[RELEASE] Ring Alarm Keypad (2nd Gen) Device Handler

I’m having trouble adding the Ring Keypad 2nd gen to a Smartthings ADT hub. I followed the pairing instructions and scanned the QR code. It pairs and never requires the pin. It also gives the attached error and displays this in the IDE.


Anyone else with an ADT hub having this issue and any way to fix it?

The ADT hub doesn’t support z-wave S2.

So does this mean it can work with an ST ADT hub and I’m just running into a hiccup?

Yes it appears that the ADT hub will not work. I installed a ST v2 hub under the ADT hub and connected the keypad to the v2 hub as a work around. Working perfectly now.

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Does anybody know if this works the UK version of the ring alarm keypad?

It’s not been tested with Gen 1 but we’re looking into it

Has anyone here managed to get the Ring Keypad (Gen 2) working to a point that it is able to change STHM status through virtual / simulated switches?

I have tried to follow @mvevitsis ’ instructions, but there is very little explanation on what to do on the LUM side. I have seen the screenshots, but those alone don’t really say a lot.

Thanks, that did it!

@GrimDanFango @blashman @Matthew_Stewart
We now have a device handler for the Ring Gen1 keypads. Note the feature differences between Gen1 and Gen2 keypads in the keypad comparison table, Gen1 does not support Sirens, Arming and Chimes, only the Gen2 supports those features:

Fantastic job!
In the meanwhile I got an Iris v3 as an alternative.
Just preparing everything to add it to the network.

My Keypad Device now only updates status in one Direction.
I’m using Rboys DH and Smart App.
How do I get the Wedcore Code to make it work ?

So I have everything finally setup with the device handler and the automations and ULM. I was wondering how to setup a automation so I can trigger the Away, Stay, Disarm icons on the STHM

Currently I have setup the automation for Stay and try to run it from STHM is runs fine but when I try to disarm it acts like it disarms but goes back to a Stay arm state

From the first post:

STHM Synchronization

If you’re trying to sync the keypad to STHM by changing the STHM mode in the SmartThings app you’ll need to use two way synchronization

So I created the the 3 virtual switches with in the first link for they keypad

Do I need to make two more virtual switches for the two way synchronization?

I was finally able to fix my issue and everything is working as expected. Thanks @RBoy @mvevitsis for pointing me in the right direction and for the excellent step by step instructions


I finally realized the problem I am having with my Ring Keypad is that I punch the numbers in too slow. If I hit them really fast, it works every time. How do I change the Ring Keypad pinCode Timeout?
Is there a WebCore command string to set pinCode Timeout?

You can adjust the pin entry timeout from the device settings page in the SmartThings mobile app

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Found it - Thank you!

When using as a home alarm with STHM or other alarm apps, is there a light to indicate whether the alarm is armed or not? Thanks!