[RELEASE] Ridiculously Simple Virtual Garage Door

I was able to pull out to pull out the accelerationSensor-related code to get past the error previously mentioned. I have it the “push button” functionality working now. But now my issue is that the status of the door isn’t updating from “Opening” and it may be because my code trimming got a little too trigger-happy. If I can solve that (I’m new and haven’t learned how to write this code yet, just make simple edits), this app will work! In the meantime, @MGMDaware, Imma check out this Rboy fella.

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I might be able to kludge together a version… have written a super simple smartapp just in the last week, maybe I can manage this. But need motivation… haha

I think I may have got it working good enough for now, thanks! The trick was pulling out the acceleration sensor and any parts of the code that depended on it to function.

I’m getting an error when creating SmartApp. Device handler and Virtual Device created successfully.

Error message:
No signature of method: script_app_metadata_c64a3ac0_f4d1_42ed_a80f_1f126b95736f.metadata() is applicable for argument types: (script_app_metadata_c64a3ac0_f4d1_42ed_a80f_1f126b95736f$_run_closure1) values: [script_app_metadata_c64a3ac0_f4d1_42ed_a80f_1f126b95736f$_run_closure1@17033141] Possible solutions: getMetadata(), getState(), setState(java.lang.Object), metaClass(groovy.lang.Closure)

Any advice?

Any idea what needs to be done to this Thing to make it work in the new SmartThings app?

Hey @pmckinnon I just added your code unmodified (with the exception of commenting out the tiles section) to my Hubitat hub, works great :sunglasses: thanks!!

Yeah i’m getting the same metadata error as everyone else.
Also I was able to make the device with the device handler but it doesn’t show up in the SmartThings app for me to configure the devices for the sensor and the actuator.

NOOB question here. What is the ‘basic purpose’ for this device?

I appreciate your help. Thanks in advance.

Allows you to combine a switch, contact sensor, and acceleration sensor into a “garage door” for control and monitoring purposes.

The issue with this code is that it requires a door sensor that has ‘acceleration’ capabilities. This comes form the line of code:

section("Garage door multisensor"){
    input "contactSensor", "capability.contactSensor",
        title: "Garage Door Contact Sensor",
        required: true
    input "accelerationSensor", "capability.accelerationSensor",
        title: "Garage Door Acceleration Sensor",
        required: true


My Ecolink tilt sensor does have acceleration capabilities so it would not work without modifications to either the “Virtual Garage Door Manager” code or to my Ecolink’s device handler.

I use @Lgkahn implementation which works pretty well straight out of the box. Also, his implementation works with Alexa.

Here is the link:

Note: The thread is long, but if you read the first 50 posts, almost all the info you need is there.

Enjoy, Sandro

Does this require a z-wave switch?

I used a regular wifi switch for this setup. Every time, I opened/closed garage door, I had to turn off that wifi switch to make it work next time.

Please guide me where I am wrong.
Thank you

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