[RELEASE] Resilient My Next Manager & My Next Devices for your Nest® products with native UI (for faster rendering on Android/iOS) & all ST standard capabilities + high refresh rates + No complicated developer account setup!


(5pac3mnk3y) #110

Thank you for all your work. Very exciting and should be rewarded. I just found this forum post. I’d already gone to github, followed instructions for creating the handler and the app in smart things. I can’t get it to talk to nest though. I notice in the instructions mention of using code sent to a paypal email containing zip folders in order to create the handler and the app in Smart Things. My question is, can I do these steps with only what is at github? Or do I need more? I’m mainly trying to turn off nest thermostats when a window is open (nest open close sensor detects the window is open), and send the sound of a nest video doorbell to one or more sonos speakers and to send nest thermostat alarms to sonos as well. Not sure if it is possible but want to try. Thanks.

(Yves Racine) #111

Hi @5pac3m0nk3y,

I responded to your email sent to services@maisonsecomatiq.com with all the details.

For the different sounds, you can look into echo speaks (if your sonos are compatible with Amazon echo) or Big Talker in the ST community forum.