[RELEASE] Ring Alarm Keypad (2nd Gen) Device Handler

I set up the virtual switches and did the same 7 automations listed here. My understanding is that I have to do something in LUM or webcore piston. Are you able to post screenshots so I can see how I can finally get the stay keypad switch to match the armed stay mode in STHM? thank you.

The webcore piston screenshot is above.

So I believe that I did it correctly:

and the other 7 automations that you had posted in a previous post.

At this time:
-From the keypad> if I Stay Arm I don’t get any changes in my STHM to Arm Stay; if I do Away and Armed I also do not get any changes in my STHM to Away Armed. It also does not change the second ring keypad as well to the same state. I am assuming I would have to do an automation to always mirror states.

From the STHM> If I click on Armed stay both keypads go to Armed Stay indicating that the piston is likely working; if I click on Armed Away nothing happens. If I click on disarmed my keypad both goes to disarmed.

I am sure I am missing some automations. Are you able to guide me in the right direction. thanks so much.

You need to set in LUM

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I really appreciate you taking the time to help with this. Its amazing what this community has created.

To clarify:for your first screenshot im assuming the two switches that you have “off” are the two virtual switches (away and stay) right. For the last screenshot in “when in any of these modes” im assuming the two that you have are night and home.

Made some progress but here is where I am at now:
When using the keypad: Armed stay works, disarmed works, Away and Armed does not work > it does not change the STHM to Arm Away and it does not sync the status to the second Ring Keypad

When using STHM: Armed Stay works and changes the Ring Keypad status, Disarmed works and changes the keypad o disarmed, clicking on Armed Away creates a server error on the STHM and when I click refresh it is armed in the STHM but not on the keypads

I believe that the issue must be with the Armed Away in both directions (from the keypad to the STHM and vice verse). Any suggestions on what I need to fix?

I have attached my screenshots but unfortunately I have to put them in separate posts since I am a new user and it won’t let me attach more than one image

Since I cannot add more images here is the google drive link:

For my setup to work I had to also set the location mode as you’ll see in my automations. Then location mode is a requirement in one of the LUM pages.

I can only guarantee it will work if you follow my automations exactly.

I think I was able to figure it out, fingers crossed. Did you figure out a way to have the keypad beep or strobe when someone walks in when its armed away or when a door opens when its armed stay so that people know to enter the code. I want to make sure people know that they should disarm the system before noonlight is called.

You may be able to do that in webcore.

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