[RELEASE] Ring Alarm Keypad (2nd Gen) Device Handler


I have just set this up and all works fine besides when disarming the notification for “Disarmed” is repeated a few times, “Arming” is fine.

I see some other people above have been asking this.

Any reason for this?


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@RBoy I just purchased and setup my Ring Keypad Gen2. I installed the device handler, got the keypad paired with my ST hub. In ST I can send commands such as arm and disarm to the keypad, it responds to the command. I then installed LUM, using the keypad and a 6 digit code to turn on a virtual switch. But I seem to be stuck getting ST to see any transmissions from the keypad. Nothing happens when I enter the 6 digit code. Looking at the history in the keypad, it shows nothing for any keystrokes on the keypad (I’m assuming it’s suppose to). I don’t believe this is a signal strength issue, I tested it with the hub and keypad on the same table. Any input would be appreciated!

Not at this time. :disappointed_relieved: no custom code runs locally right now, so this keypad can’t run locally.

They keep saying there will be more local processing in the future, but it hasn’t happened yet, and they actually took away some of the local processing for the security features with the move to the current app. And in any case smartthings has no way to send any notifications to you locally, not even just your own phone on the same Wi-Fi network. Anything that’s smartthings based just isn’t a substitute for a real home security system, Even an inexpensive one like ring.

You might not be paired correctly. Try remove and repair the device

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Thank you gavemitchau and rboy, excluding then pairing my device again did solve the problem. Something must have went wrong in the first pairing attempt that resulted in partial pairing.


I have this all working, including setup of three STHM virtual switches, but I can’t set the “Auto Lock Delay (seconds)” field in the device setttings. If I enter a value, it’s greyed out and the Save button is also greyed out.

What am I missing?

It’s a bug with the ST mobile app, the latest update has broken inputs with an decimal/integer range, it’s affecting all decimal/integer inputs with a range. Report it to support@smarthings.com with a screenshot.

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Ring Keypad (Gen2) - Version 02.03.02

  • Fix for device settings Save button not working after SmartThings mobile app update
  • Added support for Ring Gen1 Alarm Keypad
  • Added support for Panic button in Ring Gen2 keypad