[RELEASE] Resilient My Ecobee Devices and ecosystem V6- migrated to custom capabilities & automation (presence, comfort settings, and more)!

Complaining about frequency of updates is at least misguided and definitely short-sighted. The updates are partially a function of a rapidly changing framework at SmartThings but also expanding functionality being revealed from Ecobee. Why would you want to discourage the amazing support you are getting for your investment? Without these updates, the software would become flaky and unreliable. If the simple fact that your investment is being maintained and enhanced is not obvious and underappreciated, at least have the common courtesy to just say thank you and move on.

Here are the terms of service from your site:

(*) Terms of Service

(1) Downloaded files are zipped. WinZip or similar app required:
(2)Prices are subject to change
(3)Due to the nature of the goods (licensed source code), no refunds will be given. Exchanges may be provided when justified.
(4)Thermostats and motion/temp/contact sensors supported by the zoned heating/cooling solutions need to implement the corresponding SmartThings’ standard capabilities.
(5)Some limited minor updates will be sent according to your support packages (if any). Otherwise, you may have limited “free minor updates” if you “like” or post positive comments about my solutions at the ST community forum. After doing so, please send your ST handle via email to get the limited “free minor update” promotion.

Where is #6?

(6) If you criticize me or my product for any reason what so ever I have the right to stop sending you updates even if the product I sold you is faulty and cannot be used for the purpose you purchased it.

I don’t see that listed? It should be added.

I don’t think he’s complaining about the amount of updates but the fact that it’s a manual process every time there is one as opposed to the current GitHub integration with SmartThings that makes updating any of the “free” apps easy.

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Sorry if my point was misunderstood, the real problem here is really a lack of a commercial infrastructure from SmartThings to allow @yvesracine to automate the update process for his subscribers. As a result, there’s a large burden on both the developer and the customer to keep the code up-to-date. I have thanked @yvesracine many times and recommended his product to countless users on various ST forums.

But I was also providing the feedback he requested on the update process and whether it was working well or not for the user.

I’ve been extremely happy using My Ecobee Device and am satisfied with the update process.

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Vseven, I don’t necessarily entirely disagree with your general points about things. But you do understand that his model is no updates after purchase for anyone who buys and then never returns, right? Leaving a review here is essentially like signing up for his emails.

I do question why he didn’t just send you a working update and be done with it. But you’re “number 6” there is asinine and is included in number 5 already. If you want updates, review the product. If you don’t want to be overloaded with updates, don’t.

Hell he’ll even log into you’re account and fix the code himself if you pay for a support package.

I’m completely on board with the people talking about incredibly frequent updates though. I usually delete about two thirds of the email updates he sends out and update my code about every third time. But I’m perfectly fine with that.

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If you, right now, publicly criticize his work for any reason he will PM you and tell you that if you don’t delete your post immediately you will never get another update from him. Doesn’t matter if you have previously made a positive comment or “liked” his post. Is that spelled out in his TOS? Because that is how he actually operates. That’s why there are very little negative comments in this thread…if you post one you are threatened to remove it. From another post:

When I asked for a refund (again…its not about the money) he said he would give me one only if I removed any negative comment I ever left about his product including one I posted in Jan '16. I posted a copy of the email he sent me above, post 678.

So no…I don’t think its asinine that he includes what I wrote based on how he does business.

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Let me start by saying Yves’ Ecobee work for ST is great. I love my Ecobee 4, I love my ST but Yves’ work really takes it to the next level.

We are all in this ST arena because we like to tinker. We have a great community and some very smart people building great apps. Some do it for free, some want to get paid. I get it. Looking at Yves’ invest he should get paid. Given my overall investment in ST and 2 Ecobee 4s, $30 is well worth it.

As for the frequency of the updates, I would rather more, sooner, then waiting. Yves does a great job of letting us know what each update is for and we can choose to install or not.

As for feedback, both positive and negative, this is a great forum. We need to hear everything but keep it professional and not let it get personal.

I do agree all direct billing questions should be moved off list to email.

ST, please don’t close this topic.


This topic is temporarily closed for 4 hours due to a large number of community flags.

This topic was automatically opened after 4 hours.

This topic is temporarily closed for 4 hours due to a large number of community flags.

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Don’t throw a flag unless you really think it warrants the attention of a real live human being.

Longer Version:

Come on now. This is just getting out of hand. The thread keeps getting locked because supporters of this DTH are throwing the most flags. To me this is having the opposite intended effect. People who disagree are also throwing flags. Someone has to handle each and every one of the flags you guys throw, so please only do so when content really crosses the line into offensive or personal attacks. Disagreeing with the content of a statement is not grounds for a flag. Saying something negative is not grounds for a flag. This is a community for sharing experiences about devices and software connected to the SmartThings platform and sometimes those experiences are not positive.


This topic was automatically opened after 4 hours.

This topic is temporarily closed for 4 hours due to a large number of community flags.

This topic was automatically opened after 4 hours.

Seem like people are abusing the flag concept/system for vengeful reason. Perhaps there should be consequences for abusing it.


I for one like the way updates are distributed. It makes it easy to know when and what version of the code we need to install. also keeping the e-mail with the attachments give a way to roll back to older versions if needed

thank you for all the work to create this

As for this topic… telling future customer’s I may choose not to send you future updates if you get under my skin is probably a bad idea.

As for the app and update process I think what he does is A+ work. Hope he keeps it up.

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This topic is temporarily closed for 4 hours due to a large number of community flags.