[RELEASE] Ring Alarm Keypad (2nd Gen) Device Handler

Tried to exclude, wasn’t detected by Smartthings anymore. Re-added it and it works as expected now. Ghosts? Full moon? We’ll never know but thanks for reading!

Ring Keypad (Gen2) - Version 02.07.00

  • (Fix) Ring Gen2 keypads with firmware 1.09 and above would not beep/chime
  • (New) Added the ability to adjust the Chime/Beep volume

Recommended to add a buffering repeater close to the keypad for optimal operation


I am new with the ring keypad v2 and the DH so I have a couple of questions.

  • How do I define the pincode?
  • Define Arm delay?
  • Select alarm sound?

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This fails for a simple scenario, unless I’m missing something:
lets start with everything disarmed and both STHM buttons off
lets set security mode to “away” in STHM:
Because of the first screenshot the alarm will lock, that is good
But because of screenshot 6 [Auto Disarm(Away)] it will change the security mode back to disarm.
Am I missing something?

It doesn’t, because ‘all conditions must be met’ is enabled, and the switches will only change state again based on user input.

Hi. I’ve been trying to set up a “Stay” mode that synchronizes between two keypads. I’ve used Webcore to set the unused keypad to “Locked” and its mode to “ArmStay”, but this conflicts with the setting at the keypad level, which forces the selection of a mode when locked (Away by default). This means when I lock the second keypad, it triggers my “Arm Away” routines.

Has anyone been able to figure this one out?

Sorry but no. Right from the start when you arm the system by tapping "Arm (Away)"in SHM on your phone, all conditions are met for 2 rules:
“Alert Away” which will arm the keypad which is fine
“Auto Disarm (Away)” which will disarm SHM and left both devices out of sync

It doesn’t, because LUM is set to trigger based on the keypad status, setting the virtual switch to on. You may need to add a delay if auto disarm is triggering before LUM.

@RBoy i bought the handler and it works quite well.
I’d like to create this scenario:
1)alarm on dealing the code to the keypad and in 30 seconds it turns on
2)when i come back home, i open the door (where i have a contact sensor) and the keypad start chaining for 30 secs…
3)if in 30 secs i disable the alarm everything fine, if not the siren start louding.

4)is it normal that if the siren is louding, if i press a key it stops? it’s not very good, it should stop only when i insert the code to disable the alarm.

See this app: [RELEASE] Security System: Intruder Alert with Actions

That’s how the keypad is designed to operate, it’s not configurable


That’s how the keypad is designed to operate, it’s not configurable

it’s a little stupid, if i’m a thief and the keypad starts ringing it’s not right that it stop lauding… could you improve the software to avoid it? I don’t think that if i use it with original amazon configuration it works like that

Hi @RBoy is there a plan to have this keypad running in Edge?


Keypad (Gen2) - Version 02.07.01

  • (New) Added support for Automations (scenes and routines) for special keypad features (Auto lock, Code entry, Invalid code, Tamper, Battery, Lock state, Button held, Power source, Arm mode)
  • (Fix) Fix for ‘Untitled’ labels in new SmartThings mobile app

Please make sure that your keypad is within 20ft of a buffering device/repeater for best performance and reliability.


  • The UI does not reflect the new changes due to platform caching. Force the cache to clear by changing the device handler to Z-Wave Device and then back to this enhanced device handler from the IDE; you may need to sign out of the ST mobile app and sign back in. If that doesn’t work, you may need to exclude your device, delete the device handler, reinstall and re-pair the device.

So is the rboy version using edge? Looks like it’s still on a DTH?

If anyone has a link to install an edge driver, I’d appreciate it. I saw the other post with the github link. Is anyone else that has forked it willing to share a link?

Search brought up this. I don’t have keypad.

Yeah I’m hoping someone has published a driver using that code and will just share it

I have just created, but without the US version for now. I’ll add it later and let you know.

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I ended up doing this as well (for the US version). Got it up and running late last night. I’m willing to share the link if anyone wants it but I now understand why someone would be reluctant to let others use it as there are a lot of options that can be customized to suit each person’s needs.

I wouldn’t want to change something to improve my circumstance, but have that jack things up for someone else.

I have just added the US version to the driver. If you have any problems with pairing the US version, please let me know here.