desire to understand and apply the instructions, concepts and applications of the information provided here. I own that. Russound already has a very good phone/pad app that accomplishes everything Redloro has provided here. If I could use Alexa to control the Russound app then I would not be here. Maybe I am expecting too much from this application. But I was hoping that the community work here would allow smarter control of my Russound by using Alexa integration through the Smartthings hub. It appears that others have the Alexa integration working and I was shouting out to them for some input.

(Ken) #392

:ok_hand: Sounds good!

(Todd M) #393

My device names are showing up in the ST app as “RNET : Kitchen”, “RNET : Patio”. Any way to keep that from happening or do I have to go into ST and change the name of the device?


Once all the zones are added as devices to SmartThings, you can manually change the name of each device - the custom name you assign will remain in place until you perform auto-discovery in the SmartApp. The auto-discovery process in the SmartApp will attempt to remove all zones and recreate them with the default RNET: prefix. If you want to permanently change the naming convention used when discovering and adding the zones, edit line 143 of the SmartApp and use your own values for the label.

(Todd M) #395

This is what I thought. I am so new to this that I hesitated to edit your code in that location for fear of breaking what I already have working. Thanks.


I changed the naming convention of the SmartApp to “Speakers:”

While prefixing them with Speakers: causes them to nicely sort together in the SmartThings app Things list, a little benefit I’ve found is that Alexa also understands when I refer to them as “Family Room Speakers” in addition to “Speakers: Family Room”.

(Todd M) #397

Perfect. I’ll give that a try. Thanks.

(Peter) #398

redloro…If I manually turn on the Russound wall control; in smarthings says its off. But if I press on and then off in smarthings then the system turns off. My question is does the smarthings app follow if I manually change the system?

(Ivan Reynoso) #399

Sorry guys, supper new to this and really enjoying it, it took me 3 days to set my MPR but Heck got it but as I keep reading I noticed that there is a hole new proxy and new updates, where can I find them… thanks in advance…


I’ve edited the DTH to support bass and treble on the Monoprice amp. If anybody wants me to share it, please let me know.


Not sure I follow you, Newsky4. If you use the github method for adding DTHs and Smartapps then it’s very easy to see when code has been updated on github and bring down the update to your system.

(Ivan Reynoso) #402

I downloaded the link from the first page and found an updated to the device handler somewhere in the middle of the chat.


For sure, I would!

(Ivan Reynoso) #404

Guys, I’m trying to make a decision, not sure if I should get the Alexa or Google assistant. Help…also the choice will be witch one works better with this smart app…I’m running the MPR. Advice please.

Thanks in advance


I will post the Monoprice DTH with bass and treble when I get a chance. On vacation on Maui this week.


I have about 8 Echo Dots and one Google Home. From what I see, there are a lot more smart home integrations – especially for SmartThings – for the Amazon Echo.