[RELEASE] Ring Alarm Keypad (2nd Gen) Device Handler

Does anybody know if this works the UK version of the ring alarm keypad?

It’s not been tested with Gen 1 but we’re looking into it

Has anyone here managed to get the Ring Keypad (Gen 2) working to a point that it is able to change STHM status through virtual / simulated switches?

I have tried to follow @mvevitsis ’ instructions, but there is very little explanation on what to do on the LUM side. I have seen the screenshots, but those alone don’t really say a lot.

Thanks, that did it!

@GrimDanFango @blashman @Matthew_Stewart
We now have a device handler for the Ring Gen1 keypads. Note the feature differences between Gen1 and Gen2 keypads in the keypad comparison table, Gen1 does not support Sirens, Arming and Chimes, only the Gen2 supports those features:

Fantastic job!
In the meanwhile I got an Iris v3 as an alternative.
Just preparing everything to add it to the network.