[RELEASE] Ring Alarm Keypad (2nd Gen) Device Handler

Introducing the Ring Alarm Keypad device handler

Make your Ring Alarm Gen2 keypad work like a lock keypad in SmartThings so it can work with SmartApps designed for managing locks/doors/garage doors, user codes and lots more. (see below for more details). It makes an excellent doorbell chime with 5 tones to choose from. It even has a spoken countdown for entry/exit delays.



Classic App

Where to buy Ring Alarm 2nd Generation keypad

This device handler supports the following features (refer to the release notes/website for latest updates):

  1. Works as a keypad lock in SmartThings
    • Set/use 4-10 digit codes
    • Enable/disable keypad
    • Enable/disable auto lock
    • Lock and unlock using user codes
    • Invalid code notifications
    • Direct arming (arm directly with buttons without user code)
    • Assign dedicated or toggle action (disarm/arm stay/arm away) to button
    • Detect Main/Battery power
    • Battery level
    • 3 buttons reporting for Police, Fire and Medical emergencies
    • Panic button (press X and √ simultaneously)
  2. Use as a Tone capability device (beep/chime)
  3. Use as a Siren/Alarm capability device (supported models)
  4. Locate keypad using a beep
  5. Spoken countdown for entry/exit delays
  6. Ability to configure the following parameters:
    • Choose from 5 chime/ring tones to play
    • Pin code length
    • Pin code timeout
    • Auto lock delay
    • Enable/disable direct arming
    • Announcement volume
    • Emergency buttons press duration (seconds)
    • Ambient light sensor sensitivity
    • Enable/disable proximity sensor

Compatible SmartApps

  1. Lock User Management (LUM) to control STHM from the keypad using virtual switches
  2. Rental Lock Automater (RLA) to automate your rental properties with keypads
  3. Lock & Door Synchronizer to control Garage Doors, Patio Doors and synchronize with other locks/devices
  4. Chime and Notifications for Doorbells and Sensors to play a custom door chime
  5. Security System - Intruder Alerts with Actions to create a custom security system with entry/exit delays and custom arming scenarios

Siren and Chime Features

  • Built in beeper which can be used as a Chime for sensors/buttons (e.g. door bells or door open/close) using the Beep or Tone capability
  • Built in Siren that can be triggered with the emergency buttons or independently as an Alarm. The alarm sound can be adjusted from about 80dB to 110dB
    You can use these keypads with a compatible Chime SmartApp

Sample Use Cases for Keypads in SmartThings (requires compatible SmartApps)

  • Siren/alarm (models which support it)
  • Chime/beeper to notify when doors/windows are opened/closed
  • Panic buttons
  • Secondary keypad for locks
  • Primary keypad for garage doors/patio doors
  • Program codes and create custom actions for each code and for each button (away/night/home)
  • Chime the keypad when doors/windows are opened or something is turned on/off

Apps which support synchronizing with STHM


Install the Device Handler using the step by step instructions here


It is recommended to install the Device Handler BEFORE paring the device for easier setup.

  1. Bring the keypad close to the hub
  2. Plug the USB cable into a USB charger, this is make the Network LED start flashing green slowly
  3. Put the hub into S2 pairing mode (see TIPS below for S2 pairing). NOTE: If you don’t use S2 pairing, the keypad may have trouble communicating with the hub (red network light, key codes not working etc)
  4. Press the 1 key for about 5 seconds until the Network LED starts flashing green quickly and then release the key


  • This keypad supports S2 level security and performs better when using S2 mode. To pair it in S2 mode, from the new ST app, click +Device → Select Generic Z-Wave Device from the list and then follow the instructions. It will prompt you for the QR code or DSK key when it pairs successfully in S2 mode
  • If you’re having trouble pairing the device, power cycle your hub and try to exclude the device first
  • If Network LED starts flashing red, this means that the keypad has lost it’s connection with the mesh. Move the keypad closer to the hub (or add a Z-Wave repeater)
  • If Network LED is flashing green, that means it isn’t paired with the hub


