[RELEASE] Resilient My Ecobee Devices and ecosystem V6- migrated to custom capabilities & automation (presence, comfort settings, and more)!

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I’ve sent you an email (based on what I have in my records) as this is private matter as stated by @jody.albritton. If you haven’t received it, email me at services@maisonsecomatiq.com.

@jody.albritton @slagle

Well, Here is the email yvesracine just sent me which is just extortion:

    services@maisonsecomatiq.com <yracine@maisonsecomatiq.com>
    Today at 8:16 PM



Message body

I will give you a refund (even though it’s almost 2 years ago), if you remove all your negative posts about my solutions starting with this one (see below)

before tomorrow at 8H00 AM (EST).

https://community.smartthings. com/t/release-updated-open-sou rce-ecobee-device-type-and-sma rtapps/34335/109

Under my thread:

[RELEASE] My Ecobee Device & ecosystem v5 - The smartest thermostat under ST with new "comfort tips" features and Unique Integration with Echo/Ask Alexa

And here also:

Using Ecobee with SmartThings

I will then remove my own replies to you and issue you a refund.

P.S You will also refrain for doing any negative feedback on any of my posts in the future.

You can keep your ill gotten money, people can see what type of person you are from the above.


@jody.albritton, Could you intervene it here ? I tried to find a compromise by private email, but this guy is impossible.


Your “compromise” is to extort a refund only if I remove everything I’ve ever said negative against your app in the past and the future. I refuse to do that because what I said was true. You even referenced a comment I made OVER A YEAR AGO in your email. How petty.


You know what, it’s over, I don’t reply to you anymore. You blew it.

Great. At least the copy of your email stands and proves everything I’ve said is correct. Hopefully it will stand as a example to others of who you are also.

You might be a good coder but you are not a good person (in my opinion).

I can confirm the exchange above, as for some reason that email was originally sent to me due to similarities in our real names. I am a paid user of this software but have not said anything negative about it that I am aware of, which is why the email was something of a surprise. It did however link directly to @vseven’s posts so it was pretty clear what the intention was.

I advised Yves that this course of action was ill considered (see: “the Streisand effect”), and I’m saddened to see that he has pursued it regardless - with predictable results.


Be careful, he might consider you even posting this as supporting me and being negative about his app and stop sending you updates also.

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At least, I’m not the only one to have done this before… There is even a nice name for it.



@jody.albritton The core of the issue here extends beyond a simple business transaction. The OP is using this venue provided by SmartThings to engage in business practices that many find objectionable. There are some very legitimate concerns being raised by the community that are best served with a public discourse. I do apologize for letting the OP get under my skin but do not retract my position as a whole. Perhaps this thread should be locked for good?


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I think Ecobee Device is a great product. I don’t see anything wrong with him charging for it. The product works great for me.


Keep the forum open and keep sending the new code updates or setup a website that we can login to and continue to get updates from. I agree the product is exceptional.


I don’t need or want extra drama in my life, and yet THIS freakin’ drama found ME in the form of a blast email tonight.

Yes, Yves, your DTH is really good. Yes, I paid for it. Yes, I found the “like my thread for updates” thing to be a tiny bit shady, but I figured, why not? But this email crosses a line. Under attack? Really? Somebody upthread called you out for being a little shady, and rather than say, “Hey, you know, you might have a point. I’ll work on that!” you got all defensive, a tiny bit offensive, and now you’re trying to save face.

Which makes me ask, why? Do we have the maturity of middle schoolers around here? Did SmartThings threaten to block your DTH? No. They said, “Hey, settle down, or we’ll lock the thread.” And all of us who paid for your DTH are now getting drama e-mailed to us so we can, what, rush into this thread to your defense? Dude, you made your bed, you lie in it. Not that there’s even much of a bed to lie in - You’re not “under attack,” nor do you need our support for anything other than saving face.

Yves, you’re a good developer, but that dude upthread was right - You’ve got some personality quirks you may want to take a really hard introspective look at.

Edit: And to you folks who posted comments in response to Yves’ email: C’mon. Really?


I’ve had an Ecobee for about a year, and tried most of the other integrations before purchasing this one. By far, it is the most feature filled one I tried, and I was getting g sick of the frequent disconnection notices when using the other community supplied ones. I finally caved and purchased this about a month ago - and so far its been rock solid. Here’s hoping Yves Racine keeps developing and supporting the device handler and other smart apps.

I see others complaining about this thread and his support policy - I don’t really see the issue asking for the post, if people don’t want to chime in they can either keep running the version they purchased, or pay for updates.

I’m just glad it’s all working reliably for me now.

Edit: wow, I’m surprised this was flagged as ‘offensive’.


I’m very happy with the product. If anyone has an issue with it then don’t use it. Refund after 2 years? Sounds like nonsense.

I’m not asking Yves to do special coding for me as I’m happy with what he’s produced.

Reading this thread is rather upsetting but I’m sticking with Yves code.



Those disgruntled few have already made their points. Stop airing your grievances in this thread and take it up with Yves via PM as suggested by the mod. There are people here who have contributed for the code (which we can all agree is exceptional) and are glad to see it being continually supported by Yves even though he’s not obligated to do so. People should focus on the software and stop attacking the author. If you don’t like his policies, stop using his code and move on.