[RELEASE] Ring Alarm Keypad (2nd Gen) Device Handler

@RBoy User from US here i am using V2 Keypad. The chimes dont seem to work i see β€œ2:05:27 PM: info Triggering Chimes: [Security Keypad]” If i put the keypad speaker holes very close to my ears i can hear the chimes. I just brought brand new unit from bestbuy? I see @Adnan_Sarajlic reporting the same

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@sub263 Exactly the same behavior :+1:

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Apparently the soft chime for some users is a known issue with these keypads, some users seem to have this issue while others don’t. Possibly a hardware issue: Keypad (Gen 2) how to increase volume of alarm speech + tones - Ring Alarm - Ring Community

Ring support recommends doing a complete factory reset of the keypad (see first post) or asking Ring for a replacement: Sound on my Keypad was going and is now gone - #10 by Sschwegler - Ring Alarm - Ring Community