[RELEASE] Ring Alarm Keypad (2nd Gen) Device Handler

yes. It can only be paired to one system at a time.

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Thanks. That’s what I thought.

guess I’ll get this since samsung has betrayed us with the smartthings access release…

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Will the RBoy device handlers still work when Samsung kills the legacy features later this year? What’s the path forward?

The DTH’s already work with the new app (see the screenshots in the first post), we’re working with ST to add some of the custom controls to the new app before the Classic is retired. Infact this DTH has more features available on the new app.


I am having a heck of a time getting the keypad to lock/unlock using the code I set up for it using LUM. Help!

What am I missing here? I can do it using the smartthings app

EDIT: issue resolved - see message below

The (my) issue is resolved. Make sure you add the device in S2 security mode as recommended in the instructions. :slight_smile: thanks RBoy support for all your help.


Is there a way to make this disarm SHM when I input a specific key code on my Yale door lock but NOT when the lock is unlocked any other way (i.e. by hand)

basically I want to replicate the nest secure functionality where it disarms when you unlock the nest x Yale lock by the key code.

You can do that with his Lock User Management smartapp. You would basically set a user/code specific action for the Yale lock to unlock the Ring Kaypad.

im using the centralite keypad to arm/disarm SHM. i currently have no issues at the moment. Is it worth switching to the ring keypad for arming and disarming STHM? what will the preprogrammed buttons do in smartthings? im only interested in using this to arm and disarm with the delay arm smartapp. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

@RBoy do all the pin codes need to be the same length, or can they be mixed lengths?

This keypad supports fixed length pin codes only, however the pin code length can set in the DTH settings page (4-10 digits).

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Can you elaborate on how this looks in WebCore… I can’t seem to get it to trigger a piston based on the keypad being disarmed at the keypad. This is how I configured the webcore piston - its intent is to disarm the STHM by switching on the virtual switch. (this also keeps my actiontiles in sync) @RBoy

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@RBoy trying to set actions for any of the buttons crashes smartthings for me. And why are there four buttons? What is the fourth? (The one not labelled medical fire or police)

It’s working here on the iPhone 7/XS but I do see the issue with some Android phones where they crash when you try to assign an action to a child button. Try to reinstall the ST mobile app and if the ST app is still crashing then take a video and report it to SmartThings support. That’s a bug with the ST app possibly specific to your phone / model.

The 4th (generic) button is the parent button. It triggers whenever any of the 3 physical buttons (child) are pressed and reports which button was pressed (1, 2 or 3). This is reported for now since the new app is still buggy and automations don’t always recognize child devices. Once ST fixes the automation tool to recognize child buttons we will remove the parent button.

Also avoid cross posting across topics, it only makes it confusing.


I’m referring to here. Clicking the ‘held’ action to try and set it on the child devices does nothing, and clicking the parent device crashes smartthings. This is the only button related DTH I have this problem with.

Also, I’m still unclear about a few things. What is auto lock? And how can I get a countdown timer? For example I want it to countdown 30 seconds after pressing armed before it executes any assigned actions

I’m seeing the same as Matvei on Android. Trying to assign a button action on Android just flashes the screen and brings you back to the device page. It works fine on iOS.


Yeah I see that with the Samsung J/S6. I would recommend taking a video and reporting to SmartThings support. It’s a bug with the Android app (DTH doesn’t control this). That’s a “button” plugin created by SmartThings for their new app. Also tagging @dkirker and @erickv

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I was finally able to assign an action but only to the parent button and not the child. Not that it matters because I’m just using to trigger noonlight.

What about the countdown timer and auto lock functions, can you explain these

The Auto lock is to emulate a lock style feature. When you arm the keypad it “locks” and when you disarm it “unlocks”. Many folks use the keypad to control a secondary device like a garage door or patio relay etc. When auto lock is enabled it will automatically relock after being unlocked after the configured time. The auto lock controls will show up in the new app once ST adds support for custom controls to the new app.

The countdown is a feature of the keypad where it announces the time remaining for arming or disarming the keypad. This is controlled through a supporting SmartApp when a delayed arming or disarming is setup in the app: [RELEASE] Security System: Intruder Alert with Actions