[RELEASE] Russound Multi-Zone Controller Integration

Whoever takes on the challenge will probably need a Russound device in order to get the RS232 instructions correct.

It’s really frustrating to have lost this functionality in the new app. I’d happily chip in to a fund to get this re-coded to work in new app. @RBoy any interest?

I agree. I posted a “wanted” add for someone to rewrite the code. Im just not qualified to do it. I emailed Rboy to ask but never received a response. Maybe we can get a response here.

Has anyone tried this on Hubitat?

Not me. Don’t have hubitat. But I’d make the switch if it does

Has anyone tried this : Announcing beta for enabling raspberry pi direct-connected devices

I have not. Interesting read. I might give is a go if I buy a new RPi.

I was also frustrated with loss of functionality in the new app. I only used smartthings for russound’s alexa support.

It may not be perfect but I’ve created an alexa skill that will allow you to control the nodeproxy. This is my first pass at it and I welcome anyone else to help/improve security.

I’ve forked redloro’s repo, modified the nodeproxy server and rnet.js plugin.

I’ve also created a new repo for the alexa application. I’m running it in my own aws account in “dev” because the server IP and password is hard coded.

Hopefully it’s a starting point for others to improve.

Current things I’d like to improve when I get time.

  • Read zone names from config file when skill is first called to reference zones and audio input by name vs number.
  • Setup and document SSL
  • Allow alexa skill to input and store IP, PORT, PASSWORD. (This will allow the skill to be published for anyone to use instead of setting up your own dev skill)

Will you be able to look at doing this for the Monoprice app? Thanks

Briefly looking at it the API calls to Nodeproxy service are the same path so what I have so far should work for the Monoprice system.
I think you could try it out and see if it works.
I’ve hard coded it to only one controller and it only does zone on/off and change source by the number.
I want to add the rest of the controls available in nodeproxy eventually. Next one will be volume control.

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Thanks I will try it out.

So I stop using this app with Smarthings a while back, but still had it on my Pi, I tried to fire it up again with no luck, what has update since 2017 :slight_smile:

Has anyone done a fresh install of this lately? I updated my pi, but couldn’t get serial port to install. So did a fresh install of the OS, Node version 10.x was installed. When I ran “npm install” there were errors but it ran, same when I ran “npm run install:” I was able to hit the website to show that nodeproxy was running but could not get the Smartthings app to install, been trying other versions of nod with no luck.

Sorry. No recent install. I have always struggled to get this to work each time I update/install it. So, once I get it working…hands off.

Thanks, I’m going to keep trying.

Me too, hands off. It’s working, I leave it. It was not a fun experience getting it working. Sorry

I recently did a fresh install and it was a pain, Ill post my modified files

In this is the smarthings-nodeproxy w/ serialport5.0.0, tweaked Smartapp and device handler (for issues installing on new app) and install instructions. Hope it works, if it does then maybe ill fork to github so it doesnt get lost

I running the Monoprice amp. if anyone can do the same I would appreciate it.

If you can post your:
Node version
Serial Port version
SmartThings app code
Device Handler
and config.json


Nodejs version 10.23.0 – included in the pack
serialport 5.0.0 – included in the pack

could maybe take a look at the smartapp and devicehandler but havent used the monoprice amp