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[RELEASE] Resilient My Next Manager & My Next Devices for your Nest® products with native UI (for faster rendering on Android/iOS) & all ST standard capabilities + high refresh rates + No complicated developer account setup!


(Yves Racine) #69

For all my contributors, I’ve just released new version (v1.3) of MyNextManager which allows you to avoid the tedious & error prone process of creating your own Product as a developer (and the product Key & product Secret copy and paste) at Nest with the different permissions.

MyNextManager app has been authorized by Nest for a significant number of users.

This new version simplifies My Next devices’ installation a lot for all potential Nest Users out there.

You can download the new version at my store.


(MacTechGenius) #70

Does this work with the Nest Hello? What are the motion delays with Nest Cam? Can I have lights turn on if a person is detected in a specific zone?

(Yves Racine) #71

Yes, the Nest Hello is considered as a Nest Cam.

If you increase the refresh rates (polling up to the 1 min)., the delay would be minimal (few seconds, up to 1 min.). Finally, the camera’s motion sensor is not exposed by the Nest APIs, so there is no way at the moment to access the motion capability of the Cam.



If I might give you some feedback and ask a question…

I’m very confused by your site. If I have a Nest thermostat and a couple of cameras, what exactly do I need?

(Yves Racine) #73

With MyNext Devices bundle, you’ll get all the Nest DTHs including the Nest Cam DTH.


(MacTechGenius) #74

It would be nice if Nest offered people notification over the API…the motion detection is too sensitive. Any idea if the API will provide info if someone rings the bell? My google home can notify me…I presume their must be some sort of integration.

(Yves Racine) #75

No, Nest does not provide any ETA on any future API changes to the developers.


(Roy) #76

Hi @yvesracine, in the UK we can also use the Hot water options with 3rd Gen Nest thermostat. Is this something yours can use? I have yet to see any ability in say, “boost the hot water for 30 mins” area. Or boost the hot water at all.

(Yves Racine) #77


I’m not sure if you want to use your Nest with some eTRVs in your rooms or not… This is often the case in Europe when they have hot water valves in each room…

if you choose my NextBundle, you can create your own rooms/zones/schedules using my zoned heating/cooling smartapp called ScheduleTstatZones.

For each room, you can associate your eTRV (if any) or any room thermostat that controls portable heaters/coolers/splits/fireplace/baseboard heaters, etc. and schedule the right zones (composed of 1 to many rooms) during the day.

For instance, at night, you may want to only heat/cool your upstairs bedrooms; the rest of the eTRVs would be turned off or set to a lower setting. During the day, it may be the opposite (ground floor zone only where your kitchen/dining/living rooms are located).

You can even set some delta temps (+/-) in each zone based on the main thermostat’s setpoints (Nest in this case) to make some rooms cooler or hotter. So, you can program some “boost” during the day using your own zones/schedules…

For more details and all use cases available, refer to the ST community wiki:

P.S. I have several contributors in Europe with this kind of setup, and it works very well.

(Roy) #78


Thanks for the information. But this is for what they call an S system. So we have heating separate to hot water, which the nest supports.

This is the one on the right.

You also have the option to boost the hot water, from 30 mins to 2 hours.

This is what I’m looking for. Currently I boost the heating for one hour using a virtual switch to change the set point. But also looking to do this for the heating. But I’ve only ever seen one way to do this via python scripts on a web server which didn’t work for me.



(Yves Racine) #79

OK, I understand what you want… There is no way through the Nest APIs currently to activate this hot water “boost” natively.

What I’m suggesting here is to use my zoned heating/cooling smartapp to change your heating setpoint at the Nest using your own schedules. You can increase/decrease the heating setpoint during the day based on your ST location mode (Home, Away, Night, any custom ones) and your time preferences.


(Roy) #80

Many thanks. I really can’t believe Nest were so short sighted on the hot water side of the 3rd gen and still seems to be no movement from them on this.


How long does it normally take to get the device handlers after you pay?

(Yves Racine) #82


Usually (unless your payment to paypal has not been processed due to a non-verified account), the download link is sent immediately via email.



Weird I received the PayPal receipt but no link to the device handlers

(Yves Racine) #84

PayPal needs to verify your account (its status is pending) as it’s your 1st transaction with PayPal.

P. S. If you prefer, you can make a 2nd contribution and I will refund the 1st one so that you can get the download link right away…



Great thanks! I inadvertently installed two smart apps. Every time I try to delete the second one I get an error. And idea how to get around that?

(Yves Racine) #86


LIke any devices under ST, you’d need first to unselect the 2nd set of Next devices from all routines and smartapps before removing the additional MyNextServiceMgr smartapp under Automation>Smartapps in the ST mobile app.

Refer to the ST community wiki for more troubleshooting details:


(Robert w jackson) #87

Just wanted to say that this app has worked great since I installed it. Thank you for the hard work to get it working for us. Greatly appreciated.

(Suresh Vilayanur) #88

I just downloaded and installed this and it works great to control my Nest and also see all the pertinent information. Just a silly question- is there a way to set the nest to away mode with eco temperatures when smartthings changes mode to away? Sorry if there is already a thread on this…

Also there is no home or away indication on the main menu?