[RELEASE] Ring Alarm Keypad (2nd Gen) Device Handler

Was able to figure this out in WebCore by inserting a delay which gave the keypad time to update and report the new armMode.

Can you share the backup code for the piston?


My keycode still does not work, see my earlier post in this thread.

Working fine here. Try resetting the code and programming it again.

@Rboy I have a ring keypad that is acting like it is refusing to connect.

when i exclude it, in the ide it is showing that it was paired with a 2 character , instead of 00.

so, does this mean there is a problem with one of the device handlers?

i republished them all for me, but its still not pairing right

Since you’re seeing a 2 character code (DNI) while excluding, that means your keypad is pairing with the hub, however as it’s not showing in the app it means the platform/hub are having trouble and not creating your device in the IDE/cloud. I would recommend posting on this topic where this issue being discussed (it’s not unique to your device but is affecting over devices also and is being investigated by ST).

UPDATE: Looks like ST has reached out to you to get your logs and investigate what’s going on

Hey guys!

I ordered the ring keypad and I’m just waiting for it to arrive. I just had a question regarding what Smartapps I will need to set up if I want to have the following features.

  1. Arm and disarm STHM with the Ring keypad
  2. I want a chime to go off from the keypad whenever a door is opened or closed
  3. Exit and entry delays so the system will beep for a set number of seconds giving the user time to enter the password.

I have a feeling I will need to use a combination of

  1. Lock User Management (LUM)
  2. Chime and Notifications for Doorbells and Sensors
  3. Security System - Intruder Alerts with Actions

I just want to double-check before I start getting everything set up.

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Will this work with the 1st gen keypad? If not is there a custom DH for that available?

I was running into issues where when I input my code on the device and selected any button nothing would happen. I tried to delete and add LUM. Adjust all of my actions, but nothing worked. What did end up working was holding down the reset button on the keypad for about 15 seconds or so. I didn’t actually factory reset the device, but it somehow resolved my problem. Thanks for the suggest @RBoy

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Is there any way I can change the mode of the ring keypad to “armed stay” with a virtual switch? I’m using the keypad along with Actiontiles to arm and disarm STHM. I set up a virtual switch to change the mode in STHM, but I don’t see any way to actually adjust the armed mode on the keypad itself. I can only select locked or unlocked.

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Take a look at this:

Thanks for the suggestion @RBoy I’m basing my automation off that, but unless I’m wrong I don’t think those automations actually switch the keypad’s mode to Armed Stay from the virtual switch because you can only select locked or unlocked for the keypad status. As far as I can tell there is no way to actually select the keypads “mode” to the middle icon (armed stay) unless you physically input a password and click on the button. The virtual switches can and do switch the keypad’s mode to armed away and disarm as they should. I think it’s a limitaion with armed stay unless I’m totally missing something.

You need one webcore piston. Because you can’t set armed stay from built in automations.

Got it! I have never used a webcore piston before, but it looks pretty straight forward and I’m guessing I can just replicate what you posted. In the piston you attached is “STHM Stay” just the name of the virtual switch that turns your STHM system to arm/stay? From my super limited knowledge, I’m guessing that’s all I would need to change.

Yeah that’s just the name of my switches, STHM stay and STHM away.

@mvevitsis Thanks for the tip! I managed to get it working after playing around with webcore a bit. My automations are a bit different, but here is how it’s setup on my end for anyone

else struggling to get things working properly.

Trying to do the same thing. Have you been able to find a comprehensive guide on how to set it all up. Been trying to figure it out for hours but can’t figure it out. I have a Noonlight monitoring service that is set up as a virtual siren that I need to incorporate into this too.

Looks like you were able to finally figure it out. Do you mind running me through the steps that you did. I mainly need to be able to put in a code into the keypad and toggle between the three modes with it reflecting that change in STHM and vice versa (changing the mode in the STHM using the app and it reflecting that appropriate state in the keypads). If the system is armed and it is activated I want to be able to alert the virtual alarm which it already does when in STHM

I set up the virtual switches and did the same 7 automations listed here. My understanding is that I have to do something in LUM or webcore piston. Are you able to post screenshots so I can see how I can finally get the stay keypad switch to match the armed stay mode in STHM? thank you.

The webcore piston screenshot is above.