  • Bring the keypad within 5ft of the hub
  • Put the hub into Exclusion mode
  • Use a pin to press the button in the hole behind the keypad, the network LED should flash red to indicate the exclusion was successful and then start flashing green


  • Use a pin to press the button in the hole behind the keypad for about 10 seconds until the network LED flashes red and then starts flashing green slowly

Arming/Disarming the keypad

  • Program the user codes using a supported app like LUM, RLA or Smart Locks
  • Enter a valid code followed by one of the 3 modes buttons on top (Disarm, Arm Stay or Arm Away)


  • Since the device has no “physical” locking mechanism, it is recommended to use it in conjunction with SmartApps like CoRE, WebCORE, LUM or RLA to control a physical switch or lock etc.
  • When set to arm directly, it does not use a code to arm to Away or Stay

Low Battery: If your battery falls below 20% consider charging it. The unit will start flashing a battery light when the battery level is low.

STHM Synchronization

  • For changing STHM modes using the keypad see this post
  • To change the keypad mode when changing the STHM mode in the SmartThings mobile app, see two way synchronization of the keypad with STHM see this post

Comparison of Keypad Features

Check out the Ring Gen1 Keypad Device Handler

Check out the ZigBee Keypad Device Handler

More features to added, if you have any suggestions or ideas please feel free to ask and we’ll try to add it.

This device type handler is available on the RBoy Apps Server, http://www.rboyapps.com. Refer to our website or facebook page below to get access to the server.

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Awesome! :sunglasses:

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I’ve been using this keypad for the past 2-3 months. First with ring alarm and now with SmartThings the past week or so. It’s a very cool device and I think the best keypad you can use with SmartThings now. Some things I like:

  • Good battery life and rechargeable
  • “smart” back lighting based on motion and luminance
  • chimes
  • siren
  • button devices
  • keypad
  • good size
  • z-wave 700 series, so should have good range

Given all the above, I think $50 is a fair price


Fantastic! I just ordered one :grinning:

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Love the fact that it runs for about 6 months before having to be recharged and it makes for a great door chime, I like the Ding dong neu tone :slight_smile:

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Did you unpair it with Ring to pair it with ST?

yes. It can only be paired to one system at a time.

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Thanks. That’s what I thought.

guess I’ll get this since samsung has betrayed us with the smartthings access release…

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Will the RBoy device handlers still work when Samsung kills the legacy features later this year? What’s the path forward?

The DTH’s already work with the new app (see the screenshots in the first post), we’re working with ST to add some of the custom controls to the new app before the Classic is retired. Infact this DTH has more features available on the new app.


I am having a heck of a time getting the keypad to lock/unlock using the code I set up for it using LUM. Help!

What am I missing here? I can do it using the smartthings app

EDIT: issue resolved - see message below

The (my) issue is resolved. Make sure you add the device in S2 security mode as recommended in the instructions. :slight_smile: thanks RBoy support for all your help.


Is there a way to make this disarm SHM when I input a specific key code on my Yale door lock but NOT when the lock is unlocked any other way (i.e. by hand)

basically I want to replicate the nest secure functionality where it disarms when you unlock the nest x Yale lock by the key code.

You can do that with his Lock User Management smartapp. You would basically set a user/code specific action for the Yale lock to unlock the Ring Kaypad.

im using the centralite keypad to arm/disarm SHM. i currently have no issues at the moment. Is it worth switching to the ring keypad for arming and disarming STHM? what will the preprogrammed buttons do in smartthings? im only interested in using this to arm and disarm with the delay arm smartapp. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

@RBoy do all the pin codes need to be the same length, or can they be mixed lengths?

This keypad supports fixed length pin codes only, however the pin code length can set in the DTH settings page (4-10 digits).

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Can you elaborate on how this looks in WebCore… I can’t seem to get it to trigger a piston based on the keypad being disarmed at the keypad. This is how I configured the webcore piston - its intent is to disarm the STHM by switching on the virtual switch. (this also keeps my actiontiles in sync) @RBoy

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@RBoy trying to set actions for any of the buttons crashes smartthings for me. And why are there four buttons? What is the fourth? (The one not labelled medical fire or police)