[RELEASE] Rumba for Roomba

I am not sure if I an installing this correctly. I copied the code from the Github link and created a DTH and a device using the DTH in smarthings, then I put in the blid and password. However the device is unresponsive to any commands and shows battery as 0.

You need to run a node js server on your computer, I am not certain that the cloud api works even though the code is still present.
For that, read through the original thread linked in the first post.
I will try and also make a new setup guide to post in this thread.

I got the REST gateway running, then I Deleted the Rumba device and readded it. The device was showing connected in the SmartThings app but with 0 battery. I hit the on button and the roomba started cleaning, but then the SmartThings app shows it was offline and I could not get it back online.

It seems this is related to the health check issue.

Try commenting out the capability health check by adding two forward slashes.
Like this
//capability ‘Health Check’
and let me know if that fixes it for you.

It did not work. I was able to repeat what I did before. I deleted the device, the added it again and it showed online. I hit start and it starts cleaning but goes offline in the SmartThings app.

I’ve uploaded a hot fix to the github which removes health check related functionality until ST provides more insight on this capability.

Try downloading the DTH again.

@nayelyz still need help getting this to work correctly with health check